Fine Food Suppliers: Top Benefits of Dried Herbs and Spices

Did you know that including dried herbs and spices when cooking dishes offer health benefits? Yes, a lot of the herbs and spices that we buy in bulk from fine food suppliers can help improve our overall well being. If you are curious which herbs and spices to include for various dishes, here are some of them:

  • Black Pepper

Among the most used and readily available inside your kitchen is the black pepper. It is believed to be an effective antioxidant agent that can prevent bacterial growth or inflammatory problems. Aside from that, black pepper can boost a person’s metabolism. So, the next time you see a bottle of black pepper in your pantry, never underestimate its positive effect on the body.

  • Basil

Basile a type of herb plant rich in vitamin K. Vitamin K has flavonoids, which is essential in the prevention of cell damage. Apart from that, dried basil also has an anti-bacterial element, making it an effective alternative home remedy in fighting any bacteria causing illness. Similar to black pepper, basil has also anti-inflammatory benefit. If you have a cardiovascular problem adding basil in cooking will help lessen the inflammation around your heart vessels.

  • Ginger

Included in the fine food suppliers list of products that can be bought in powdered form is ginger. Ginger isn’t only used as a seasoning when cooking. Some individuals extract ginger to produce a healthy drink. Among the health benefits one could get from ginger includes treatment of nausea, relieve the feeling of dizziness, ease intestinal problems as well as diminish food cravings.

  • Turmeric

Have you used turmeric powder? A lot of Indian inspired dishes use turmeric, yellowish powdered form when processed and belongs to dried herbs and spices collection. If you love cooking curry, this is a must-have cooking ingredient. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory healing benefits. It also improves the immune system and increases mobility.

  • Garlic

Garlic, when processed into a powdery form, is also included in the list of commonly used dried herbs and spices. We all know that garlic itself when eaten raw or cooked is good for the treatment of anti-inflammatory illnesses. It also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

  • Oregano

Oregano has been used by the ancient Romans and Greek for the treatment of skin diseases and pain. Among the listed herbs and spices believed to have an antioxidant effect, oregano is the only one to possess high levels of antioxidant properties.

  • Cinnamon

The smell of cinnamon on cooked dishes is truly inviting. Even when in powder form, cinnamon has health benefits to the body. It’s considered to be helpful in improving a person’s heart condition and blood sugar, plus anti-inflammatory.

Now that you have discovered the health benefits of dried herbs and spices, I’m sure you will stock your kitchen with enough supply. If you want to buy from local, find food suppliers in Australia, feel free to check Takin official website and browse their wide selections of dried herbs and spices.

Do Dry Herbs Compare Favourably with their Fresher Avatars in Cooking?

Suppliers of fine food products in Australia inevitably stock an extensive range of food ingredients and products. From herbs to spices and from grains to lentils, they will be able to offer a wide selection of products. Since ancient times, people have regarded herbs and spices as among the best food ingredients. Herbs, in particular, have been useful for enhancing the flavour and taste of a wide range of dishes. Not surprisingly, they can be among the most prized possessions in your kitchens. When it comes to using herbs in dishes, some people prefer buying fresh herbs. Others prefer the convenience that dried herbs offer. Both varieties of herbs can enliven your dishes and make them distinctive. But, knowing the difference between the two and the occasions when using one over the other would provide better value can be invaluable.


Some chefs believe that fresh herbs remain superior to their dried counterparts. But, this will not always be the case. Herbs usually contain four flavour compounds within them i.e. phenols, ketones, hydrocarbons and aldehydes. Some of these compounds remain volatile or fragile in nature. Thus, when exposed to high temperatures for prolonged spans of time, these herbs will lose their flavour. Invariably, this will take place during the drying and cooking processes. In contrast, other herbs offer superior levels of stability. As a result, their flavour will remain unaffected even when exposed to higher temperatures.


Dried herbs can do wonders to the taste and aroma of a dish when you add them earlier in the cooking process. Doing so gives these herbs sufficient time to imbue the dish with their flavour uniformly. If you add them too late, the flavour will not spread evenly throughout the dish. It goes without saying that using dried herbs can be very convenient. Even in terms of their price, dry herbs can be relatively inexpensive. But, this doesn’t mean that they come out second best in terms of flavour as opposed to their fresher varieties. As long as you cook them for sufficient spans of time to soften them, the flavour of dry herbs will be as good as that imparted by fresh ones. Sage, marjoram, bay leaves, rosemary etc. rank among the most popular dry herbs sold in Australia.


Purchasing dry herbs from the market can be very convenient. But, the luxury of being able to select fresh herbs taken from your own garden can be quite delightful. Unfortunately, not all Australians have this luxury. It can be best to use fresh herbs for finishing dishes. Thus, you should add them at the end of the cooking process. In most cases, you will add these herbs during the last 20-odd minutes of the cooking process. The only issue with using fresh herbs in cooking can be their availability. Finding the herbs you need can be hard during out-of-season times. Similarly, the shelf life of these herbs will only be for a few days or so. These aspects make dried herbs such a convenience. Some of the most popular fresh herbs used in Australia include basil, cilantro, mint, parsley, tarragon etc.

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Put the Best Dried Herbs in Your Dishes to Enhance their Taste and Health Quotient

Jars and bottles of all kinds typically abound in almost all Australian kitchens and pantries. Everyone likes eating delicious and healthy foods. This inevitably necessitates the use of a myriad of herbs, spices and seasonings in dishes. In many cases, spices will come into use in powdered or granulated form. The same could be the case with the seasonings you prefer using. But, when it comes to herbs, you will often have to choose between fresh herbs and their dried counterparts.

People who enjoy gardening will often like growing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs in their yards. Doing so enables these individuals to have access to home-grown foods. Unfortunately, not everyone has a sizeable yard that provides sufficient space for outdoor living and gardening. In these situations, people will have no other recourse than to buy fresh herbs from the market or to use dried herbs in their recipes.

Not many people have sufficient time for working in their kitchens. In many instances, people often come home from work or various errands. Thus, they do not have a lot of time on hand for making exotic and flavourful dishes. On such occasions, people will often look for food ingredients that can enhance the flavour of the dish without needing too much by way of effort. These ingredients will usually be readily available in the kitchen. More importantly, these ingredients will not require a lot of preparation prior to use. Such ingredients will typically comprise dried herbs, spices, readymade seasoning and flavoured mixtures etc.


Some people might feel that obtaining quality dried herbs can be difficult. But, many fine food suppliers in Australia stock an enviable range of herbs, spices, grains etc. these days. So, sourcing your stock of dried organic herbs and herbal extracts no longer presents any difficulties. Using these dried herbs, spices and extracts in your dishes will certainly be convenient. More importantly, these ingredients will imbue the dish with the desired flavour and aroma. Some people often feel that dried herbs do not pack as much of a punch as their fresher varieties do.

Culinary experts such as chefs will undoubtedly urge people to use fresh herbs in their dishes. But, this does not mean that dry herbs can be inconsequential. On the contrary, dried herbs offer a superior concentration in flavour than their fresher varieties. Hence, they enable you to use them in a lesser amount, without having to compromise on the taste of the dish.

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Fine food products – Tips to find the best supplier

There are lot of suppliers who offer fine food products and the choices could be overwhelming which is why it is important to find the best supplier. Different aspects like price, delivery schedule, accreditations and food safety management can help in streamlining the search for the best supplier of fine food products.

Having a clear idea of what you are looking for will help in identifying the best suppliers in your area. Budget is an important aspect which is why you can request for catalogues and price details so that you can choose the best supplier of fine food products. Food safety is certainly an important aspect of any food business and you should definitely check the safety standards of the supplier.

Quality of fine food products is extremely important because you would want to choose the supplier who can guarantee highest standards of quality. Partnering with a supplier of fine food products is a big decision, however once you break down all the important factors like financials, safety, quality, delivery etc. you can certainly make an informed decision.

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Quick Guide When Buying Spices From The Fine Food Supplier

Many of us think that the delectable taste of any cooked dish is due to the top quality of spices used. This is indeed true because spices enhance the overall taste of any dish. It’s important for anyone that loves to cook to use the best spices. For your assurance that you only buy quality graded spices at the fine food supplier here’s a quick buying guide.

Tip #1 – Get whole spices

Did you know that buying whole spices have a longer shelf life than grounded spices? According to the fine food supplier, whole spices last longer than the grounded spices you will normally find at a local supermarket. So, if you love to add spices on your dishes, then, better opt for whole spices and grind them on your own. Why? This will ensure the freshness of spices and retain the distinct flavouring.

Tip #2 – Always go for a credible supplier

Cheaper spices usually come in a grounded form stored in disposable bottles or paper packaging. If you don’t want to sacrifice the outcome of any cooked dish invest on top quality spices that you will find from the wholesale spices suppliers listing. If you prefer shopping online check first the origin of the fine food supplier spices and the process the spices underwent during the harvesting stage. Entrust your orders of herbs, spices and other fine food products from a specialty supplier that mainly sells spices, so that you know that what you pay for is genuine spices like the wholesale spices suppliers.

Tip #3 – Source your spices from a local supplier

Whether you want to buy a large volume of spices or beans, it would be more appropriate and convenient if you source these ingredients from a local supplier like the fine food supplier or bean suppliers operating in your area. A local source can guarantee an abundance of supply and quick accessibility whenever you needed fine food products such as whole spices, herbs and beans.

Tip #4 – Buy in smaller quantities

If you are just a typical homemaker with a passion for cooking different dishes for the family, it’s advisable to buy spices in smaller quantities. Why? Buying more than what you really need is just putting your money down the drain. Besides, spices may lose their distinct tastes if stored longer than the expected shelf life or expiration date.

Final verdict

The surest approach to help you source effectively your day-to-day needs for spices is by having a regular supplier. For example, if you run a catering business and need a consistent inventory of the quality fine food products (herbs, spices, beans) check first if there is a local fine food supplier nearby. Buying from a local supplier saves you time, money and energy, plus you have the privilege to do an actual inspection on their latest products.

In case you live in any state of Australia and wish to partner with a local supplier, visit Takin and get to know more their wide selection of fine food products being sold at affordable prices.

Fine Food Products: Unique Ways To Get Most Of Your Frozen Fruit

Are you a regular shopper at the frozen fruit vegetable section of the supermarket? If you are searching for freshest ideas on how to get the most of frozen fruit selections, here’s a list of the best and unique ways to enjoy any frozen fruit shared by the fine food products store representative.

  • Sweetened barbecue sauce

Yes, your frozen fruit can be mixed with your barbecue sauce and provide a distinct sweet. How to prepare? Well, get packed of your frozen fruit from the freezer, then, add a small amount of ketchup, Dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce and seasonings (spiced and dried herbs). You may also add a kick with cumin or chili powder. Chicken or veggie broth can be added while simmering the mixture. Reduce heat when the barbecue sauce has reached the desired consistency.

  • Liven up your usual smoothie

Are you tired of the usual smoothie made from yogurt, milk or fruit in season? If you are an avid eater of frozen fruit vegetable products, why not use them when mixing your daily smoothie. When preparing a smoothie out of frozen fruit no need to add ice. Why? Adding ice will make the smoothie watery. It’s best to blend together frozen fruit with milk or yogurt.

  • Homemade sherbet or sorbet

The hottest days of the summer months will need some cool desserts. One of the quick recipes that you can use with fine food products such as frozen fruits is homemade sherbet or sorbet. How to prepare? First, blend your favourite frozen fruit bought at the frozen fruit vegetable section in a blender with fruit juice if you prefer sorbet. For sherbet you may add non-fat milk instead of fruit juice. Once you have completely pureed the frozen fruit into a smooth consistency, pour in a tightly sealed plastic or tin can container and freeze. Serve it straight from the freezer.

  • Baked goodies

If you love to bake pies or empanadas, then, frozen fruits are the best ingredients to use according to the fine food products supplier. All you need is prepare the pie crust and add your chosen frozen fruit, then, assemble and bake for 10 to 15 minutes. You may sprinkle confectioner sugar on top of the baked pie before serving.

  • Chutney

Another unique to enjoy a bag of frozen fruit delivered by the frozen fruit vegetable supplier is cooking it as fruit preserves. What’s the recipe? Simply throw in a pan the frozen fruit, diced yellow onions, cumin, raisins, apple cider vinegar and brown sugar. You may add chopped jalapenos. To thicken the mixture, add water or any broth available and cook until it reached the thick consistency.

Are you ready to try the above-frozen fruits recipes? If you need a regular supply of frozen fruit products in Australia, check the wide selection of frozen fruit and vegetable at the official website of Takin, a reputable wholesaler of fine food products.

Beans Suppliers: Can Eating Bean Make You Fat?

Many of us are still a bit skeptical about eating beans can really make you fat or not. According to the beans suppliers, it really depends on how much you consume, when it’s best eaten including cooking preparation. For weight management goals, here are a few facts that you need to know about beans.

What are beans?

Beans are regarded as vegetables. But, in general are classified as part of the Leguminosae family (seed or fruit of a plant) such as chickpeas, lentils, peanuts and peas. Based on the nutritional chart of legumes that beans suppliers have eating beans is healthy because they are low in fat, contain moderate carbohydrates and rich in protein. Beans have a low glycemic index, meaning they have a high formulation of insoluble and soluble. What does this low glycemic do the body? Intake of beans will not increase your blood sugar levels, which is crucial for people conscious about their weight goals.

When is the best time to eat beans?

According to beans suppliers, the best time to eat beans is during daytime and should not be eaten at night. This is applicable for all individuals under a strict weight management meal plan because even though beans have low fat, they also have carbohydrates.

How to cook beans?

The manner beans are cooked will greatly affect your weight management goal. Fine food supplier suggests cooking beans with olive oil or vegetable oil. Avoid cooking beans with ordinary oil or beacon because these ingredients are high in calories.

What is the ideal serving portion of beans?

Eating the recommended daily serving portion of beans will guarantee you don’t gain weight. The ideal serving portion is approximately one cup. For people that have just started including beans on their daily diet they might think this portion is too little. But, on the contrary this serving portion is already sufficient to get your needed proteins per day.

Consuming more that one cup per day may lead to added pounds on your ideal weight. If unsure on the ideal daily servings of beans for your body built and current weight, seek the professional advice of a dietician or read carefully the product packaging of beans supplied by your local fine food supplier.

Can beans really make you fat?

The bottom line about eating beans is that it won’t make you fat as long as you put into good practice the serving portion suggested, the right time to eat beans and how you cooked it. Anything in excess or addition of other ingredients such as ordinary oil to any recipe with beans can lead to weight gain. In fact, eating beans the right way will help you lose extra pounds because they are an excellent source of protein and carbohydrates. Beans are healthy replacements for food products that are high in calories and protein content.

Do you want more information about beans? You may visit the official website of Takin, one of the trusted beans suppliers in Australia and check their wide selections of fine food products. You may also read their blogs for inspiring ideas on how beans can be part of your daily diet.

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Fine Food Supplier Top Dried Herbs That Every Kitchen Should Have

Seeds on White Plastic Spoon

Completing the cooking essentials is every homemaker’s dream. If you love to cook and try various dishes it’s a must that these top dried herbs are readily available inside your kitchen cupboard based on the personal experience of a reliable fine food supplier. Dried herbs can spice up any cooked dish and improve the overall taste. So, if you are curious what these dried herbs are, here’s the list for your convenience.

1.Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are very versatile because they can be used on meat dishes, soups, stews, and even your favourite rice pudding dessert. Storing a pack of bay leaves would have a long way to go as you try a new dish each day.


Another dried herb that the fine food supplier suggests to all cooking enthusiasts to have within reach while cooking dishes is “dried dill”.  This particular dried herb is perfect for any fish or egg dish. It can also be used in enhancing the taste of potatoes. If you can’t find fresh dill at your supermarket might as well check the wholesale spices suppliers operating in your area for some packs of dried dill.


Do you love to serve baked bread for the family? Among the dried herbs that will surely add distinct flavouring to baked goodies like shortbread is the lavendar. It is also recommended for cold dessert like ice cream. Or, you may sprinkle lavendar before roasting a leg of lamb or fish.


Nowadays, many homemakers see the importance of mint in dishes inspired by the Middle East. Mint when in dried form should only be used sparingly to ensure the dish isn’t overpowered with its distinct taste.


One of the highly recommended dried herbs that a fine food supplier or beans supplier would have an abundant supply to customers is the oregano. This dried herb is an indispensable ingredient to any Italian or Mexican dish, particularly anything with cheese and tomatoes. Oregano is commonly used in red meats because of its sweeter flavouring.


Are you preparing a beef stew? The best-dried herb to use for this slow cook dish is rosemary. To avoid ruining the taste of your beef use rosemary sparingly.

7.Rose Petals

Yes, rose petals aren’t used in decorating cakes and salads. Rose petals come very useful when you are cooking a Moroccan or Indian dish. If you have potted rose plants with fresh blooms and in need to add a subtle flavouring to your Indian dish don’t hesitate to cut a stem of the rose and make use of its petals.


I’m sure every kitchen has this dried herb stored inside their kitchen cabinets the multi-purpose thyme. Where it can be used? Well, use thyme in soup, casseroles as well as chicken roast.


Have you gone to a beans supplier in your area? One of the most sought dried herbs that you can get from this supplier is the dried herb “sage”. So, if you are preparing different dishes for a big party such as meat, chicken and veggies use sage.

There you have some of the most used dried herbs that every cook in the kitchen should stock regularly. If you want to look for a trustworthy fine food supplier in Australia, go and visit the official website of Takin and explore their wide range of fine food products.

Top Things You Should Know About Eating Sunflower Seeds

sunflower seeds

Have you heard the sunflower seed supplier mentioning to some customers that eating sunflower seeds is beneficial for one’s health? If yes, but hesitant to try this popular snack product, then, might as well read this post and be enlightened of the nutritional value of sunflower seeds.

What are Sunflower Seeds?

If you have a chance to have a one-on-one conversation with a credible sunflower seed supplier, he or she will definitely confirm that you are missing a lot of health benefits if you haven’t tried sunflower seeds. Aside from that, the supplier may also clarify the common perception that originates from seeds.

Well, the reality is that sunflower seeds originate from the fruits of a sunflower plant called “Helianthus annuus”. Once the sunflower plant is ready for harvesting the seeds are taken out from their flower heads. On average a single flower head has around 2,000 seeds. The diameter of each sunflower seed is approximately 12 inches or 30.5 cm.

For anyone not able to get a glimpse of the physical appearance of a sunflower seed, normally it is black with white stripes on the outer shell covering. The seed inside is often roasted, creating a nutty flavour taste. You may also buy the raw sunflower seeds either from a licensed Persian wholesaler or sunflower seed supplier.

Types of Sunflower Seeds

According to an experienced sunflower seed supplier, the sunflower seeds come in two types; the first type is generally grown to harvest seeds for consumption while the other type of sunflower seeds is the one that is intended to produce sunflower oil.

What are the nutritional value of Sunflower Seeds?

If you will take a closer look at the packaging of sunflower seeds bought from a local sunflower seed supplier the nutrients found include the following:

  • Vitamin E
  • Selenium
  • Phenolic acids
  • Flavonoids

Vitamin E and selenium are known to be great antioxidants, meaning they free our bodies from harmful toxins that could lead to the development of certain chronic illnesses. With the presence of phenolic acids and flavonoids, both these components have plant compounds benefits to the body, plus they also have antioxidant feature.

Health benefits of eating Sunflower Seeds

The health benefits that any sunflower seed supplier would share about eating sunflower seeds may cover these areas:

  • Sunflower seeds can be mixed with any meal

For breakfast, the sunflower seeds are recommended by the Persian wholesaler to be an excellent add-on to your hot or cold cereal. You may also add sunflower seeds on your veggie salad, homemade granola bars, yogurt or slices of fresh fruits.

  • Prevent heart disease

Did you know that eating the recommended servings of sunflower seeds can help reduce heart disease? Sunflower seeds contain a compound that blocks the enzyme that causes the blood vessels to constrict. Sunflower seeds are very rich in unsaturated fats that are responsible for relaxing the blood vessels and lowering one’s blood pressure.

  • Reduce inflammation

Another health benefit that eating sunflower seeds can do for you is to reduce the problem of inflammation, which is a risky element in chronic illnesses.

How to eat sunflower seeds?

Sunflower seeds are sold either in their original hulls (shells) or shelled kernels from the sunflower seed supplier. If you bought sunflower seeds with their existing shells the best way to eat them is by cracking the seed with your teeth, then, removing the shell and taking out the kernel. If shelled, the sunflower seeds are very versatile because you can mix them on any meal from breakfast cereals, baked goodies, green salads, parfaits, fresh fruits, veggie burgers and dishes.

Where to buy sunflower seeds in Australia?

If you live in any state of Australia and would need a regular supply of bulk orders of fine food products such as sunflower seeds, contact the representative at Takin, a reliable Persian wholesaler and find out more about their offers.

Discover Why Dried Fruit Supplier Recommends Eating Dried Fruits Daily

dried-fruitsAre you on the lookout for a healthy snack? If yes, then, might as well consider the advice of the dried fruit supplier to eat dried fruits daily. Why? Well, apart from having a wide array of choices on dried fruits available in the marketplace, dried fruits are healthy, plus you can eat them anywhere. In fact, they are among the handy snacks that you can quickly pack inside your bag and eat anytime without any struggle. Here’s more about dried fruits that will confirm they belong to the healthy food group.

Where do dried fruits originate?

Dried fruits originate from freshly picked fruits of any season. Similar to eating fresh fruits, dried fruits have the same nutritional value. According to a reputable dried fruit supplier, the only difference is the processing each fruit undergone for it to be reduced in size.

What does eating dried fruits daily contribute?

Just like consuming fresh fruits like apples, pears or pineapple on a daily basis, eating dried fruits as replacements to unhealthy snacks can be true sources of fiber and calories. Although, dried fruits underwent special food processing method such as drying the nutrients aren’t lost including fiber and calories. This is why snacking dried fruits can help reduce cramps and feeling bloated.

How to get the most of eating dried fruits?

For you to get the maximum nutritional health benefits of dried fruits being supplied by a local fine food supplier or dried fruit supplier to implement the following eating practices:

Keep yourself hydrated

Yes, drinking lots of water is necessary and this also applies when you include dried fruits to your daily meal. Although they are relevant source of fiber, hydrating yourself with the right amounts of water regularly per day will lessen constipation. So, snack as you want with your favorite brand of dried fruits, then, washed the sugary taste with a glass of water.

Observe proper portioning

Eating dried fruits can be addictive because they are actually delicious and come in varieties. If you don’t want to end up eating a whole bag of dried apples, why not separate into smaller servings. For example, if you bought a family size pack of dried fruits from your local dried fruit supplier, then, get sealable plastic bags or smaller food containers and divide equally.

Don’t forget your proteins

Eating a balanced diet is vital, to achieve a healthy wellbeing. Aside from daily consumption of dried fruits available at the Iranian wholesaler, don’t forget to consume your needed proteins. Why? Eating too much of dried fruits isn’t advisable due to its sugar content. So, to make sure you don’t feel hungry after snacking dried fruits include food products that are rich in protein such as nuts or sugar-free yogurt.

Choose wisely your dried fruits

As mentioned dried fruits undergo various processing techniques in order to shrink from their original size and come out in concentrated portions. Since some dried fruits have high sugar content, it’s best to make wise choices on purchases at the fine food supplier. When shopping read labels of dried fruits packaging. Go for dried fruits with no artificial add-ons like artificial sweeteners. But, rather buy dried fruits that have been sweetened from their extracted natural juices. For a healthy choice invest on organic dried fruits.

For more selections of healthy snacks such as dried fruits, dried beans and seeds visit the official website of Takin, a leading fine food supplier operating in Australia.