Concrete Pool Resurfacing: 4 Pool Problems You Should Know About

Concrete pools are easily the most popular types of private or commercial pools in the world. They are extremely popular for a number of reasons which include ease, relatively economical maintenance and longer lifespan. But not all pools are made the same and even the best ones will see wear and tear over time and need timely pool crack repair or concrete pool resurfacing services.

Now, the best way to care for your concrete pool is to know the potential problems you might have with it. This will help you look for these problems and address them as soon as they arise.


4 Common Problems with Concrete Pools



Concrete pool resurfacing arguably costs more than all other maintenance activities. So, it is important that you know when you need to get this service. If you hire a reliable pool surfacing company, then you will get a guarantee. Make sure you read the fine print before you sign the contract.


Salt Oxidization

Chlorinated pools are the norm across the world and this is a problem with the surface. Some pool surfaces can react with the salt in the water and erode the surface. So, if you are using saltwater, then you need to get swimming pool resurfacing done more often.


Surface Roughness

Due to the accelerated erosion because of the pool surfacing process and the subsequent salt based erosion, concrete pool surfaces become very rough. This can be aesthetically displeasing to many people and may even lead to cuts on tender skinned people. So, it is important to get the concrete pool resurfacing done before this happens.


Installation Problems

Installing concrete pools and even getting swimming pool resurfacing can be a long and tedious task. Even when your pool is finished, you need to pick the right time to get the concrete pool resurfacing done. Stalling due to weather can spell disaster and waste of a lot of money.


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