Bidet Toilet Seat for People with Arthritis and Other Mobility Issues

Arthritis is one of the most prevalent health issues that plague the elderly folks in countries all over the world. In general, this health issue is related to joint pains, whether that’s in the knees, at the hips or other joints in the other parts of the person’s body. Those who suffer from severe arthritis can also experience pain, swelling, or redness in the joints. Sometimes, the symptoms are less painful, but it can still cause damage to your joints over time. Needless to say, these can make performing daily tasks challenging – even using the toilet.

Most toilets are small and cramped, and the limited space can make it difficult for people with arthritis to move around and clean themselves. Not only will the movement be painful at times, it can even be dangerous for those with poor balance. This can lead to a variety of other problems, most particularly improper cleaning. This in turn can result to a variety of infections which can be harmful to the person’s overall health.

Bidets Can Help

As can be seen above, using the toilet can pose some real challenges for people who are suffering from arthritis. There are some things that can help with this particular dilemma, and a bidet toilet seat is one of them. In fact, these toilet seats does not only help people with arthritis but other people with mobility issues as well. These include injured athletes, elderlies, and many others.

A bidet can help greatly in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. With a bidet, people will use water instead of toilet paper to clean their bottoms after using the toilet. This means that there is no need to move around just to wipe their bottoms. The water used for cleaning, especially when heated, is also more effective in cleaning. Furthermore, most bidets have an air drying function. All in all, using a toilet paper is no longer necessary, and this minimizes the amount of movement necessary to clean one’s self after using the toilet.

If you or your loved one is having trouble using the toilet because of arthritis or some other form of mobility issue, consider getting a bidet for your home. This is where we can help. As one of the leading suppliers of bidet in Australia, we have a range of products suitable for you. Feel free to get in touch with our staff by calling us at 1300 868 600 or 02 9698 5838. For a more personal service and to see our range of products, feel free to drop by our showroom located at 11 Joynton Ave. Zetland, NSW.

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