Fine Food Products: Unique Ways To Get Most Of Your Frozen Fruit

Are you a regular shopper at the frozen fruit vegetable section of the supermarket? If you are searching for freshest ideas on how to get the most of frozen fruit selections, here’s a list of the best and unique ways to enjoy any frozen fruit shared by the fine food products store representative.

  • Sweetened barbecue sauce

Yes, your frozen fruit can be mixed with your barbecue sauce and provide a distinct sweet. How to prepare? Well, get packed of your frozen fruit from the freezer, then, add a small amount of ketchup, Dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce and seasonings (spiced and dried herbs). You may also add a kick with cumin or chili powder. Chicken or veggie broth can be added while simmering the mixture. Reduce heat when the barbecue sauce has reached the desired consistency.

  • Liven up your usual smoothie

Are you tired of the usual smoothie made from yogurt, milk or fruit in season? If you are an avid eater of frozen fruit vegetable products, why not use them when mixing your daily smoothie. When preparing a smoothie out of frozen fruit no need to add ice. Why? Adding ice will make the smoothie watery. It’s best to blend together frozen fruit with milk or yogurt.

  • Homemade sherbet or sorbet

The hottest days of the summer months will need some cool desserts. One of the quick recipes that you can use with fine food products such as frozen fruits is homemade sherbet or sorbet. How to prepare? First, blend your favourite frozen fruit bought at the frozen fruit vegetable section in a blender with fruit juice if you prefer sorbet. For sherbet you may add non-fat milk instead of fruit juice. Once you have completely pureed the frozen fruit into a smooth consistency, pour in a tightly sealed plastic or tin can container and freeze. Serve it straight from the freezer.

  • Baked goodies

If you love to bake pies or empanadas, then, frozen fruits are the best ingredients to use according to the fine food products supplier. All you need is prepare the pie crust and add your chosen frozen fruit, then, assemble and bake for 10 to 15 minutes. You may sprinkle confectioner sugar on top of the baked pie before serving.

  • Chutney

Another unique to enjoy a bag of frozen fruit delivered by the frozen fruit vegetable supplier is cooking it as fruit preserves. What’s the recipe? Simply throw in a pan the frozen fruit, diced yellow onions, cumin, raisins, apple cider vinegar and brown sugar. You may add chopped jalapenos. To thicken the mixture, add water or any broth available and cook until it reached the thick consistency.

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