Fiber laser cutting technologies are beginning to overcome what used to be a slowing economy due to the popularity of devices such as fiber lasers. By 2022, global sales for the market are expected to reach around $14.67 billion.

Several reasons contribute to this huge market growth due to their extraordinary characteristics; cost-effectiveness, high level of efficiency and because laser machines are so easy to maintain. Due to these reasons, the demand for fibre laser cutting is increasing. Commonly used for cutting and welding in a variety of manufacturing industries, the fiber laser industry is set to grow thanks to five fiber laser cutting trends.

1. More Collaboration between Vendors

More collaboration among fiber laser vendors is contributing to the aim of business growth and producing solid technology.

2. Increased Research and Development (R&D) Spending

More time and money is being invested into R&D divisions within companies to drive the business. In turn, this increases the functionality of their technology and helps businesses both gain a competitive edge and to become more able to meet high customer demand.

3. Eco-Friendly Technology

More and more eco-friendly fiber lasers are being produced, whereby these machines offer lower C02 emissions, therefore reduced energy consumption and less waste.

4. Higher Production Capacity

Fiber lasers offer huge advantages, so the global demand for the machines is growing. Businesses are investing more in order to ensure that they can meet customer expectations.

5. Technological Advancements

Technological advancements within the fiber laser industry mean that the industry is growing and becoming more powerful. New laser cutting machines are providing huge savings across cost and energy – along with saving huge amounts of space.

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