Benefits of CNC Routing and Machining

CNC technology has been a central component of the manufacturing industry for years, improving and even replacing many previously manual processes. The technology has an array of uses including CNC routing and machining, laser cutting, and saw cutting. The introduction of CNC machines to the manufacturing industry has greatly improved the production of acrylic sheets.

CNC methods such as CNC routing and machining have some major benefits to manufacturing:

  1. Bulk machining – CNC is much faster than manual processes and the programmed designs can be replicated any number of times. This makes bulk orders of acrylic sheets fast and efficient at almost any scale.
  2. Greatly increased accuracy – all cuts will be exactly as the model shows them and there is little variation between pieces in a batch. This improves quality, reduces material wastage, and saves money on needing to recut parts.
  3. Improves safety – CNC routing and machining removes many of the risks associated with manual work. Operators do not need to be near the cutting tools to operate them and this reduces the risk of many serious injuries.
  4. Allows greater complexity – intricate designs and complex acrylic sheets can be created with a combination of routers, saws, and laser cutting. Intricate patterns can be created from a model with virtually no error.

A CNC machine is a large initial investment for businesses and requires skill to use. FX Plastics’ highly experienced team use state-of-the-art CNC routing and machining equipment for perfect acrylic sheets in their projects. Contact FX Plastics to learn more.

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