Bringing Light To Your Room Flooring This Spring Season

Natural light is beautiful – it brings warmth, brightness, and glow to a home. For homes that don’t have the opportunity to have a light-flooded home, how do you create that feeling when working with the available light that you have?

As we head into spring, brightening your home will make it feel fresh, vibrant, and fun.


To help you brighten a dark room, there are a few hacks that will help you make the most of

what light you have available.

Brighten your walls

When it comes to walls, the brighter the better! Working with light-coloured walls allows the light in a room to bounce off the walls and illuminate your home with colours. The more of the light spectrum that the walls absorb, the less light it will provide, making your room darker. The best place to start when brightening your room is to focus on the colours of the materials, wall finishes, soft furnishings, window coverings and flooring and ensure that they are as close to white as possible.

Brighten your floors

One of the most effective ways to brighten a dark room is through the flooring. Many light flooring finishes can be found in hard flooring options, such as Carpet floors Laneway in Natural Oak or White Oak. The Precinct Oak in the Loire or even Village in Kensington has natural features that can add a depth of colour and character to each room flooring.

Use reflective surfaces and window coverings

Another great hack is to bounce light into your home by using reflective finishes or surfaces.

Though reflective paint can be problematic, using smooth surfaces such as mirrors is a great

way to increase the visual size of a room by bouncing as much available light into your home as possible. Another great way to bounce light into a room is by reflecting off the blades of Venetian blinds or plantation shutters, such as Carpet Flooring Indoor Plantations. You can angle the blades to capture the light and adjust the angle throughout the day as the sun moves.

Brighten Your Room with Light Colour Carpet Flooring whether they’re carpet or floorboards, you need to use all the tricks and tips to brighten your home. When you’re combining some, or all, of these tips you can end up with a very bright space, so the contrast of a light colour floor is just what the doctor ordered. Stay tuned with Engadine floor store for more ideas for your carpet flooring.

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