Cable Management Options Available at DPG Formfittings

Offices are notorious for being a mess of wires and cables, twisting around desks to reach every corner of the room. Poor cable management is not just unsightly, but it also greatly impedes maintenance tasks such as cleaning and equipment upgrades, making them a nightmare for all involved. It also poses a worker health and safety risks being a tripping hazard which could cause very expensive injuries. Statistics in the US have shown cable management to be the second most common workplace source of injury. DPG Formfittings’ catalog of cable management supplies such as grommets and umbilical cables make keeping your office space neat and clean easy, here are a few of our options:

  • Desk Grommets – these can be placed into any desk by drilling an 80mm hole to insert into. They allow cables to be routed up through a desk and held together to create a tidy bundle.
  • Trunking – these hold and hide cables in a neat and discrete channel, they have three sections to separate power, phone and data connections, making maintenance easier. They can be used to route cables around the office and are much easier to avoid tripping on.
  • Umbilical cables – these hold cables in a flexible tube to allow transport from floor to ceiling, they are wide enough to hold many individual cables and some have partitions for data and power cables.
  • Floor boxes – these are laid into the floor to run and access cables across rooms. They usually sit flush with the floor so they do not pose a tripping risk.

DPG Formfittings supply a wide range of cable management solutions for businesses. Their umbilical cables and other cable routing mechanisms will make your office neat and safe. Contact dpg formfitting today for more!

Sit Stand Workstation: Diseases Caused by Excessive Sitting

A growing number of people are spending too much of their time seated at behind a desk. This is true whether they’re working at home or at the office. It may seem normal and not such a big deal, but there are plenty of reasons why you’ll want to avoid sitting for long hours, one of which is to prevent certain diseases from hurting our bodies.

Cardiovascular Diseases

One organ that is most affected by excessive sitting is the heart. When you sit for too long, your blood flow slows down and your muscles burn less fat. This in turn makes it easier for fatty acids to clog your arteries and put you at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.


Your body’s ability to produce certain kinds of hormones can also be affected by long hours of sitting. This sedentary lifestyle can cause the pancreas to create high amounts of insulin which in turn can lead to diabetes. In fact, research has shown that people who sat for long hours are twice at risk of developing type 2 diabetes than people who spend less time doing so.

Poor Digestion

Although it is not recommended to take on strenuous physical activities after downing a large meal, it is also not recommended to simply sit around for a long period. This is because when you do, it causes your abdomen to compress which in turn slows down digestion. This can eventually lead to cramping, bloating, heartburn, constipation and other digestion-related problems.

Increased Cancer Risk

Excessive sitting has also been found to increase a person’s risk of developing some form of cancer. Some of these include colon, breast, lung cancer and even cancer of the uterus. The exact reasons have yet to be discovered, but the link between being excessively sedentary is greatly considered. For instance, moving about boosts antioxidants in the body which in turn helps to eliminate free radicals in the body.

Another reason being considered is related to weight gain, which can be aggravated by excessive sitting. Weight gain can lead to biochemical changes in the body like hormone alteration, metabolic dysfunction, and inflammation. Needless to say, all of these generally lead to cancer.

That said, it is important to stay physically active even if you have a sedentary job. Get up every now and then and do some stretching exercises or take a walk around the office. Using ergonomic office furniture like sit stand workstations can also help by allowing you to work while standing up. Doing so will not in itself make the problem go away, but it can help keep you from being too sedentary.

For more information, contact us at DPG Formfittings today.


Use a Monitor Arm to Improve Your Workspace

Most of today’s modern workspaces involve the use of computers. After all, they make certain tasks much easier, and there are jobs which simply cannot be completed without the use of one. Despite being necessary for many of today’s business, computer usage also comes with certain drawbacks. Some of these include eye problems, headaches, and even posture problems. As surprising as it may sound, a monitor arm can help to alleviate these health issues and several other problems.

One of the most obvious features of a monitor arm is that it is adjustable. That means that you can adjust the height, angle and depth of your computer monitor to settings which are perfect for your own personal use. This way, you can position it in such a way that is most comfortable and ergonomically healthy for you. In fact, this is the main reason why most people use (or advised to use) monitor arms.

See, in a normal setting your computer monitor would just be sitting squarely on your desk, and in this position it can be difficult to maintain a healthy posture (or the body’s natural posture) while working in front of the screen. Maybe you could do so in the first few minutes or even hours of working. However, the more time you spend working on the computer screen, you tend to hunch towards it.

This then moves your spine out of its normal alignment. Obviously, this comes with a lot of negative repercussions. Not only will it lead to long-term damage to your spine, but it can also lead to back pains (especially in your lower back) and neck pains.

With monitor arms, you need not worry about such issues. Simply adjust your monitor arm accordingly and you can start working without having to endure and worry about these pains.

State of the Art Monitor Arms from DPG Form-fittings

Here at DPG Form-fittings, we have a range of monitor arms available for you to choose from. Our range of monitor arms includes flat screen arm, spring assisted arm, and laptop support and power column and others. Our monitor arms are simple to use, exceptionally versatile and extremely durable, thus eliminating any worries about usage and safety. If you need help with finding the perfect monitor arm for your workstations, or are in need of busbar or cable management services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call up at 02 9669 3449 or you can leave a message in our contact page.



What Makes Proper Cable Management So Important?

Proper cable is important to any office and establishment for a myriad of reasons. From safety to efficiency and others, proper cable management can do wonders to any business. Below are some of the top reasons why cable management shouldn’t be ignored.

Improved Efficiency

Proper cable management allows you to have easy access not only to the cables but to the devices connected to them as well. Many employees (and employers) can attest to the fact that making sense of unmarked and tangled cables can be time-consuming. And more often than not, this makes a certain task longer to complete than they really should. This then leads to inefficiency among workers as the time they wasted on such activities could’ve been used more productively. This makes tagging, organizing and color-coding cables (and arranging them accordingly) a must for any workplace with significantly numerous cables.

Workplace and Fire Safety

Cables which are not properly organized poses several risk hazards for any business and its people. Tripping is one of the first issues to come to mind as people walk or work near a bundle of cables, which can result to injuries like sprained ankles, broken hips or even head trauma. In addition, when someone trips over a cable he or she might yank it out of the power outlet.

Another issue with improperly organized cables is fire hazard. When cables are not properly managed, they can lead to sparks and eventually start a fire. Lucky for you (or maybe not) if the fire was concentrated on a single area and was only able to damage a certain piece of equipment before it was contained. However, when left unchecked the fire can damage the entire business, equipment and establishment and everything else in between.

Easier Repair and Maintenance

One of the first steps to repairing and maintaining electronic equipment is to check the cables and connections. When the cables are entangled and in disarray, they can make repairs and maintenance more challenging. For one, it can lead to confusion, which then results to costly mistakes. Second, it takes a significant amount of time to sort through the mess, resulting in lost productivity.

All in all, proper cable management is crucial for any business for efficiency, safety, and an organized workplace. However, there are many other benefits of proper cable management and maintenance aside from those mentioned above. If you need help with your cable management or office fit out, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Essential Accessories You Need for Proper Cable Management

Wired Cable Basket


Handling your soft wiring including wiring accessories, whether at home or in the office, can be a difficult task if you have not started in a systematic way. As with any other kind of cable management products things can get messy quickly. That is why it is important to keep a few important cable management tools at hand. Below we are going to talk about a few very important accessories that you can use to enhance the efficiency of your cable management processes.

 Tools to Get Table Management Right

1.    Cable Basket

If you haven’t purchased a cable basket already, it is wise that you do. In fact, have at least a few cable baskets of different sizes is a wise choice. The reason why such wiring accessories are important is simple. They allow technicians to work efficiently and avoid getting the wires into a jumble. They can also store different kinds of wiring in different baskets for easier access.
A small cable basket will also prevent any passerby from tripping over. This accidental benefit may indeed save your business a hefty medical treatment and some layover time along with. The number of cable baskets you should buy and the right size depend on the regularity with which you need cable management tasks done.

2.  Busbar

A busbar is one of those wiring accessories that only professionals are aware of. This is basically a strip of metal which is used to conduct electricity in any kind of power relay board. So, the local power panel in your floor or your residential unit will probably have a busbar. This depends entirely on the volume of voltage the power supply is designed to conduct.

Usually, a busbar is installed to conduct electricity where consumption is high. Installing this wiring accessory as well as keeping a few to spare is useful since replacing can take some time. This will lead to losses in the workflow which can be easily remedied by simply having a busbar ready for any emergencies.

Where Can You Get the Best Quality Wiring Accessories?

Meeting your cable management needs has never been easier than with dpg-formfittings. We provide top quality cable baskets, busbars and other key wiring accessories in the market. Contact us now and get quotes on the tools you want or simply browse through our online catalogue to find what you need!


Things To Know Before Installing Cable Management Systems In Your Office

Getting the wiring right in any office is a complicated task best left to professionals. But just because you have experts working for you does not mean you should not know about some essential things.

After all, you will be working in this office five days a week for the foreseeable future. So, it makes sense to understand how things like floor boxes and monitor arms can make your office cable management activities a breeze.

So, here are some essential office cabling solutions that you need to know about to make sure you office fit out is handled proficiently.

Top Tools Every Office Fit Out Cabling Process Needs to Have

  1. Monitor Arms

There are no offices in the world today without computers. And computers work with monitors. Now, if you have workstations in your office, installing monitor arms is a must. They will allow your employees to adjust the position of the monitor more easily and thus, result in a better workflow.

Along with getting these monitor arms; you will also need to thread them with the appropriate cables to make the screen work properly. Getting this done is a smart way to make your workplace more productive and you should get the right professional to make the installation properly.

  1. Floor Boxes

Unlike monitor arms, which are optional at best, floor boxes are a mandatory installation at any office. Whether you own the entire building you work in or just one, you need to have floor boxes to contain all the circuitry relays in one place. Naturally, this makes managing the entire wiring of your office much easier.

Having floor boxes is important for another important reason. They make for much better and efficient cable management by way of segregation. A short circuit in one floor box need not affect the entire building. Also, if there is a problem with any of the office fit out, the floor boxes relay can be checked and the problem handled as soon as possible.

Where Can You Get the Best Office Fit Out Cabling Equipment?

Getting the right office fit out done is a vital step to running a productive office. You can get the tools you need to make this happen at dpg-formfittings. We have an extensive catalogue of professional cabling and wiring products. Choose the right ones for your needs and make sure your office has all the power it needs at any time!

3 Must have Wiring Accessories For Your Office

Cables and wiring accessories are the connecting tunnels for our professional lives. From providing your workstation with power to giving connectivity to the entire office, they are really important. And like all important things, they demand proper maintenance and management.

Whether you have professional technicians in-house for handling cable and power problems, or you have a more DIY approach, there are some essential cable management tools you should always know about. So, here is a list of the most important wiring accessories you need to have in your business to make sure all cabling and power problems are managed efficiently.

 Top Wiring Accessories Every Office Needs to Have

Soft Wiring

Soft wiring is the primary asset that helps smaller companies adapt to different office situations. While there are some drawbacks to it, soft wiring also allows systems to be shifted from one place to another. In contrast, hard wiring provides a more stable setup but is also harder to alter since the wiring is well placed in sockets and cable routes.

So, having soft wiring in your office along with a professional who knows how to work them is essential. This is especially true for businesses that might be looking to move to a bigger and better office space or have temporary offices. Using soft wiring also requires that an appropriate cache of wiring is at hand to fix any problems.

Cable Basket

A cable basket is exactly what it sounds like. It is a basket in which you or your designated office technician will keep any cable bunch. While this may seem like a needless purchase to you, a seasoned technician will inform you of its many uses.

For wiring experts, there is nothing more frustrating and time consuming than unravelling jumbled wires. Keeping a neat loop of wires in a cable basket solves that problem easily. Further, any set of wires can be stored in the basket and kept from being misplaced or even damaged.

Also, when your technician is working, having the wires on the ground is the perfect place for someone to trip, fall and be out of commission for a few days or even weeks. So, among wiring accessories, a cable basket is has worthy place.


Where Can You Find the Best Soft Wiring, Cable Basket and Other Wiring Accessories?

Looking for high-quality soft wiring and cable baskets? Let the experts at dpg-formfittings supply your office with the wiring accessories it needs at a competitive price. Visit dpg-formfittings or contact us at 02 9669 3449 and have all your needs met easily!

What Does A Busbar Do For Your Electrical Needs?

You might not be all that familiar with the busbar when it comes to your electrical needs in your workplace. But such a bar may be more worthwhile for your needs than you might expect. Take a look at how well a convenient busbar can work when you’re aiming to get a material ready for your power demands.

How the Busbar Works

A busbar is a convenient tool for your power demands. This is a material that distributes electricity to different spots around an office. In most cases, this comes from a series of copper or brass strips. Aluminum can also be found in some materials.

The material will conduct electricity and help you to move it around different spots in your work environment. The design ensures that energy can be carried out in moments without being hard to use.

An Affordable Choice

You can get a bar such as this working in your office without having to spend lots of money in the process. You will not have to install too many materials. You could get everything in your cable basket or umbilical cable powered up through the same surface that you add in the spot.

Easy to Install

You can get a busbar installed in any workplace in a matter of moments. The system offers a convenient design that lets you flex power around the workplace in moments. This gives you the added help you need for managing your content as you see fit.

Anything Can Be Used

You can get many power-generated materials linked to the electric ports on your bar. A USB charger can be added if desired, not to mention some specialty plugs for microphones and other bits of AV equipment. Anything that you want to add to your umbilical cable layout could be included as well.

A busbar is a necessity to have in your workplace for your electrical needs. Ask DPG Form Fittings for help with your power needs as you’re looking for a way to keep your electrical functions working well.

A Monitor Arm May Come With An Outstanding Series of Features

A monitor arm is one of the most intriguing items you can find for many office fit out layouts. The arm lets you hold a monitor up off of a desk while also positioning it to where more people can see it from many angles at any time.

The features that will come with your monitor arm should be checked accordingly. These features will help you make the most out of this organizational item.

Cable Covers

You will need to link your monitor up to a computer, so it helps to see that you’re covering the cables as well as possible. You can use a cable cover to keep all the cables in your setup from being exposed. Also, these will help you with keeping your cables from being tangled or otherwise hard to control. A small basket rail may also be added for your convenience.

Power Features

A power column may be added to your monitor arm. This would include a few extra power ports that go under the monitor. These may work for powering up the monitor or the computer the monitor links to among other items.

A CPU Holder

You can also get a CPU holder ready at the base of the arm. A holder will include enough room for a computer to be held in. You can use this to keep the computer close to the monitor.

Height Adjustment

You can get one of these ergonomic products adjusted with a height knob. A knob allows you to position the monitor up or down. You can use a basic handle or control mechanism to help you move the monitor around. This is useful for people who might have an easier time with seeing a monitor from a certain angle.

The monitor arm you add to your office layout can be one of the most convenient and ergonomic products you could ever use in your office. Contact DPG Form Fittings if you need extra help with finding a monitor control product that works for your needs.

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Electrical Floor Boxes Offer A Convenient Way To Connect A Myriad Of Office Equipment

Floor Boxes

People working in offices will inevitably use a wide range of office equipment. Using the computer has become an integral part of office life. In addition, using other equipment like printers, scanners, fax machines, photocopiers etc. can become necessary on occasions.

In this scenario, providing multiple supply points for your employees to use these machines becomes imperative. However, cluttering the workstation with these connection points could mar the look of your office.

Moreover, using extension wires or multipurpose extension sockets will not always be worthwhile. The dangling wires could easily make your employees trip and fall. In such situations, opting for electrical floor boxes could be your best bet.

An Overview of an Electrical Floor Box

Providers of power solutions for commercial establishments often stock a myriad of products. In many cases, these suppliers will also stock a useful range of accessories for managing and concealing electrical wiring and connections. The electrical floor box represents one of these accessories.

Electrical floor boxes denote electrical outlets fixed on the floor. They serve to provide supply points to employees. As mentioned earlier, installing wall supply points for each workstation can be both inconvenient and unappealing. To overcome this, many commercial property owners install floor boxes with moveable covers.

Floor boxes do not just act as power suppliers. They can carry data ports, VGA ports and telephone jacks for network connection, video transmission and telephonic use as well.

What Kinds of Electrical Floor Boxes Do Industrial and Commercial Facilities Typically Use?

Many industrial and commercial facilities across Australia use floor boxes for providing access to electrical supply points. In many cases, these facilities will feature either fixed floor boxes or pop-up floor boxes.

In fixed floor boxes, manufacturers of wireless chargers and in-desk power modules join the outlet to the frame of the box. Thereafter, they cover the box with a flip-up lid. Open offices invariably use fixed floor boxes because users can see the outlets easily. Pop-up floor boxes feature lids with attached outlets.

This elegant and convenient design makes pop-up floor boxes more suitable for use in offices, auditoriums, hotels etc. Industrial floor boxes will invariably comprise cast iron or PVC. Similarly, the box lids will often feature brass, steel or aluminium finishes.

Why the Use of an Electrical Floor Box Has Become More Widespread in Offices in Australia

In the absence of electrical floor boxes, interior designers had to configure floor plans in specific ways. For instance, their designs would need to provide wall point access to all users in the facility.

However, doing so would inevitably result in the poor utilisation of space. Providing wall point access to all users would result in all users having their workstations placed alongside the walls.

Thus, the middle portion of the space would remain vacant. In addition, the presence of long electrical wires and cables can increase the chances of workers tripping over them. The presence of these wires will mar the overall look of the facility too. Electrical floor boxes overcome each of these issues with minimal fuss. Hence, their use has become more widespread nowadays.

When it comes to providing cable management solutions for commercial facilities, dpg-formfittings is the name to trust. We specialise in providing a diverse array of office power solutions too. We can offer a wide range of configurations, mounting and office fit-out options and finishes based on your specific needs. For more information, click here.

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