Free Range Butcher: The Real Deal with Free Range Pork

A large portion—more than ninety percent—of all the pigs raised and sold for their meat are grown at indoor farms, or what are otherwise referred to as conventional or factory farms. The remaining percentage are those that are raised in free range farms or those produced from organic farming.

A typical butcher in Sydney buys his produce from factory farms. There are, however, some butchers who go through great lengths just to get their hands on free range pigs. This is mostly because of the high demand for such meat by the consumers. These consumers are more than willing to pay a premium for such kind of quality pork.

As many would already know, free-range pigs are grown outdoors as opposed to factory farmed pigs. However, the actual settings in a free-range farm may not be what consumers thought it to be. For instance, it is true that authorities have banned the use of farrowing crates and sow stalls for free-range pigs. However, the case is different for the piglets.

Once the piglets are born and weaned, they don’t get to join the sows outside. Instead, the piglets are kept in a hut, usually made of straw. The hut is indeed an open one, allowing for the free flow of air into the structure. However, structural components prevent the piglets from going out and enjoying the outdoors. They are—to a certain extent—not allowed to roam and range freely.

Many consumers question the truthfulness of the term free-range because of this practice. However, this should be quite understandable since it is done to protect the welfare of the piglets. At such a young age, they are still susceptible to the hazards of the outdoors like germs, bacteria and infections. When they reach a certain age, that’s when they’re allowed to go out and be considered as truly free-range pigs.

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