Carpet Shampoo Cleaning in Sydney – Keeping You Home Clean and Safe

Carpet flooring is loved by many Australians for their homes, being used where a soft, warm and comfortable feeling under the feet is desired. Carpets are a family favourite for bedrooms and living spaces but they bring cleaning challenges. To start with, they must be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner, which is much more physically intensive than sweeping or mopping hard floor surfaces. Carpet shampoo cleaning in Sydney is also needed about every 6 months. In current circumstances, ensuring carpets remain clean and contaminant-free is especially important with the current pandemic, making it an important aspect of covid-19 cleaning.

Carpet shampoo cleaning in Sydney can remove a range of contaminants which build up in carpet fibres, including dust, pet hair and mould. These can cause runny nose, itchy eyes and even respiratory attacks in some vulnerable people. With the current threat of coronavirus, covid-19 cleaning for carpets is also important to prevent virus infection. Carpets with a build-up of mould and bacteria are known to impact the immune system and even release toxins which can cause stomach infections. All of these possible risks from poorly maintained carpet show how important carpet shampoo cleaning in Sydney is.

Professional cleaning services can also keep a range of carpets in pristine condition. They start with dry cleaning to remove any loose debris before a suitable and carpet safe detergent is used to separate dirt from the individual fibres. Steam cleaning or wet vacuuming is then performed to extract the dirt and other contaminants from the carpet. These steps allow carpet shampoo cleaning in Sydney to remove the vast majority of all contaminants.

For more information about carpet shampoo cleaning in Sydney, contact MIB Property Maintenance, the expert in residential and commercial cleaning and maintenance. We also offer Covid-19 cleaning for carpets and other surfaces during the pandemic.

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