Environmental Benefits of Using Timber Veneer

Timber veneer is a popular alternative for those who want to have the look and appeal of solid wood in their homes without spending much on solid wood boards. But aside from being affordable, there are many other benefits to using veneer. For instance, the use of timber veneer is considered to be more environment-friendly than using solid wood boards.

Timber veneer is a thin slice of wood that is glued to a solid base, usually plywood or high-density plasterboard. This process of manufacturing veneer actually provides an efficient way of using trees.

Consider this: in order to create solid wood panels, logs are sawn into boards of varying thickness. Depending on the size of the saw, the sawblade going through the log generates a substantial amount of sawdust. In the case of veneers, the log is ‘sliced’ into thin sheets. This greatly reduces the amount of sawdust, and consequently waste products, created in the process.

Because timber veneer sheets are thinner than solid wood boards, you can create more veneer sheets than solid wood boards from the same tree or log. In fact, you can create over ten sheets of veneer from one piece of solid wood. This way, veneer manufacturers are able to extend the use of a piece of wood while generating minimal waste materials.

Solid wood boards are taken from all kinds of hardwood trees like oak, mahogany, walnut, maple and many others. Most of these trees are slow-growing, meaning that they can take several decades before they mature. Also, some of these trees only grow in selected areas around the world. When these trees are cut down, they can be pretty difficult to replace. The inability to inefficiently replace cut down trees puts a strain on wood resources.

On the other hand, timber veneer manufacturers are able to create significantly more sheets from one tree or wood. This means that there is lesser need to cut and harvest trees in order to create veneer sheets. By cutting down less trees, not only will we be able to save our trees, but we’ll also be able to allow our forests to replenish itself.

Here are Processed Forest Products, we strongly believe in the efficient and sustainable use of trees and our forests. This is why we make sure that the veneers used in our manufacturing processes are sourced only from reputable veneer merchants working with sustainably managed forests or plantations.

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