Features To Check When Buying Fire Rated Doors

Fire is one of the hazards for many structures, whether that’s a residential or commercial property or industrial facility. To help minimize the damage caused by fire, property owners have used fire rated building materials like fire rated doors.

This doors are designed to withstand the high temperatures and smoke of a fire. This will not prevent fire damage altogether, but it can prevent it from spreading for several minutes. Aside from that, it also provides people some time for an escape.

If you are planning to get fire rated doors for your property, here are some features to check and consider.

Frame, Door and Window

Fires doors have many components, often more than an ordinary door. As for the main door, it is usually made from solid timber with a steel-reinforced frame. When buying a fire rated door, be sure to buy the door and the frame together. This will help to ensure a good fit between the two said items. Some fire rated doors also have a fire-resistant glass covering.

Fire rated doors can also come with a window. Obviously, the window glass should be made with a fire-resistant glass. Otherwise, it will break and eventually allow fire and smoke through.

Door Closer

Fire rated doors are required to have a door closer which meets the standards set by the authorities. This component is responsible in ensuring that the door closes automatically. This is a vital component because if fire rated doors aren’t shut properly they aren’t able to do their job of holding back smoke and flames passing through the walls and wood paneling.


All fire doors will have certain accessories and components that you will find in ordinary doors. These include locks, hinges, and latches. However, what makes them different is that they should be fire rated standard. Also, the components (as well as the door) should be installed properly and preferably by a professional. A poorly installed fire rated door can be just as useless as not having one at all.


Fire rated doors have an intumescent seal around the door edges. This seal is an important component of a fire rated door. For instance, in the case of fire the seal expands due to the heat from a fire and seals any gaps between the door and the frame. Also, cold smoke seals can be fitted to prevent smoke from passing through the gaps.

Fire rated doors are essential and often a requirement for many buildings in many places. However, remember to get only high quality and well-made fire rated doors. Cheap fire doors won’t have the proper components and will not be able to perform its intended purpose well.

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