Fine Food Supplier Top Dried Herbs That Every Kitchen Should Have

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Completing the cooking essentials is every homemaker’s dream. If you love to cook and try various dishes it’s a must that these top dried herbs are readily available inside your kitchen cupboard based on the personal experience of a reliable fine food supplier. Dried herbs can spice up any cooked dish and improve the overall taste. So, if you are curious what these dried herbs are, here’s the list for your convenience.

1.Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are very versatile because they can be used on meat dishes, soups, stews, and even your favourite rice pudding dessert. Storing a pack of bay leaves would have a long way to go as you try a new dish each day.


Another dried herb that the fine food supplier suggests to all cooking enthusiasts to have within reach while cooking dishes is “dried dill”.  This particular dried herb is perfect for any fish or egg dish. It can also be used in enhancing the taste of potatoes. If you can’t find fresh dill at your supermarket might as well check the wholesale spices suppliers operating in your area for some packs of dried dill.


Do you love to serve baked bread for the family? Among the dried herbs that will surely add distinct flavouring to baked goodies like shortbread is the lavendar. It is also recommended for cold dessert like ice cream. Or, you may sprinkle lavendar before roasting a leg of lamb or fish.


Nowadays, many homemakers see the importance of mint in dishes inspired by the Middle East. Mint when in dried form should only be used sparingly to ensure the dish isn’t overpowered with its distinct taste.


One of the highly recommended dried herbs that a fine food supplier or beans supplier would have an abundant supply to customers is the oregano. This dried herb is an indispensable ingredient to any Italian or Mexican dish, particularly anything with cheese and tomatoes. Oregano is commonly used in red meats because of its sweeter flavouring.


Are you preparing a beef stew? The best-dried herb to use for this slow cook dish is rosemary. To avoid ruining the taste of your beef use rosemary sparingly.

7.Rose Petals

Yes, rose petals aren’t used in decorating cakes and salads. Rose petals come very useful when you are cooking a Moroccan or Indian dish. If you have potted rose plants with fresh blooms and in need to add a subtle flavouring to your Indian dish don’t hesitate to cut a stem of the rose and make use of its petals.


I’m sure every kitchen has this dried herb stored inside their kitchen cabinets the multi-purpose thyme. Where it can be used? Well, use thyme in soup, casseroles as well as chicken roast.


Have you gone to a beans supplier in your area? One of the most sought dried herbs that you can get from this supplier is the dried herb “sage”. So, if you are preparing different dishes for a big party such as meat, chicken and veggies use sage.

There you have some of the most used dried herbs that every cook in the kitchen should stock regularly. If you want to look for a trustworthy fine food supplier in Australia, go and visit the official website of Takin and explore their wide range of fine food products.

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