Cleaning and Maintaining Timber Veneer

Timber veneer has become very popular across Australian homes, with use indoors, cabinets, and furniture. They provide a beautiful look of solid timber at a fraction of the price, and they look best when properly cleaned and kept. It is very simple to keep the timber veneer clean. They should be regularly dusted with a soft cloth or feather duster to remove dust and debris. It is important to never use any abrasive cloths or cleaners like ammonia which can damage or destroy the surface finish. Some deeper cleaning can be performed with a warm damp cloth and a mild soap. To polish the timber veneer, use a dry cloth and furniture polish. Avoid anything containing silicone or abrasives.

Timber veneers can be quite susceptible to damage from water and heat. They should not be used where condensation frequently forms or as benches where puddles may sit. Prolonged water exposure can damage many finishes leaving them cloudy. Spills and stains on veneer surfaces should be cleaned up immediately with a damp cloth. Cleaners should only be used if approved by manufacturers like Forest Products. It is recommended to use coasters and coverings to prevent damage when veneer furniture is used.

As all timber veneer products are produced differently, with different surface finishes, consult the manufacturer’s instructions for care advice and approved cleaning methods. Experts like Forest Products can guide you through the specific maintenance requirements for your product.

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