Cleaning Procedures for retail butcher shops

If you work in any butcher shop, you must work on clean premises and use equipment and techniques which give safe products.

As a food premises you come under the Australian and New Zealand Food Standard code, particularly standard 3.2.3, which can be easily downloadable from Food Standard website,

There is also an Australian Standard on how your premises should be designed and built, the Australian Standard for the Hygienic Production and Transportation of quality meat and meat products for human consumption.

Under all generic standards the outcome is based on following perspectives:

  1. Prescriptive standards specify every last detail you must meet, e.g. the arc needed for coving between wall and floor.
  2. Outcome-based standards specify only that you need to achieve a safe product and the detail of how you achieve safety must be included in your food safety plan.

In any well designed butcher shop premises:

  1. There is a safety water supply
  2. Food contact surfaces are kept in good and clean condition
  3. Cross contamination from insanitary objects is prevented
  4. Hand washing, hand sanitising and toilet facilities are available and kept clean
  5. Food packaging materials and food contact surfaces are protected from adulteration with any cleaning lubricants.
  6. Toxic compounds are stored and used safely.
  7. Proper pest should be executed on timely basis.

These elements are important to prevent any butcher shop prevent contamination of materials and final products with micro-organisms from people, equipment, and workplace environment.

We at Campisi Butchery keep our premises clean and sanitize to produce safe products with proper cleaning and sanitising program explaining how all parts of your premises are cleaned. Visits our shop at 1/218, Fifteenth Ave. West Hoxton NSW – 2171

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