Electrical Floor Boxes Offer A Convenient Way To Connect A Myriad Of Office Equipment

Floor Boxes

People working in offices will inevitably use a wide range of office equipment. Using the computer has become an integral part of office life. In addition, using other equipment like printers, scanners, fax machines, photocopiers etc. can become necessary on occasions.

In this scenario, providing multiple supply points for your employees to use these machines becomes imperative. However, cluttering the workstation with these connection points could mar the look of your office.

Moreover, using extension wires or multipurpose extension sockets will not always be worthwhile. The dangling wires could easily make your employees trip and fall. In such situations, opting for electrical floor boxes could be your best bet.

An Overview of an Electrical Floor Box

Providers of power solutions for commercial establishments often stock a myriad of products. In many cases, these suppliers will also stock a useful range of accessories for managing and concealing electrical wiring and connections. The electrical floor box represents one of these accessories.

Electrical floor boxes denote electrical outlets fixed on the floor. They serve to provide supply points to employees. As mentioned earlier, installing wall supply points for each workstation can be both inconvenient and unappealing. To overcome this, many commercial property owners install floor boxes with moveable covers.

Floor boxes do not just act as power suppliers. They can carry data ports, VGA ports and telephone jacks for network connection, video transmission and telephonic use as well.

What Kinds of Electrical Floor Boxes Do Industrial and Commercial Facilities Typically Use?

Many industrial and commercial facilities across Australia use floor boxes for providing access to electrical supply points. In many cases, these facilities will feature either fixed floor boxes or pop-up floor boxes.

In fixed floor boxes, manufacturers of wireless chargers and in-desk power modules join the outlet to the frame of the box. Thereafter, they cover the box with a flip-up lid. Open offices invariably use fixed floor boxes because users can see the outlets easily. Pop-up floor boxes feature lids with attached outlets.

This elegant and convenient design makes pop-up floor boxes more suitable for use in offices, auditoriums, hotels etc. Industrial floor boxes will invariably comprise cast iron or PVC. Similarly, the box lids will often feature brass, steel or aluminium finishes.

Why the Use of an Electrical Floor Box Has Become More Widespread in Offices in Australia

In the absence of electrical floor boxes, interior designers had to configure floor plans in specific ways. For instance, their designs would need to provide wall point access to all users in the facility.

However, doing so would inevitably result in the poor utilisation of space. Providing wall point access to all users would result in all users having their workstations placed alongside the walls.

Thus, the middle portion of the space would remain vacant. In addition, the presence of long electrical wires and cables can increase the chances of workers tripping over them. The presence of these wires will mar the overall look of the facility too. Electrical floor boxes overcome each of these issues with minimal fuss. Hence, their use has become more widespread nowadays.

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