3 Tips on looking after laminate flooring

Tip #1: Make sure you’re using the correct cleaning products

This tip sounds obvious, but not everyone is aware of its effects. Cleaning products for laminate flooring Engadine should be read for their suitability. Due to the chemicals found in some floor cleaners, laminate flooring Engadine can be damaged after one use or may damage over a period of time. While the damages can be minor such as the minimal look changing, other damages, however, may have a bigger effect on its layers.


Tip #2: Vacuuming the flooring

Vacuuming laminate flooring Engadine can be harmful if it isn’t been done correctly. Vacuuming often benefits the flooring as dust and rubbish are picked up and have not left to be built upon the surface. However, using the wrong brush on laminate flooring may cause scratches and damage the laminate flooring Engadine. To avoid this, test a surface by using a soft brush or broom on a smaller area, and then using it throughout.


Tip #3: Clean up spills instantly!

Spills can often happen by anyone whether it is guests, children or adults. A large number of spills leave a stain on the flooring when they’re left without being cleaned up. To prevent this from happening, ensure you wipe away any spills straight away before they badly damage the laminate flooring Engadine. If you also have any houseplants that you often water, make sure you water the plants without causing a mess. If you do spill any water while watering the plants, make sure you clean it up with a cloth as quickly as you can.


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Installing Different Types of Flooring

Selecting a brand new flooring material is a big process, with many options to consider. Just as important is installation, whether you DIY or leave it to the professionals, which is recommended for flooring in Sutherland Shire. The type of flooring will have a big influence on the methods used to install it. Some flooring types can be easy to install and are doable as DIY projects but for the best result, professional installers from your local floor store are needed.

Let’s take a brief look at how some of the most popular types of flooring in Sutherland Shire are installed:

  • Timber – this type of flooring can be installed in many ways depending on the room. The most common of these is simply hammering nails to secure the floorboards to the surface underneath. Other options include using timber grade staples and gluing to existing flooring (this only works if the old flooring is in good condition). Many of these supplies will be available in a floor store. One more method called ‘floating’ involves laying engineered timber floorboards on the surface where they snap together to hold in place.
  • Laminate – this is one of the easier flooring options to install. First, the underlying surface must be smoothed and thoroughly cleaned. Then attach an under layer or vapor barrier to protect the flooring from moisture and act as a thermal barrier. The planks are then laid row by row, locking into the grooves of the previous to secure it. The final row may need to be cut to fit.
  • Carpet – carpet installation is a careful process best done by a floor store or other trained professional, first, the carpet must be measured and accurately cut to size. After this, adhesive strips are arranged on the floor. Usually, an underlay must be placed then the carpet secured over the top. This will improve the feel and longevity of the new flooring in Sutherland Shire.

A specialist floor store such as Engadine Floor Store will be able to measure and install all types of flooring. For timber, carpet, laminate, and various other types of flooring in Sutherland Shire contact Engadine Floor Store.

Why Choose Carpet Tiles for Your Carpet Flooring?

Carpet flooring is one of the most common flooring types used around Australia such as in commercial flooring Engadine, with its unique appearance and wide variations of styles on offer. Carpets have some distinct advantages to other flooring options; they are great insulators creating a feeling of warmth to save on electricity usage. They also have good acoustic absorption to assist soundproofing and can provide some safety from falls by cushioning impact.

Despite all its positive attributes, traditional carpet flooring has some flaws. Once damaged, which can be common in commercial flooring Engadine, carpets usually need to be fully replaced. Carpet flooring also has a shorter lifespan than many other options, requiring replacement once sections begin to age. They must also be cleaned regularly and gently with a vacuum cleaner and deep cleaned occasionally.

Carpet tiles are one way to mitigate the downsides of carpet flooring, while still retaining the pleasing look and comfort they provide. Carpet tiles are small modular squares of carpet which are much easier to install, even as a low-cost DIY project. As they are individual tiles, damaged sections can be replaced individually instead of the whole room, which is very useful for office spaces where sections may be spilled or torn easily. Another benefit as commercial flooring Engadine is carpet tiles can be cleaned with harsher cleaners, making routine maintenance easier and more effective.

Engadine Floor Store stocks a wide range of carpet tile styles for your new carpet flooring purchase. Contact us today for a quote!