Cable Management Options Available at DPG Formfittings

Offices are notorious for being a mess of wires and cables, twisting around desks to reach every corner of the room. Poor cable management is not just unsightly, but it also greatly impedes maintenance tasks such as cleaning and equipment upgrades, making them a nightmare for all involved. It also poses a worker health and safety risks being a tripping hazard which could cause very expensive injuries. Statistics in the US have shown cable management to be the second most common workplace source of injury. DPG Formfittings’ catalog of cable management supplies such as grommets and umbilical cables make keeping your office space neat and clean easy, here are a few of our options:

  • Desk Grommets – these can be placed into any desk by drilling an 80mm hole to insert into. They allow cables to be routed up through a desk and held together to create a tidy bundle.
  • Trunking – these hold and hide cables in a neat and discrete channel, they have three sections to separate power, phone and data connections, making maintenance easier. They can be used to route cables around the office and are much easier to avoid tripping on.
  • Umbilical cables – these hold cables in a flexible tube to allow transport from floor to ceiling, they are wide enough to hold many individual cables and some have partitions for data and power cables.
  • Floor boxes – these are laid into the floor to run and access cables across rooms. They usually sit flush with the floor so they do not pose a tripping risk.

DPG Formfittings supply a wide range of cable management solutions for businesses. Their umbilical cables and other cable routing mechanisms will make your office neat and safe. Contact dpg formfitting today for more!

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