Changing The Way of Delivering Cabling Solution Services During COVID-19

Thank you for continuing to support GM Cable Solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Such Electrical are essential and should continue. We’ll work with you to develop new, flexible approaches that keep our staff and clients safe and allow you to continue providing essential services.

Changing the way, we deliver services

We want to continue delivering essential services in ways that are safe for the community. Many of our clients are already experiencing a range of hardships and it’s important we maintain a strong level of support.

We understand it may be necessary to scale down non-essential services to ensure essential services can continue to be delivered at this time. You may also need to change the way you deliver services to meet social distancing requirements and keep your clients and staff safe.

Funding will continue, even if you need to make changes to how you deliver services. If the contracted obligations of your organisation are impacted by COVID-19, please inform your DCJ contract manager. We did the same way at GM Cable Solutions

You don’t need to ask our permission to make these changes. We know you’re the experts in the needs of your community. Please tell your DCJ contract manager what changes you’re making.

Examples of measures already implemented by service providers include:

  • continuing the core services of supporting clients
  • using all forms of technology and communication apps to ensure they can communicate with clients and access their information and documents
  • for face-to-face interactions, designating private and confidential open spaces in offices to minimise contact in enclosed environments that would increase the risk of spreading the virus
  • reducing or staggering opening times for drop-in clients
  • providing alternative formats to keep people connected, for those who are isolated from their usual community activities
  • only providing take-away meal services rather than sit-down meals, and encouraging clients not to stay at the premises
  • requiring staff to wash their hands before and after every face-to-face client interaction, and asking clients to do the same
  • introducing protocols for home visits
  • cancelling non-essential group activities
  • moving programs online
  • ensuring offices have new cleaning and sanitisation programs

We take proper care of our staff members and for the site where we deliver cabling services.

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