Nail All Your Car Troubles by Consulting the Best Alfa Mechanics

Renowned Italian car maker Alfa Romeo made a grand entry into the US market a few years ago. This might have prompted some people to consider the car manufacturing company as a new vehicle-producing entity. But, this remains a misconception. Alfa Romeos have been around since 1920. In fact, the first ALFA vehicle (i.e. the 24 HP) rolled out in 1910. Thus, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that Alfa Romeo will probably be the among the oldest car makers in the world. These beautiful and classic cars can be a dream to drive. For this reason, several Australians don’t think twice about investing their money in these vehicles. However, these vehicles will require regular and proper care and maintenance. In such situations, always entrust your car to a reputed and trained Alfa mechanic.

Get an Experienced Alfa Mechanic to Service Your Vehicle

With the passage of time, any vehicle can develop various problems. Wear and tear issues will inevitably arise. Some of these could necessitate repairs. Others could leave you looking for premium suppliers of Alfa Romeo parts to obtain the necessary replacements. Malfunctioning cars could leave you stranded when you least expect it. Thus, eliminate such occurrences by servicing your car regularly. Experienced mechanics at authorised service centres can inspect your car minutely. As such, they will be able to identify existing as well as potential problem areas that need resolution.

Does Your Alfa Romeo Overheat Regularly?

Experts believe that many cars overheat – especially in summers. But, hot weather alone does not make your Alfa Romeo’s engine overheat. In many cases, faulty cooling systems can make the engine overheat. Alfa mechanics opine that insufficient or dirty coolants can make engines overheat. To avoid this, flush the cooling system regularly. Replace cracked or old radiator hoses to avoid leaks. Similarly, consider replacing malfunctioning or leaking water pumps too. You might want to purchase a new thermostat from a leading supplier of Alfa parts too. This can be important because malfunctioning thermostats can affect your car’s cooling system considerably.

Have You Replaced Your Windshield Wiper Blades Recently?

Some car owners will fuss over their vehicles excessively. They will take great pains to ensure that their car’s engine remains in prime condition. Similarly, they will take good care of other important parts and components. But, they will overlook smaller but essential components such as the windshield wiper blades. It can be worth mentioning that purchasing and installing these blades can be very easy. Thus, you will not need an Alfa Romeo mechanic to replace them. However, overlooking the importance of these components could be costly. So, if you find streaks or blurry spots left behind when you turn on the blades, consider replacing them.

Alfa Romeos with Clean Exteriors Can Last You for Longer

Among other things, experienced Alfa mechanics will clean the exterior of your car thoroughly when you deposit the vehicle for servicing. A car with a clean exterior will not only look good. It will last you for longer too. Cleaning your car’s exterior regularly enables you to protect it from rust and scratches. It will also help you to remove the accumulation of dirt on many components of the car. Not surprisingly, many auto experts urge car owners to clean their cars at least once each week.

For the best European car services, rely only on SWEA. Our Alfa mechanics possess in-depth knowledge of your car. Hence, they can offer you all the services you need at cost-effective prices. For more information, visit SWEA Today !

Some Situations that Necessitate Quality Audi Repair Services

Keen lovers of automobiles will value cars from the Audi brand. This brand remains synonymous with quality cars and superior levels of manufacturing. As a brand, Audi traces its origin back to 1909. The first Audi car, a four-cylinder model, earned great acclaim in sporting events. Australians value their Audis and know that these vehicles offer high performance levels. This often necessitates taking proper care of the vehicle too. Unless you maintain your Audi well, you can hardly expect it to provide optimal levels of performance. Regular servicing can keep your Audi functioning smoothly. However, over time, some parts and components could sustain damage and malfunction. In such situations, opt for quality Audi repair services typically provided by Audi dealerships. The experienced and qualified mechanics at these facilities will resolve all issues with minimal fuss.

Ignition Coil or Spark Plug Failure Can Necessitate Obtaining Worthwhile Replacements

Audi mechanics know the problems that ignition coil or spark plug failures can cause. These failures will probably be among the most common mechanical problems to afflict Audis. This issue will often make the Audi’s engine misfire. The remedy almost always lies in installing quality OES spark plugs. In addition, professional Audi repair specialists will need to tune the engine to the factory specifications as well. Thankfully, replacing these components will not cost you a lot of money.

Electrical Component Failures Can Leave You Looking for Quality Audi Repair Services

Oftentimes, the electrical components in your Audi can fail. These issues will often cause the digital dashboard display or console to fail. Alternatively, they could result in failed taillights or in the erratic behaviour of your car’s lights. The only solution lies in relacing the components with OES or OEM Audi parts. Ideally, you should source these parts from authorised retailers. The parts these suppliers sell will have warranty cover. Thus, you will not need to pay a lot of money towards replacement and repairs.

Catalytic Converter Replacement – One of the Most Common Issues to Afflict Audis

When a specific component or part breaks down, you will invariably look for quality replacements. So, when your Audi’s catalytic converter fails, you will head to the nearest Audi repair centre for a viable replacement. Catalytic converters usually fail because of an accumulation or build-up of carbon in the exhaust flow. Once the carbon solidifies, it clogs or jams the exhaust flow. However, it can be worth mentioning that merely replacing the converter will not resolve the concern. The mechanic will need to identify the real cause behind the build-up of carbon deposits. To avoid such issues, ensure that you keep the engine fine-tuned. Regular maintenance could also help you avoid such issues.

At SWEA, we have a reputation for being one of the top Audi wreckers in Australia. However, we also specialise in offering top-of-the-line and full-scale European vehicle solutions. We cater to the general public as well as the vehicle repair and service industry. From repairing your Audi to providing OEM/OES parts, we do it all. Visit SWEA for more information.

How Professional Audi Mechanics Deal with Some Power Steering Problems

Vehicles can be one of the most prized possessions of many Australians. They make it easier to perform or complete a myriad of tasks and errands in minimal timeframes. They reduce your dependency on public transport and the time wasted on waiting for these modes of transport. As such, you can simply step inside your vehicle each time you want to use it. Owning a car can be a convenience. But, to derive optimal value from it, you will need to take proper care of it too. Many Australians relish using their European car models on Australian roads.

These cars typically feature high-rating tyres, the latest engine upgrades, high-performance auto accessories etc. With the passage of time, wear and tear might affect various parts and components of your Audi, BMW or Mercedes. In this scenario, depositing your Euro car model at the first repair centre you happen to pass by could be counterproductive. Instead, you should only entrust your prized vehicle to certified BMW or Audi mechanics.


Serious Power Steering Failures Could Necessitate Audi Repairs


The power steering sub-system of your Audi can be quite important. It remains the only component that you maintain direct contact with when you drive your vehicle. Even the Audi’s engine does not require your direct control as frequently. In contrast, you will have hands-on control of the steering wheel whenever you drive the car. Occasionally, you might experience a power steering failure. Such an incident might not result in an accident. But, it might increase the severity of various hazards. In many cases, Audi mechanics have found that power steering problems typically result in unresponsive electric steering.

When this non-hydraulic failure occurs, the steering will feel incredibly stiff. And, the electric assist mechanism will not respond either. To remedy this, examine the fuse box. Wiring and connection faults might have caused the issue. Similarly, check the voltage in the battery. In some cases, shutting the car off completely and then re-starting it might help in resetting the electrical components.

How to Handle the Loss of Hydraulic Power in Your Power Steering


On occasions, you might find that your steering wheel has become stuck. It might require you to expend a significant amount of energy to make a simple turn. This issue will usually take place when the power steering hydraulic assist starts losing power. Any professional mechanic at a reputed establishment offering quality Audi parts will be able to remedy the problem. For this, they will run the Audi for a few minutes before checking the fluid level. Doing so will provide the most accurate reading of the actual amount of fluid in the Audi’s power steering system. In case the fluid level has become low, the mechanic will need to ascertain the causes behind this. Cracks in the hydraulic lines or defective components could make the fluid level low. In some instances, recent accidents or collisions could cause this issue to emerge too.


Audi Mechanics Can Resolve Power Steering Issues Involving Power Steering Fluid Leaks


Sometimes, you might notice a slick, red fluid beneath your Audi. While it might smell like burning oil, you will need to remember that this might not be oil at all. Power steering fluids have distinctive odours that could smell like fresh or singed oil. Power steering fluid leaks will occur because of cracks in the hose that feeds the power steering pump. A worn-out hose might result in this problem too. Suppliers of Audi parts will be able to provide quality replacement hoses. You might also want to inspect the hose clamps and other connections. If these appear to be fine, then check the power steering pump. In some cases, the entire power steering rack might be the source of the problem.


For the best Audi repair and European car services, don’t look beyond SWEA. Our experts possess comprehensive levels of information about each part of your Euro car brand. Hence, they can offer you a wide selection of services that suit your situation perfectly. Learn more about our vehicle services.



Buying Counterfeit Alfa Parts Could Damage Your Vehicle in the Long Run

X-factors often exert a significant amount of influence when people purchase new vehicles. These factors might be hard to define precisely. But, they will undoubtedly add up when an individual decides to purchase a car of a particular brand over another popular brand. Founded in 1906 in Milan, Italy, Alfa Romeo ranks among the top Italian car brands. Part of the Fiat Group today, this brand of cars stands out from others by virtue of its distinctive car design.

Alfa Romeo vehicles remain quite popular in Europe. But, several Australians own Alfa Romeos as well. Driving a European car on Australian roads can elicit envious glances from passers-by. But, owners of Alfa Romeos know the importance of maintaining their vehicles well. When wear and tear issues arise, they will necessitate obtaining quality Alfa parts.


Shop for Automotive Spare Parts for Your Alfa Romeos Prudently


Some Australians purchase their spare parts from specialised workshops. However, on occasions, this can be expensive. Unfortunately, some unwise car owners make the mistake of purchasing cheap spare parts for their Alfa Romeos. In some cases, the lower cost of these Alfa Romeo parts could well stem from the fact that these parts will be defective or counterfeit. More and more Australians shop for spare parts and servicing online nowadays.

The internet abounds with various attractive offers for these services. But, not all suppliers of automotive spare parts offer quality products and services. In addition, distinguishing between genuine and counterfeit spare parts can be tough. Even certified Alfa Romeo mechanics can find this challenging. As a result, when car owners purchase spare parts online, they will not always consider the quality and safety of the spare parts they purchase.


What Types of Counterfeit Spare Parts Can Online Buyers Typically Come Across?


As mentioned earlier, distinguishing genuine Alfa parts from counterfeit ones can be difficult. Even to the trained eye, some counterfeit parts might look identical to authentic ones. However, the counterfeiting of automotive spare parts can take place in different ways. Totally counterfeit spare parts will appear very similar to the genuine ones. In addition, they will typically bear the same brand name. Spare parts with quality counterfeiting will come with false quality declarations. They might even state untruthful descriptions of features. Counterfeit Alfa Romeo parts with certification counterfeiting will indicate the quality certifications or type approvals the parts have. However, in most cases, such parts will never have obtained the certifications or approvals listed.


How Spurious or Counterfeit Alfa Parts Can Damage Your Prized Vehicle


Finding quality automotive spare parts for European brands of cars in Australia could be difficult. Even if you manage to locate established suppliers of automotive spare parts for Alfa Romeos, you might find that these parts have higher prices. In this scenario, quite a few people will opt for cheaper spare parts, which might not be genuine. The use of these parts could imperil the health and safety of the occupants of the vehicle as well as others travelling on the roads. Most counterfeit parts comprise inferior materials. Hence, they will not be safe for use and could cause accidents. In addition, poor-quality spare parts could even damage other components of your Alfa Romeo. For instance, vehicles fitted with counterfeit oil filters will compromise the functioning of the engine lubrication system. Occasionally, this could even result in engine failure.


To derive optimal value from your vehicle, always purchase quality spare parts. Alfa mechanics believe that while these parts might be relatively pricier, they will always offer good value for your money. At SWEA, we specialise in providing OEM and OES spare car parts. Our facilities in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne offer new and used Euro car parts at competitive prices. For more details, click here.


Alfa Romeo Mechanic: 5 Common Car Repair Mistakes

Owning a great European car is an awesome feeling. However, you also need to shell out a decent amount of money in order to keep that baby running smooth. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who look for a cheap Alfa Romeo mechanic or Fiat car parts.

You can go on eBay and find more scams to swindle these people than you would care to count. This is not the only mistake European car owners make.

Here are 5 of the most common ones they do to destroy their precious vehicles.


5 Audi Repair and BMW Repair Blunders That Spell Disaster


Cheap Mechanics

Getting a cheap Audi or Alfa Romeo mechanic is easily the worst thing you can do when looking for Audi parts or Alfa parts. These mechanics will ruin your vehicle by using used oil and substandard tune up techniques. Stick with trusted mechanics from SWEA who can give you a standardized service at a fair price.


Using the Wrong Oil Type

Nothing destroys an engine quicker than using the wrong kind of oil in it. If you ever try getting your BMW repair done at home, make sure you know what kind of oil is needed. This is a common mistake and it costs European car owners very dearly.


Completely Forgetting the Oil Change

If the previous point we made didn’t seem like a recipe for disaster to you, then this one surely will. If you forget your oil change, then you are basically rubbing sandpaper on your car’s arteries. Needless to say you will need some heavy duty Audi repair and parts replacements pretty soon.


Neglecting Brake Pads

Your brake pads are among the most ignored BMW parts and this is a sure way to end up in a traffic collision. You need to devote enough money on these to ensure that does not happen. A trusty mechanic will keep you apprised on the condition of your brake pads through successive servicing.


Forgetting About the Other Servicing Essentials

Aside from the engine oil change, you also need to get other general maintenance work done. This is important to ensure you get the best value from your vehicle.


Where Can You Get the Best Audi and Alfa Mechanic in Australia?

Looking for professional BMW, Audi or Alfa Romeo mechanics? Let SWEA help you get the best car maintenance and repair services your money can buy in Australia. Trust SWEA for a comprehensive servicing, repairing and parts replacement service for fair price every time. Contact us now!


5 Common BMW Repair and Other Car Myths Busted

Getting your high-end European car serviced can be a real hassle if you don’t know the lay of the land.  There are several very common myths surrounding BMW repair or Audi repairs that are surprisingly frequently believed in. If you want to get a fair deal on your car servicing you must know what these myths are. Let’s have look at the most common ones.


Common Myths Any Authentic BMW Mechanic Can Resolve

Myth#1: Independent Mechanics Are Always Cheaper

There is some degree of truth to this statement. Independent mechanics can offer you lower rates on standard services like BMW repair or getting Mercedes Benz parts. However, that is not always the case. In fact, in many cases, the costs add up to make roughly the same price as in trusted car workshop.


Myth#2: Mechanics Try to Oversell Their Services

Again, this statement is half-true because some Alfa Romeo mechanic or BMW mechanics can possibly tell you more things are wrong with your car than they actually are. To avoid this, you simply need to find a mechanic whom you can rely on.


Myth#3: Oil Changes are only necessary At a Certain kilometres

Oil changes differ from model to model and car company to company. For example, BMW mechanics will tell you that you should get oil change and general maintenance services after every 15000 kilometres. Most other European cars have similar servicing requirements as well. A good mechanic will tell you exactly when you should get your car serviced.


Myth#4: You Should Only Trust the Main Mechanics

Whether you want BMW repair or parts, you will probably think that the chief mechanic at your chosen workshop is the best guy. However, that is not necessarily true. Their apprentices and associates can do just as well. It is a matter of the work protocol that they follow.


Myth#5: Contemporary Vehicles Require Virtually No Maintenance

This myth is probably the most outlandish on our list. Yes, modern vehicular technology has made car maintenance a few steps easier in some ways, but cars still need maintenance. You need to get the right Audi and BMW repair services to get the best performance out of your vehicles.


Where Can You Get the Best Audi or BMW Parts and Maintenance Services?

SWEA provides the most advanced European car repair services to clients in Australia. We can ensure your car runs as smoothly as you can dream when you choose SWEA. Contact us now!




5 Things about IVECO Wreckers You Should Know

IVECO wreckers are a great place for you to get a good price on your barely used vehicle. The old school IVECO trucks and other vehicles had a solid metal construction. That is why they can often fetch a great price for scrap metal even if their parts are not good for commercial sale.

With that said, there are plenty of scammers out there in the IVECO wreckers industry as well. You need to know whom to deal with unless you want to get conned. Here are a few things to remember when you are choosing Euro wreckers in Australia.


How to Ensure Your IVECO Wreckers Are Legit?



IVECO wrecking has a good history in Australia. Trusted companies like SWEA have a vast experience behind them. This ensures people like you that they are a legit company that will give you the right price for your vehicle.


Ask About Other Vehicles

Any IVECO wreckers will also deal in other kinds of vehicles and handle things like BMW parts. They will also have tie-ups with automobile experts like Alfa Romeo mechanics. This grants them further legitimacy and makes them worth trusting with your car.


Consider the Contract Details

When you hand over your car, you need to have a legal contract regarding the transfer. This contract should cover all relevant liabilities and also mention the details of the compensation you get. Trust no IVECO wreckers who operate without any documents even if they offer a good price.


Talk About Individual Parts

When you are going to give your IVECO to the wreckers, you might want to talk about individual parts you might have installed. You need to handle this before the contract is officially entered.


The Price Factor

Unless you live somewhere really remote, you might have a few IVECO wreckers near you. Get a quote from each one to find out where the ideal selling point lies considering all the above factors. This should ensure you a fair compensation for your vehicle.


Where Can You Find the Best IVECO Wreckers in Australia?

SWEA is a well-known Euro wrecker with several years of industry presence. If you want to get the best price from IVECO Wreckers in Australia, get in touch with the experts at SWEA today!


3 Audi Parts Which You Should Never Buy Online

Owning a brand new or even second-hand Audi is a great feeling. As a proud owner of a classy European car, you want to give your vehicle the best treatment. So, when you go about buying replacement Audi parts from shady people on eBay that really goes against the idea of maintaining your car in the long run.

There are some Audi parts that you might be able to source easily. But there are others which may simply ruin your car. So, here are some key Audi parts which should never be purchased online.


3 Audi Parts You Should Only Get from a Trusted Audi Mechanic



Turbochargers are a very popular addition you can make to a number of mid to high tier vehicles. This makes their price go pretty high every time a new model is released or some other event happens.

Buying turbochargers is a bad idea simply because you need to know the right configuration to really make use of them. Further, these are not factory parts but additions in essence, so tweaking the vehicle to get the right output from a supplementary turbocharger is a good idea.



As any legit and reliable Audi mechanic will tell you, getting a camshaft off eBay is equal to throwing your money away. You need to understand that without the right engine configuration any camshaft is not going to fit in.

Even if you match it down to the exact model you have, there is always a risk of getting something wrong during installation. For internal combustion engines, camshafts are a key part and so, it is best not to mess with your engine unless you have a thorough understanding of what to look for.


Direct Ignition Coils

Direct ignition coils are a great way to get better response from your vehicle. But you need to know which kind can be used in your Audi. Buying these online is very risky because you can easily be sold burnt out coils and then have to spend weeks looking for a replacement or refund. Let your Audi mechanic handle such Audi parts purchase instead of wasting your time and money.


Where Can You Find the Best Audi Mechanics in Australia?

Looking for top Audi mechanics in Australia? SWEA offers the most experienced and skilled professionals for European cars in the country. Contact us now to get the best Audi parts and servicing deals near you!

5 Reasons to Go for Authentic Audi and Alfa Romeo Mechanics

Having an Audi or Alfa Romeo in our garage is a dream many people share. But buying a sweet ride is one thing and maintaining it properly is another. You need to have the right skills and access to experienced Alfa Romeo mechanic or Audi mechanic to really do justice to these beauties. Naturally, you need to get to a professional European mechanic if you want to get the best for your prized car.

Here are 5 steps for choosing an authentic Euro mechanic.

How to Choose the Right Alfa Romeo Mechanic

Find Them Online

Any Alfa Romeo or Audi mechanic in today’s time will have a decent online presence. The fact that they spend money on online promotion means they are legit. That is not the only indicator but it is a strong one. So, go online and do a quick search.


Check Their Service Charges

If you find an Alfa Romeo mechanic who offers really cheap services, chances are that they are scammers. These cars demand a fair bit of skill and no authentic Alfa Romeo or Audi mechanic will sell themselves cheap. Watch out for that.


Check Their Service Types

In many cases, you are going to need Audi parts to be installed in your vehicle. This is different from a regular tune up. So, you need to find someone who knows how to source legit Audi parts and install them as well. The website should tell you that.


Check the Location

Any good Alfa Romeo mechanic will be located in a convenient to reach location near you. Check the location to find out where they are established. Avoid sketchy neighbourhoods for obvious reasons.


Check their Mechanics

The best auto repair shops for European vehicles have master mechanics and apprentices. You need to find a professional Euro repair garage where the master mechanic has a solid work profile. This profile may or may not be available online. If it isn’t and you feel good about the garage, you can always give them a call to confirm.


Where Can You Find the Trusted Audi Mechanics and Quality Audi Parts?

SWEA is one of the most well-known European experts of authentic Audi and Alfa Romeo mechanics in the area. Whether you want regular tune ups or specialized Audi parts for your precious vehicle, SWEA can give you the right solution. Contact us now!


The 5 Most Important Factors for Selecting Reliable Fleet Servicing and Euro Wreckers

Commercial vehicles are just like any other. They require regular maintenance and upkeep. For instance high quality IVECO parts ensure that your vehicle does not have an unfortunate breakdown or even end up in a collision. However, getting European cars individually serviced is rather expensive.

So, for the sake of economy, it is better to simply get fleet servicing contracts from reliable Euro car specialists like SWEA. But this does not mean that you should compromise on quality of service. This should always be your first consideration. Here are some other things you should consider when going for fleet servicing.

What Makes for Quality Fleet Servicing Contracts

 A Detailing of the List of Services

Your car fleet might have the same vehicle models or different ones from different companies. You need to make sure that they are serviced as per their individual requirements. This requires that a full mention of the service type and process is mentioned as optimally as possible in the contract.

 Adequate Mention of Variable Factors

Fleet servicing is predicated on many factors. If you need IVECO parts, for example, then their immediate market price will matter most. But it is also important to only use quality parts for longevity. You can choose trusted Euro wreckers if you want to save money without compromising on the quality. These factors and the cost variables should be mentioned in the service contract.

 Wreckage Salvage

The workshop you hire to get your fleet servicing must be equipped to deal with wreckage salvage. They can either hire specialist Euro wreckers or do it themselves but the details must be mentioned in the service contract. This will ensure that the parts which can be salvaged are handled appropriately.

 Emergency Services

As a car fleet operator, you might need emergency services for your vehicles at any time. This should be included in the contract and should come at a cost no higher than the regular service charge. Of course, if there is a major replacement required, then the cost should be altered accordingly.

 Vehicle Upgrade

Commercial technology in transportation is evolving rapidly. Your chosen fleet servicing company should be able to make suggestions to improve performance as well as install and maintain the technology. This should be part of the contract or can be an undocumented agreement.

 Where Can You Find Quality Fleet Servicing Options in Australia?

SWEA provides the best quality fleet servicing facilities for commercial vehicles in the area. We can help you maintain your European cars in proper working order and get the most business possible. Visit SWEA or contact our experts at 1300 240 440 now!