3 Pro Tips for Perfect Clotheslines Installations

Installing clotheslines the right way is very important since they can drop under pressure if installed incorrectly. Now, the way in which you should ideally install ACM clotheslines in Sydney differs by type. For instance, if you have ground-mounted clotheslines you follow one process, and there’s another set of procedures for wall-mounted ones. If you no idea about clotheslines installations, here is a short guide to get you going:

3 Tips to Get Your Clotheslines Installations Right

  1. Ground-Mounted Clotheslines

These clotheslines are quite popular primarily because they are very easy to install. You can move them pretty easily as well. Now, the idea with ground-mounted clotheslines is that you should have wider space and more length. So, these clotheslines are better suited for people who have clothes to hang for a family. If you have turbulent weather in your area, make sure the clotheslines are secured properly into the ground before using them.

  1. Wall-Mounted Clotheslines 

Wall-mounted clotheslines are usually seen in tight spaces or apartments. They are usually shorter in length than ground mounts but can have a sturdier standing. If you live in a high rise apartment and strong winds are an issue, a wall-mounted clothesline might be a good option for you. These clotheslines installations are usually done with wall grooves or sockets made of metal. This gives them the strength to withstand high winds and heavy clothing.

  1. Custom Made-to-Fit Clotheslines  

Custom made to fit clotheslines are more about your own exact needs than anything else. As such, it is difficult to define how they can best be installed. If you have a set of these in your home, then you should get a clotheslines installations expert for it. This will ensure that you have them installed properly and they will not fall down randomly. Make sure you understand how they are installed so you can do a quick fix job instead of needing to call the professionals if they ever do fall.

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Portable Clotheslines – Indoor and Outdoor Clotheslines Buyers Guidelines

Now days portable clotheslines come in a huge variety of sizes, style and colour type. With so many to choose from it can be difficult to know. Below are the general guidelines needed to be followed for any Indoor and outdoor portable clotheslines maintenance?

Before choosing any Portable Clotheslines, the clotheslines should be lightweight can be easily moved as needed. ACM Clotheslines are specialised in designing featured clotheslines with holes on each end for extra coat hanger. So, that can be used as indoor clotheslines as well as outdoor clotheslines.

All buyers need to keep certain points in mind:

  1. It can be folded easily and put away when not in use.
  2. Can be moved easily.
  3. Easy reachable height, especially in case of door hanging clotheslines.
  4. Should have wheels at one end so easy to manoeuvre.

ACM Clotheslines provides consumers with the following warranty in relation to all above points. In addition to complying with the requirements of any relevant legislation, including the competition and consumer Act 2010 in Australia, ACM givens warranty of good material, long duration product and consumer friendly.

Only the Best Clothesline Installations Can Boost the Longevity of Your Clothes

Sometimes, technological advancements can prove to be not as convenient as people initially considered them to be. In contrast, natural solutions that predated these inventions often end up coming back into vogue. For instance, consider the electric tumble dryer. This appliance helped people dry their washed clothes much faster. Within an hour or lesser, the laundry would be dry and ready for use. The popularity of these appliances didn’t take long to spread. Soon, owning an electric dryer became a status symbol. Naturally, it eclipsed the sales of ground and wall mounted clotheslines very quickly. However, it wouldn’t take too long for people to realise the demerits that came with using electric dryers.

Using electric dryers can be a convenient way to dry your laundry. But, it can be worth mentioning that these appliances consume enormous amounts of power. As a result, the higher utility costs associated with the use of electric dryers began to haunt many people. In addition, not everyone had the financial resources or spacious homes to purchase and install a dryer. Lastly, drying certain types of clothes in a tumble dryer might not always be worthwhile. In some cases, it could ruin the clothes completely. As people began to realise these facts, clothesline installations began to increase gradually.

Using clotheslines to air dry your clothes can boost the longevity of your clothes. Not only will you be able to save money that you might otherwise have spent on your utility expenses. Your clothes will smell better too. Air drying your clothes can also enable you to:

  • Prevent Wrinkles: Before you line dry your clothes, give the clothes a good shake. Thereafter, pull them a bit for removing the visible wrinkles.
  • Prevent Stains: Air drying your clothes will not stain them. But, the dirt accumulated on the clotheslines could stain them. So, before hanging your clothes, ensure that you wipe the lines clean. Also, purchasing clotheslines with protective wires that do not rust could be beneficial.
  • Prevent Dampness: Hanging your clothes on clotheslines involves a bit of science too. On multi line clotheslines, ensure that you hang your heavier clothes where they face the sun directly. Then, hang the lighter clothes. This will give all the washed clothes a similar amount of exposure to the sun, thereby preventing dampness.

Using covered outdoor clotheslines can help you protect your clothes from fading too. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause fading. So, you could hang your clothes inside out. Or, you could install your clothesline in a covered area. This would provide protection from the elements too.

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How to Select the Right Type of Clothesline Posts for Your Home

For many people, clotheslines can be simple contraptions. These lines come into use for hanging clothes and not much else, if at all. Hence, these individuals often take their clotheslines for granted. In many cases, these individuals do not even pay much attention to the lines once installed. And, if they need to replace their clotheslines, some of these individuals will opt for like-for-like replacements without even considering the alternatives available. This lack of knowledge and scant regard for doing their homework often ends up complicating the lives of these people unnecessarily.

As many Australians will be aware, clotheslines come in an array of types. From portable to folding clotheslines, suppliers of these products will be able to offer any type of washing line you need. Assuming that you do the laundry twice a week, it follows that you will be using your clotheslines at least 100 times each year. This fact alone makes it imperative to ensure that you pick a clothesline that suits your needs admirably. In addition, it should serve to convince you that investing the time to find the right posts for your clotheslines now, could end up being highly beneficial in the years to come.

Two aspects that you will need to dwell on when purchasing clotheslines posts include:

  • The Height: The length of clothesline posts varies from one household to the next. But, you will want your clotheslines to keep your longer clothes and bedsheets off the ground. At the same time, you will want to ease the process of hanging your clothes on the line too. For this, ensure that your clothesline has a height of not less than 170 cms. A good way for assessing the height of your clotheslines could be to lift your arms straight. Then, measure the height of your wrists from the ground when you stand straight. Add a metre to this to account for the length of the post that will remain buried in the ground.
  • The Material: Ground mounted clotheslines will need posts comprising durable and solid material. This material will be ideal for area you live in and the climate you usually experience. You must remember that these posts will remain standing outdoors. Hence, the material used for making these posts will need to withstand the elements. In addition, it will need to weather the occasional storm. More importantly, it will need to be solid enough to bear the total weight of the wet clothes hung on it. If you live in dry and warm areas, posts made from any type of timber or metal can be ideal. In contrast, if you live in areas that experience frequent rains, opt for metallic posts – such as galvanised steel. Even in humid conditions, posts made from galvanised steel will not corrode. If you can afford it, opt for posts made from stainless steel. These will be suitable for use in any kind of environment. But, their higher price tag might not suit the budgets of many people.

Once you have the posts that suit your needs, you can afford to be creative. In some cases, these clothesline posts can stand out like sore thumbs. To remedy this, you could ask the supplier to add provisions that can be useful for installing a canopy, if needed. With some colours and carvings, you could enhance the visual appeal of these posts even more. Another aspect to consider might be the ease with which you can obtain spare parts. Clothesline delivery companies in Australia will typically stock an extensive range of spare parts for an assortment of mechanised clotheslines. Ensure that you shop with a supplier who can provide the necessary replacement parts should things go awry at any point in time.

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Why Selecting Wrong or Unsuitable Clotheslines Posts Can Be Problematic

When people require new clotheslines, they often visit the local malls or big box stores. Some individuals visit the showrooms of specialist clotheslines suppliers. Shopping at these outlets can be especially beneficial. Not only will you be able to come across a wide range of clotheslines with different features. You will also be able to harness the experience of the retailers to make the right selection. In some cases, the retailer will be able to offer you custom sized clotheslines as well. These can be ideal when you want clotheslines that suit your needs perfectly.

Many reputed suppliers typically offer quality installation services as well. Thus, once you have finalized the clothesline you want, you can expect the supplier to send professionals to complete the installation on your property. In some cases, the homeowners might choose to install the lines themselves. However, things could go awry very quickly if people end up purchasing the wrong supplies. For instance, many people make the mistake of selecting the wrong type of clothesline posts. These individuals think that any type of wooden or metallic post will do well for propping up the clotheslines at both ends. Unfortunately, things will seldom fall into place with such misconceptions.

Clothesline posts or stands that seem to be too high will need trimming. Otherwise, hanging clothes on these lines will be difficult. Similarly, picking wooden posts for your clotheslines installations can be counterproductive too. If the manufacturers used inferior-grade wood for making the posts, you can rest assured that the wood will rot in a few years, if not sooner. Untreated wood can also be susceptible to attacks by pests such as termites. Thus, you might find that termites have weakened the posts to such an extent that the posts cannot support the clothes you have hung on them.

The problem with wooden clotheslines might force you to purchase steel posts. However, if you live in rainy or wet locations, posts made with ordinary steel will not offer the value you seek. Exposure to the elements will not only make these posts rust. They could even compromise the solidity of the posts too. For these reasons, you will need to ensure that you expend some amount of thought on the type of clotheslines posts you should purchase. You could research the internet to find viable solutions. Alternatively, picking the brains of an experienced supplier of clotheslines could help you find exactly what you need.

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The Factors to Heed When Buying a Quality Retractable Clothesline

Using clotheslines for air drying your clothes can be quite convenient and simple. More importantly, it can help you make your washed clothes more hygienic too. Many Australians use an assortment of indoor or outdoor clotheslines for drying their clothes. However, manufacturers of clotheslines can offer an enviable range of options in these products. If you have sufficient space in your property, you might want an outdoor clothesline that remains a permanent fixture. This necessitates shopping from a reputed supplier of clotheslines. Only an established provider will be able to provide quick and high-quality clothesline installations. In contrast, if you have smaller yards, using retractable or portable clotheslines might be more useful.


Retractable clotheslines enable you to dry your clothes outdoors. But, these clotheslines also offer the added convenience of staying out of your way when you don’t require them. When you install these clotheslines, you will observe the installers placing a little box on a post or the wall. This box serves to house the entire length of the clothesline. So, when you want to hang your clothes, you will pull the line out of the box and attach it to another post or the wall. Similarly, when you remove your clothes from the line, you can simply detach the line and it will wind back inside the box. As a result, these clotheslines can be handy when you want to utilise your yard space optimally.


When purchasing retractable clotheslines, consider:


  • Lines with Discreet Systems and Mechanisms: Even if you have limited outdoor space, you will likely want to show it off to your visitors. In this scenario, having a retractable clothesline that looks bulky and unsightly can be counterproductive. Consider a retractable clothesline that will not mar the overall look of the yard.


  • The Length: Suppliers typically offer retractable clotheslines that only extend a few feet. Some varieties might even be 30 to 40 feet in length. Pick retractable clotheslines that suit the space available in your yard. Buying a line that falls short or will be exceedingly long will be counterproductive. Some suppliers will also be able to offer custom sized clotheslines that suit your needs perfectly.


  • The Coating: When you buy retractable clotheslines, consider ones that come with PVC coating. Experts believe that clotheslines with PVC coating offer superior levels of durability. Thus, they will last you for longer. This will more than make up for their relatively higher initial outlay. In addition, these clotheslines will not mark your clothes or ruin them with snags.


It always pays to shop with a reputed and experienced supplier of clotheslines. Such suppliers will not only be able to offer you a wide range of options to choose from. They will also be able to provide the support you need such as installation, customisation etc.

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Choose the Best Clothesline or Drying Rack for Your Household

You might not consider it significant, but your washing machine will probably be among the most important appliances in your home. Most washing machines come with an enviable range of features. They come with a diverse selection of cycles. This feature enables you to wash certain clothes and fabrics in a specific manner. It also enables you to ensure that severely dirty clothes go through a heavy-duty cleaning cycle to rid them of stains and dirt. Thus, it goes without saying that washing clothes remains an integral part of the household activities.

The frequency with which you wash clothes will inevitably depend on the size of the household. Smaller families can probably get by with one round of laundry washing a week. Larger households will probably need to wash their clothes several times in a week. Families with children will probably need to do their laundry multiple times in a week. However, once you wash your clothes, you will need to dry them. Some people continue to rely on electric tumble dryers for drying their clothes. These appliances can give you dry clothes in less than an hour or so. But, they consume a lot of power. This can raise your utility expenses. In addition, purchasing and maintaining them can be quite expensive as well. Hence, many Australians prefer using a variety of indoor or outdoor clotheslines when it comes to drying their laundry.

Some people might feel that tumble dryers offers superior levels of convenience. While this can be true, it can be worth mentioning that air drying your clothes can heighten the longevity of your clothes. Moreover, leaving your clothes to dry in the sun can even sterilise your clothes to an extent. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can help in reducing the microorganisms attached to the clothes. So, when you air dry your clothes, you can rest assured about the hygiene levels of the washed clothes. Experts believe that the use of outdoor or indoor clotheslines can reduce your monthly electricity bills by at least 10 percent. Thus, it comes as no surprise that clotheslines or clothes drying racks have gradually begun staging a comeback in homes throughout the country.

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Can the Use of Wall-Mounted Clotheslines Actually Save You Money?

When people think of clotheslines, they will inevitably think of air drying their clothes naturally. In the past, people succumbed to the charms of various modern and convenient home appliances such as the electric dryer. In those days, people typically viewed having an electric dryer as a status symbol. Nowadays though, the situation has evolved considerably. For starters, a few decades ago, not many people had any awareness levels about conserving the environment. Nor did they know much, if at all, about reducing their carbon footprint. Thus, the use of power-hungry appliances like dryers continued to increase with each passing day.


Today, people know that they need to curb wastage and lead sustainable lifestyles. Therefore, many Australians have opted to use environment-friendly clotheslines as opposed to electric dryers. This switch has not only reduced the consumption of power, thereby lowering electricity bills. It has also helped people realise that air drying clothes can be even more beneficial than using artificial appliances to accomplish this objective. For these reasons, the sales of outdoor and indoor clotheslines have been on the rise of late.


Not many people will know that using wall-mounted washing lines can be more than just a method for air drying clothes. In fact, the use of these clotheslines can save you quite a bit of money too. This can be especially so when:


  • You Stop Using the Electric Tumble Dryer for Drying the Laundry: The lesser you use your electric dryer, the lower your energy bills will be. If you come to think of it, the dryer dries your clothes in lesser time than would be the case if you air dried your clothes. But, it will consume a lot of power for accomplishing this objective. However, when you use the drier, you can go about focusing on other activities that you need to do. As such, hanging your clothes on the clothesline does not require constant supervision or monitoring either. So, when your clothes can dry in a few hours naturally, why would you want to use the dryer and spend more money?


  • You Use the Indoor Heating in Your Home Instead of the Dryer: If you have the space on your property, you can air dry your clothes outdoors. But, even when used indoors, clotheslines can save you money. For instance, they can nullify your need to use the dryers for drying clothes. Instead, capitalise on the heating you use indoors for air drying your clothes.


  • You Compare Maintenance Expenses: Wall-mounted or portable clotheslines seldom need much maintenance. A simple wipe with a damp cloth will be all that you need to do to keep them clean. Occasionally, you might feel the need to check for damaged mechanisms or parts. Even so, replacing the damaged parts will not be very costly. In contrast, the cost of maintaining an electric dryer and repairing it (or replacing it) can be quite high.


  • You Consider Space-Related Issues: People often deposit their clothes at the local laundry store for washing and drying. Over time, these expenses can add up. But, many people do this because they think that their homes do not have sufficient space for installing a dryer in addition to a washing machine. But, clotheslines do not take much space. In fact, fold-down or retractable clotheslines can be easy to fold or put away when not in use. More importantly, they will not consume much space even when you air dry your clothes. So, you can reduce your laundry bills by drying the clothes naturally at home.

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Shop for the Best Indoor & Outdoor Clotheslines to Hang Dry Your Laundry

Of late, the demand for natural products has been increasing the world over. From natural drinks to organic food, people have begun to realise the merits of consuming natural products. Consuming sugar-based drinks and other synthetic products could have been very convenient. But, consuming these products in excessive amounts certainly had its drawbacks. Similarly, the evolution of new technologies has served to make contemporary life more convenient and easier. However, many products that use these technologies can have certain side-effects that could manifest themselves with the passage of time.


In recent times, the use of various home appliances has increased significantly. Appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines have made it easier for people to wash their dirty dishes and clothes respectively. Without having to expend much effort, people can use these appliances to obtain clean clothes and dishes. And, if you want to dry your washed clothes faster, you can always rely on electric tumble dryers. These appliances can enable you to focus your time and attention on other pressing activities. But, the use of these appliances can lead to higher energy bills. As a result, many Australians have begun cutting down on the use of dryers and other appliances that consume additional levels of power. Instead, these individuals have begun using indoor and outdoor clotheslines for air drying their clothes.


Suppliers of clotheslines will inevitably offer a diverse selection of products to suit their customers. People with spacious yards in their properties will often shop for outdoor clotheslines. Alternatively, they could consider the merits of installing ground-mounted or wall-mounted lines as well. For people living in apartments and condominiums, outdoor space can be at a premium. Therefore, these individuals might prefer indoor or portable clotheslines. In some cases, folding clotheslines can be a handy option to consider too. Clotheslines installations have become increasingly popular throughout the country because:


  • They can reduce your electricity consumption (based on the use of electric dryers) and thereby lower your energy bills


  • They can reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down on your use of energy courtesy the use of dryers


  • Unlike tumble dryers that can wear out the fibres of your clothes, mounted clotheslines will protect your clothes over time and even make them smell better by keeping the washed clothes exposed to outside air.


  • They can help you create safe and healthy environments in your homes by eliminating risks such as dryers catching fire


Some people might feel that clotheslines can mar the overall look of their home. In addition, they feel that clothes hanging from clotheslines could get in the way when they move about in their homes. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case. With folding or portable clotheslines, you can hang your laundry out to dry and fold the clotheslines when not in use. Similarly, you could consider installing clotheslines in little-used parts of the home (such as laundry rooms) where the clothes will not get in your way.

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What Types of Clotheslines Do Australian Homeowners Usually Purchase?

In the past, homeowners did not have many options when it came to clotheslines. The regular mounting and pulley systems used to be the only option on offer. However, things have changed significantly since then. Clotheslines come in a diverse variety these days. From portable clotheslines to retractable ones, you will easily be able to find one that suits your lifestyle and requirements. In addition, suppliers have even begun offering accessories that make your clotheslines more stylish and functional. For example, consider the situation when you buy a folding frame clothesline.

Using these clotheslines can be easy. But, purchasing these clotheslines nowadays does not mean that you will need to compromise on the visual appeal of your home. These days, folding frame clotheslines come with a comprehensive range of covers that can alter the look of your clothesline. As a result, you will be able to make a functional clothesline look visually appealing too.


For many Australians, portable clotheslines can be the best types of clotheslines to invest in. These clotheslines can be ideal for using both indoors and outdoors. However, other options abound as well. Quite a few Australians opt for the tried and tested clotheslines that they can assemble in suitable locations in their homes. All these individuals need to do will be to mount the clotheslines on two opposite walls or structures. Clotheslines featuring pulleys can be convenient too. These clotheslines enable you to stand in one spot, while you hang or gather the clothes. Setting up or installing these clotheslines can be easy. And, if you want to change the location of the clothesline, reassembling it does not present any difficulties either. Thus, using environment-friendly methods for drying your clothes does not necessarily need to affect the aesthetics of your home.


For people with limited space in their homes, each inch of space will inevitably come into use for various purposes. As such, they will usually find themselves using the area in which they have installed their clotheslines. Such individuals will love the convenience that retractable clotheslines offer. These clotheslines can save space both indoors and outdoors. Another alternative that these people might want to consider include head rotary clotheslines. These clotheslines have become invaluable to people with limited space in their yards. These clotheslines fold out in a manner similar to that of umbrellas. Their function, efficiency and cost-effectiveness makes them highly popular throughout the country. Larger households could consider purchasing fixed head rotary clotheslines.


Not all homeowners have properties with lawns. Similarly, not all homeowners have large and spacious homes or apartments. For these individuals, folding clotheslines could be ideal. You could simply attach these lines to a wall or another solid structure and use it. These clotheslines will usually extend one to two feet from the wall and have several lines running from one end to the other. Alternatively, people with limited space could utilise ceiling-mounted clotheslines.

The vertical spaces in the centre of many rooms will often not come into use much. So, by installing these clotheslines in the centre of your laundry rooms, you could air dry your clothes easily. In many cases, ceiling-mounted clotheslines can be ideal for indoor use. Having an outdoor clothesline can be useful if you have the space. But, to dry clothes in inclement weather conditions, having an indoor clothesline can be essential. Thankfully, you will be able to pick clotheslines that best suit your needs from the local supplier.

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