Choose Timber Veneers from Reputed Suppliers to Get Optimal Value for Money

Interior designers the world over have always looked for innovative ways to make their clients’ homes more elegant and visually appealing. To achieve this, they often perform exhaustive research on the latest trends in the industry. Then, they take the inputs and requirements from their clients and match these with the best solutions on offer. In many cases, these solutions will be a perfect blend of visual appeal and cost effectiveness. Not many people can afford to splurge their hard-earned money towards embellishing their homes. Thus, finding a suitable balance between the requirements and solutions becomes imperative.

In recent times, the use of timber veneer panels and sheets has come into vogue. The use of timber and other hardwood varieties in the construction industry has always remained popular. But, using these panels and sheets to spruce up the interior décor has won the favour of many interior designers in Australia. It can be worth mentioning that many ancient societies used decorative veneers and plywood in the past. For instance, the Dutch used veneers back in the 17th century. Similarly, many European cabinetmakers produced high-quality veneered furniture in the 18th century. Thus, it comes as no surprise that timber veneer has become an important part of interior décor trends in contemporary times.

For the uninitiated, veneers denote extremely thin slices of wood cut from different varieties of logs. Companies offering veneers typically use various slicing, peeling and sawing machines to produce an assortment of veneers. They also use veneers mainly on substrates like plywood for making high-quality furniture. In some cases, they will use veneers for making laminated shapes. These shapes and objects can be ideal for using for various decorative and architectural purposes. Many people in Australia nowadays prefer incorporating timber and burl veneers into their home décor. These veneers can be ideal for using in:

  • The wall panelling
  • Wardrobe doors
  • Shelves (including in-built shelves)
  • Kitchen cabinet interiors and exteriors
  • Bespoke joinery and,
  • Interior doors

Over the years, the popularity of wooden veneers has ebbed and flowed. But, these veneers can still make a significant impact on the overall look of any object and space. To cite an example, a piano featuring decorative veneers will exude a stylish and elegant look as opposed to a plainer model. The only element to have changed with respect to wooden veneers over the years has been design trends. Thus, the use of specific varieties of timbers, their colour, grain and figure became popular in different eras.

When you shop for decorative veneer panels, ensure that you shop with an established supplier of veneers and fire rated doors. Not only will such suppliers be able to offer you an enviable range of options. They will also stock high-quality products that can last you for years. Their veneers and associated products will come backed by manufacturer warranties that can protect your investment should things go wrong. One aspect that you must always consider when shopping for wooden veneers will pertain to their intended use in your home. However, you might not possess a lot of knowledge on veneers to make informed decisions. This necessitates the need to speak to designers who can advise you on the best veneers to purchase. It can be worth highlighting that sunlight, moisture and wear & tear affect different varieties of wood in varying ways. Thus, it becomes imperative to harness the expertise of people who have years of experience in the industry. This invariably means shopping at the facility of a reputed and quality supplier. For more information, Visit Forest Products today !

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