Creating Fire Rated Doors for Safety

Fire safety is an important design consideration in any building project. Fire rated doors aim to improve safety by containing fire while allowing a safe exit. The definition of fire resistance is the ability to resist a fully developed fire. Fire rated board and products made from them may still ignite, but they will resist propagation and penetration of flames. The level of resistance is typically based on the time it can withstand a fire.

Having properly installed fire rated doors can make the difference between life and death when a fire breaks out in a building. Fire-rated doors can be created in a few different ways, with varying effectiveness including treating wood with ignition resistance chemicals producing a fire rated board, or covering with insulating materials. A third way used in many building projects is making oversized pieces where the outer layer burns while the inner is protected. The inner layer then continues to provide strength. This is rarely possible with fire rated doors due to size constraints.

Fire rated doors from Processed Forest Products use a fireproof radiata core with a veneered board skin. These are called solid core doors and are available in a variety of sizes. The beauty of veneers is that the pattern can be matched with surrounding walls for a seamless, flush look, making fire safety a design feature instead of an eyesore.

To learn more about fire protection and fire rated boards, visit Processed Forest Products.

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