Care and Maintenance Tips for Furniture Made from Timber Veneer in Sydney

Timber veneer and veneer board used in furniture making are natural wood products. So like solid wood, they will require regular cleaning and maintenance. This will make sure that they last long and stay beautiful for many years.

Cleaning Veneer Furniture

In order to maintain the look and integrity of your veneer furniture, you’ll want to clean it regularly. Dusting should be done at least twice a week to prevent dirt buildup. When dusting, it is recommended that you use a soft, lint-free cloth or microfiber cloth. Using these types of cloth reduces any possibility of scratching or damaging the furniture surface.

Once a month, you’ll want to give your veneer furniture a more thorough cleaning. Here, you’ll need to wipe the furniture down using a soft cloth dampened with high quality wood furniture cleaner. You can buy such cleaners from most department stores and hardware stores.

When wiping the furniture, make sure that you wipe it along the direction of the wood grain. Afterwards, wipe the surface until it is completely dry. Make sure that all surfaces are thoroughly dried to prevent spotting or streaking cause by dried-up water.

Maintenance for Veneer Furniture

Some manufacturers recommend that you apply a good quality furniture polish to your veneer furniture at least twice a year. Like cleaners, you can buy furniture polish from department stores or hardware stores. You can also go online and search for the said product there.

Before using any furniture polish, you should try it out first on a small, inconspicuous area of the furniture. This way, you can see if there will be any adverse reactions between the furniture and the polish. For instance, if you have a veneer table, try the polish first on one of the legs of the table (preferably in the lowest possible portion) and see what happens.

More Tips

Here are some more tips and practices you can employ when cleaning and maintaining your veneer furniture.

  • Wipe spills immediately to keep them from staining the veneer board
  • Lift objects instead of dragging them across the veneer’s surface.
  • Use protective pads underneath items with a rough bottom like pottery, office printers, and others.
  • Keep veneer furniture away from direct sunlight as this will cause the colour to fade.
  • Use coasters, placements or table runners to protect the veneer’s surface from hot or wet items like coffee mugs, potted plants, etc.

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