Electric Bidet Seat Awesome Features

Can’t still make a final decision whether to install an electric bidet seat or not? An electric bidet toilet seat has many awesome features to offer and you just need to discover them one by one the moment you chose a specific model. Aside from making a homeowner’s life a lot easier and comfortable, having an electric bidet installed on your existing toilet can deliver the highest level of personal hygiene to your loved ones. To help get know better the features of an electric bidet toilet seat, here are some of them.

Heated Seat

This is one of the awesome features that any model of electric bidet seat has to offer, extreme comfort due to its heat seat. There will be no more instances of getting that cold feeling as you place your bum on top of your toilet seat. The heated feature of this toilet bidet seat can even relax tensed muscles.

Adjustable Water Temperature Setting

Most models of electric bidet seats have adjustable water temperature setting. Every design or brand available in the market can give you the privilege to do the necessary adjustments on the water temperature based on your personal preferences. For example, during warmer seasons, this adjustable water temperature setting feature of bidet seats allows you to adjust to a cool and refreshing setting. As for colder months, the electric bidet seat water temperature can be easily adjusted to warmer water.

Availability of a Remote

Among the distinct features that one could enjoy upon purchasing an electric bidet toilet seat is the remote. You don’t need to exert effort or reach out to do the needed adjustments while using the bidet seat if you opted for a remote controlled model. In fact, this amazing feature makes it user-friendly for elderly people or those individuals who have been injured or facing mobility issues.

Adjustable Water Pressure

With an electric bidet toilet seat, you have full control on the water pressure that will come in direct contact with your bare skin and sensitive parts. So, whatever is comfortable on your end, an electric bidet integrated toilet eat will give you options on the level of water pressure that will come out when cleaning your private parts. This feature of adjustable water pressure is ideal for persons suffering from hemorrhoids, fistulas and other anal problems.


Another add-on feature that you can include on your electric bidet toilet seat is the deodorizer where is uses carbon filter to remove bad smell and ensure an odorless atmosphere.

Heated Air Dryer

The heated air dryer of a bidet seat is becoming a top choice on add-on features because it completely eliminates the need to use for toilet paper to dry your private parts. With its heated air dryer feature that acts like a blow dryer the private parts are completely dried off as warm stream of air is emitted.

Self-Cleaning Nozzles

Electric bidet seats offer the maximum level of cleanliness with their self-cleaning nozzles because it guarantees the user that no harmful bacteria is left behind after every usage.

There are just some of the many features that you can add on your chosen electric bidet seat model. If you have special requirements inquire with any of the friendly customer representatives at Australian Bidet and start customising your electric bidet toilet seat’s features.



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