Fire Rated Doors Can Be Useful for Preventing Damage and Loss of Life

Many residential and commercial properties in Australia can be susceptible to fire damage. To mitigate these risks, builders often incorporate fire rated doors in their projects. Regular doors will not be able to withstand the heat emanating from a fire for very long.

In fact, regular doors will eventually contribute towards the spread of the fire in many cases. However, fire-rated doors (or fire doors) help in containing the spread of the fire. Thus, they end up providing valuable time to the occupants of the building for exiting the building, thereby saving countless lives.

An Overview of Fire-Rated Doors

Many wood panelling suppliers in the country stock an assortment of building products. In some cases, they will specialise in supplying fire-rated doors as well. Fire doors help in preventing the spread of fire and smoke in a structure by containing it in one area.

This trait can be quite useful in large buildings. If the building features fire doors, these doors would limit the fire to one section or area, thereby preventing the entire building from burning. Many fire rated doors have a rating of 90 or 120 minutes. However, the usual ratings for these doors could range from 20 to 180 minutes too.

Wood Panelling Suppliers Can Construct Fire Doors Based on Client Specifications

Many people assume that fire doors will feature metals and be hollow. Metals do not burn easily. In addition, the hollowness of the door will ensure that the door features no material that could catch fire. However, wooden fire doors featuring timber veneer panels also abound in markets.

Manufacturers treat these doors suitably to ensure that they can contain and prevent the fire from spreading. It goes without saying that each fire-rated door will feature different specifications in terms of size, materials, door jambs etc. In addition, fire doors could include bolts, frames, double door etc. as well. Because of the value that fire doors provide, consulting the manufacturer when you place an order could be worthwhile.

How Do Fire Rated Doors Keep Fire and Smoke at Bay?

Fire doors can look deceptively like regular doors. But, they often feature various types of materials that enable them to contain the spread of fire. Manufacturers often use timber, glass, metal, gypsum vermiculite boards and steel for making fire doors. Thus, a fire door will inevitably comprise a material that combines many (or all) of these elements. Fire doors serve to stop the fire and block the smoke & heat from entering other areas in the building.

They can do this because they feature non-combustible material. Their ratings usually denote the amount of time for which they can keep the flames at bay, Thus, a fire door with a rating of 90 will be able to keep the flames at bay for 90 minutes. However, this period could vary based on the quality of the door and the size of the area. It could vary based on the scale of the fire too.

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