Flag Banners Can Stand Out In the Air

Flag banners are popular for how they offer vertical bodies that may be a little easier to display in some outdoor conditions. But what makes such banners even more important is that they can be positioned well up in the air. You can use this if you want to make your display stand more visible while in an outdoor environment.

How Is It Supported?

Flag banners can be supported with tall poles that are easy to install and set up. A banner may go along a pole that comes out of a thick or weighted base. The base will stay on the floor and keep the banner upright if used accordingly. The base should be organized accordingly to ensure it will stay intact even when the wind in a spot starts to pick up.

How High Up?

You can get a flag to go high up over the other banner stands in an area. A flag may go about ten to twenty feet up in the air depending on your plans for getting it ready. The key is to look at the other people who will be in an area and to see how they are using the air in a space.

How Big Can a Flag Be?

Your flag can be around five to eight feet in height and will move out by a few feet in width. The size of the flag should be measured based on how far away you want people to see it from. Be sure the design adheres with the standards that may be required of you during a special event so you can avoid trouble.

You can use flag banners for any outdoor need to help people find your space from the others in a spot. Talk with Swift Display to learn more about how these work and how they may work alongside any banner stands or other display items you wish to use in a spot.

How Can the Base Work When Getting Retail Display Stands Ready?

The features on a banner that you put out on your retail display setup can be attractive and illustrate everything you have to offer. But you must also look at how well one of these retail display stands is anchored.

The base on the bottom of one of your banner stands should be reviewed to see that it has a secure design that will keep your display intact. The base should ensure that the banner will not slip or tilt over while you are trying to display it.

What Types of Legs Work?

The base on your retail display stand can include a series of legs that keep your setup intact. The legs might include things like small feet that stick out from the base by a few inches. These add enough room to allow the surface to stay intact, but this works even better when those feet are weighted.

The legs should support the weight of the frame that your stand will go on. Keeping them identical in size is critical to their success.

A Wider Base May Work

Sometimes you might need to get a much wider base set up on your stand. This would entail a large metal bar on each side of the stand. The bar would create an even amount of support over the entire body of the stand. This is useful for banner stands that are more vulnerable to wind gusts.

Review the Weight

The weight of a base should be heavy enough to where the stand will not be at risk of shifting around. But at the same time, the base should also be easy to move around if you grab it from its sides. The key is to keep your stand in the same place based on your preference.

Look at how well your retail display stands are supported with a proper base on each one. Swift Display can help you with finding an appropriate display choice that fits your display demands well.

Pull Up Banners Can Use X-Frame Supports

One of the options you have to use when finding pull up banners on your exhibition stand entails the use of an X-frame. This design works like a tripod and can be set up in seconds. The layout is useful for when you have posters for exhibition stands that you want to pull up and display as flat as possible.

How the Frame Works

An X-frame can be useful when highlighting a sign for your promotion. The frame is designed with a large metal frame similar to what you might find on the back of a picture frame. One post goes back by a few feet while two other posts stand out in front to support your banner.

The X-frame design uses four anchors. Each anchor can be found on the corner of your frame. You will use a series of small fasteners or latches to stretch out one of your pull up banners. The frame keeps the banner flat and easy to read and display anywhere.

Review the Size

You must look at how the X-frame design is organized when getting your pull up banners displayed right. The frame can be a few feet in height. The frame should be sized as closely to the bodies of your banners if possible. Although you can secure an oversized banner onto a frame, you would have to secure the fabric over the ends, which could hurt the banner. Therefore, sticking with a frame of a simple size should be good enough.

Can You Adjust the Frame?

You might have the ability to adjust the layout of the X-frame to allow certain points to stretch out further. You must look at how well the banner will secure itself onto the corners in such a case. The frame can be positioned up and down if needed depending on what you prefer to utilize.

Watch for how an X-frame layout can work when getting your banners for exhibition stands ready. Ask Swift Display for help with finding one of these frames for your next big promotion.

Retail Display Stands Can Come With Customizable Bodies

Some of the best retail display stands can come with unique bodies that are a little different from what you might expect out of some space. Take a look at how you can get one of these spots customized to fit your needs.

Create a Fine Shape

To start, you can get one of these exhibition stands prepared with a specific shape. You can make it as large or small as you wish. You could even create an irregular shape that might be closer to what your product is shaped like. For instance, a soda company might use a stand that features a shape to make it look like a soda bottle. The fabric on your stand or another surface should be flexible enough to handle many types of shapes that fit in with your desires.

How Many Pegs or Slots?

You can order retail display stands to have as many pegs for hanging items or slots for storing documents or papers as you want. These can be placed around the entire layout of your stand. You can add instructions as to where you want them to be added too.

Anything that might be adjustable would be to your benefit as well. This creates a comfortable surface all the way through.

Review the Graphic Design

The graphic design on your stand can come with any layout too. Exhibition stands can be customized to feature any colour or pattern. You can also get unique images and word art features added onto your design. Anything that adds a special touch to your design is always worthwhile.

Retail display stands can be customized in any way you see fit. Look at what Swift Display can do for you as you aim to get one of these exhibition stands prepared for your display needs. You will enjoy having something that looks great and shows off your brand or product in a dynamic fashion.


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Rollup Banners Need Bases That Are Easy to Handle

Although a rolling banner is ideal for many trade show displays, you have to see what will happen when you roll up the banner after you are done using it. Your banner needs to come with a base that allows you to quickly roll it up and keep the banner in its place when you are not using it.

A Solid Metal Body

Rollup banners can use bases that feature solid metallic bodies. A strong metal base creates a sturdy body that houses the banner material and will keep it from being hurt by any outside forces.

A Little Wider

The base may be slightly wider than the banner itself. A base could be a few millimetres wider than the fabric. This offers enough leeway for getting the banner to move into the base well enough. You should still try to roll the fabric into the base as evenly as possible just for your protection.

A Roller Works

A small roller material may also be found inside your base. This feature for trade show displays allows for a gentle motion to work when getting the base to move along. As the roller works, the banner will gently move in or out of the base. This keeps the roller from suffering from abrasion from not being guided in and out well enough.

A Secure Cover May Be Included

A cover can also be added on top of a base. This is to be added when the banner is fully inside it and needs to be protected. Rollup banners can be hurt by humidity or dust. Having a cover on a base keeps those two issues from getting in the way when producing a quality banner.

Be aware of what you can do when getting rollup banners for your display. A great cover should be used to help you keep the presentation you have secured right. Check with Swift Display to see what types of banners can work for your trade show displays and how bases can be used on them.

How Much Text Should Go Onto a Retail Display?

You can get as much text as you want to have on your retail display. But you should be cautious when figuring out how you will get it all added well enough. You need to add enough room on a display to create a nice layout without being crowded or otherwise hard to read.

A Strong Headline Works

It is perfectly fine to have a headline on your display. A retail display could come with a single line that features a few words. These could be utilized to summarize whatever you have to offer. It could attract people and even give them an idea of what your company is about and what it has for people to utilize.

A Brief Description or Slogan Can Be Used

You also have the option to get a description or slogan added onto your display. This would include a listing of some of the features or qualities of whatever it is you want to highlight. The wording should still be concise and sensible so people can get a clear idea of what you want to share without being too specific on what it is.

Where to Place It

The text you add onto one of your exhibition stands should be applied onto a spot that people can actually read it off of. You can add it to the top part of your stand or display, for instance. This could create a good headline for whatever your stand will show off.

The text can also be organized near a vital image or graphic you want to add onto your display stand. Watch for how that text is organized though so you don’t have anything that might be overwhelmed by your graphics on your retail display.

Be aware of how well your display is organized and that you have a good amount of text on it while still being easy to read and distinguish. Swift Display Systems can help you with figuring out how text and other features can look on all the exhibition stands you want to work with.


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Trade Show Exhibition Stands Often Include Covers For Circular Desks

Many trade show displays feature small circular desks or stands. These are used as places where people can stack their documents or other promotional materials on. These work well for many particular intentions, but it helps to have a nice decorative accent added onto one of these desks. Fortunately, you can get a fine cover placed around the body of your desk. This adds a special appearance that distinguishes your stand from others while keeping your desk from looking too ordinary.

How This Works

A circular desk cover works with a simple layout. This uses a large roll of fabric that you would apply around the stand. You would take a desk that is a few feet in height and then place it in the middle of your display area. After that, you would gather an appropriately measured cover and wrap it around the base of the desk. The cover must be measured based on how big or tall your desk is.

The desk cover can include Velcro fasteners or other ties to secure the cover in its place. This keeps it secure over your desk base without slipping off.

It can work well regardless of the desk you have. You can use this on either a desk with a solid base or one with a small pillar supporting a flat top. You would have to find something that anchors itself well to the floor for the latter option though.

What Is Printed On It?

The desk cover you could order for trade show exhibition stands can come with one of many fine printouts. You can get a layout that features the logo for your company organized in a repeating pattern.

You can also get a larger image of your logo printed on the front. This option makes trade show displays easier to distinguish, but you would have to position your desk cover accordingly so it displays the proper thing you wish to highlight.

Make sure you look at how well a circular desk cover can be used for your trade show display. Trade show exhibition stands look better when their desks are appropriately covered. Check with Swift Display Systems to see what you can use when getting one of these stands ready.

Teardrop Flags Fit In Perfectly For When You’re Promoting a New Store

Quality retail display flags are important to have when you are trying to promote a new store or if you have a special promotion going on there. Teardrop flags are among the best ones to find thanks to their intriguing designs.

A Unique Shape

While most flags that you might find around banner stands come with a basic block or angled look, a teardrop-shaped one is a little different. A tear-shaped model comes with a curved look. The design features a curve at the top part while the bottom areas have a series of straight lines. The lines move inward towards the base of the flag, thus creating a perfect tear shape.

This creates a more dynamic look for your flag. Quality teardrop flags add a dramatic flair that express a modern approach to anything.

What Will You Add?

You can add the main logo for your brand at the top part of the flag where the display is at its widest. You can also add a bit of text along the bottom part if desired. You have full control over what you wish to do with your flag. You will have to look carefully at the size though, which leads to the next point to see.

How Big Can It Be?

You can find these flags for banner stands in many sizes. You could use a small model that is about 1940mm in height for basic stands. You could also use a larger 3050mm model if you need to get some flags placed along the entrance to a new store. Either of these will be close to 1000mm in width, thus giving you enough room for adding a fine logo or text spot.

Teardrop flags are outstanding items for your promotional needs. Check with Swift Display Systems to see what types of flags can work for your new big event, especially if you are opening a new business location.


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Where to Place Your Flag Banners For Your Exhibition Stand

Quality exhibition stands can come with many appealing decorative features. One of the best options to have in any case is a flag-shaped banner. This adds a nice border to any stand you wish to plan out.

Flag banners come with great vertical rectangular designs. But they need to be placed in the right spots around an exhibition stand for them to really make a difference.

Placed Near the Sides

The best spots for flag banners to be added at are around the sides of a stand. Flags can be used around these sides to create an outstanding border surrounding a larger stand surface. The banners will work best if they are large enough and point in the direction of your stand.

Around Walkways

Sometimes exhibition stands have extended walkways where people can move from one spot to the next. Some banners may be placed around those walkways to guide a person’s path. Such banners would work even better if their bodies are printed with emblems or other features relating to a product or service that is on the other end of the path.

Around the Top Areas

You can always add some flags around the top parts of any walls or other surfaces you may have in your space. This is ideal if your stand is in an outdoor spot and you want people to see your brand from a distance. This also works best if you have large enough flags that can actually be seen from afar and if there are not many other things in an area that might keep something from being visible.

Flag banners are great to have for any display stand you have provided you know how to organize them correctly. Check with Swift Display Systems to see how an attractive flag banner can be placed anywhere in your trade show stand and how they can be customized or shaped to your liking.


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Should You Choose Offset or Digital Printing for Banner Stands and Other Display Materials?

Generally, there are two main methods employed by printers when it comes to printing banner stands and other display materials. Some shops offer offset printing while others offer digital printing. Many shops though are capable of offering both services. But which of these two printing methods should you opt for? To know the answer, it is best to take a close look at both types of printing methods.

The traditional offset printing method does have its advantages. For instance, it does a great job when it comes to colour matching with the addition of special inks. These results to precise colour matching for corporate logos that require dramatic effects (like metallic hues for instance). This is one reason why many businesses choose offset printing for their banner and pull up stands.

However, it should be noted that this can be quite expensive as well. This is because offset printing is labour-intensive. There are plates to be prepared, the application of the finish, and the drying time. It also takes longer to complete given all the processes involved. It typically takes about two weeks or more to print banner stands and other display materials.

On the other hand, digital printing takes a shorter time to complete and is a more affordable option. Once the design is checked for quality and is ready, it is sent to the printer for printing. Usually, it takes about two to three days to complete a whole project or printouts. Thus, if you are in a rush and need your pull up stands right away, digital printing is worth considering. Because of this rather straight-forward process, digital printing doesn’t cost as much as offset printing does.

So between offset printing and digital printing, which is the better option? The answer would actually depend largely on your own personal or business requirements.

For instance, if you’re banner stands require the use of special inks, substrates and finishes, then choose offset printing. It gives you great colours and finish and has this high quality and luxurious look. Digital printing can produce great looking printouts as well for banner and pull up stands. However, they won’t stand out against those printed with offset printing. If you are short on budget and time, digital printing is the best option to go for. For the price, the quality of the printout is still worth it.

Whatever you choose, you need to make sure that you hire only reputable printers for the job. This will ensure that no matter what printing method is used, you’ll still get great–looking and wonderfully crafted banner stands, pull up stands or other display materials.


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