Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Or Non-Electric Bidet Seat: Which Is More Comfortable?

Are you planning to upgrade your toilet seat with a bidet? Bidet toilet seat models come in two versions; the electric and non-electric bidet. Can’t decide which is more comfortable for you? Well, this topic will give you detailed information on the pros and cons, installation procedure as well as the final verdict. So, let’s together discover each bidet for you to find the right match for your bathroom and toileting requirements.

Pros of Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

Electric bidet seats are becoming popular to most modern built homes, especially among those customers that are financially capable of purchasing an expensive model. Among the positive feedbacks of users of electric bidet seats include the following:

  • Availability of added features to match every user’s preferences
  • Access to a model with remote control
  • Add the warm water feature both on front and rear part of the bidet toilet seat
  • User-friendly both for left-handed and right-handed people
  • Electric bidet seats are easy to operate, especially for users with limitations of mobility
  • Adjustable nozzles to suits one’s preferred seating position
  • Air dryer feature is possible eliminating the need for toilet paper
  • Fit any existing toilet model

Cons of Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

Similar to the famous Toto washlet an electric bidet toilet seat has also some drawbacks such as:

  • Higher electric bill because the electric bidet seat is powered by electricity
  • Prices of electric bidet seats are more expensive than a non-electric bidet
  • Not all electric bidet models can fit nicely on any standard toilet

Pros of Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

Another bidet toilet seat that you can choose is the non-electric model. This particular model will be advantageous to a customer with limited funds but wish to upgrade an old toilet seat. Some of the pros that the non-electric can offer to users are:

  • Can fit on any model toilet
  • Cheaper price
  • Offer the same hygienic just like an electric bidet model

Cons of Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

  • Non-availability of remote control
  • No added features
  • More complicated to use
  • Struggle in adjusting the water pressure
  • Some models of non-electric bidet toilet seat have no adjustable nozzles
  • The user will need a longer time to get used to a non-electric bidet

How each bidet toilet seat installed?

The installation procedure for each bidet toilet seat is different. For electric bidet models, you will need the services of a licensed electrician to ensure the electrical outlet is correctly installed. Aside from that if your bathroom layout has no existing nearby power outlet to connect the electric bidet changes may be required to accommodate this bidet model.

A non-electric bidet is a lot quicker to install and may not need the assistance of an electrician because it’s not powered by electricity. However, if you prefer having warm water for your non-electric bidet, then, you need to connect the hot water system to a sink.

Which is the most suitable bidet for you?

Purchasing a bidet can be quite challenging. Finding the right model needs careful assessment of users’ toileting needs, budget and comfort preferences. If you will take into account a model that can offer a high level of hygiene both models can guarantee proper cleaning of your private and sensitive body parts.

If you have the luxury to splurge on a high-end bidet like the trusted Toto Neorest, then, choose an electric bidet model. If you have a limited budget the non-electric bidet could be your best bathroom piece to level up your bathroom experience.

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