Avoid Staining On Veneer Board and Furniture

Many homeowners and establishment owners love using veneer board for their dining tables, office tables, and coffee tables. And rightfully so, considering that veneer is one of the most beautiful surfaces to be used for such furniture.

Since veneer is made from actual wood like those used for timber panels, it looks just as great as actual hardwood and softwood timber. And because they are real wood, veneer is also susceptible to the many damages actual wood suffers from. One damage that veneer furniture owners should be particularly aware of is staining.

Just like actual timber, veneer board and furniture have a tendency to stain. The main culprits for many stains seen on such surfaces are coffee, tea, soda, and other types of liquid.

If the case of light veneers, the stains are very prominent and obvious. On the other hand, stains on dark veneer aren’t very visible, though you would still see them if you take a closer look at the table’s surface. Either way, such stains can have a detrimental effect on the aesthetic value of your furniture.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid staining on veneer board and furniture. For one, always make it a point to use coasters or felt pads whenever you serve drinks and beverages. You can also use a saucer for tea cups if you don’t have any coasters. These will serve as barrier between the moisture from the glass or cups and the veneer board or furniture surface.

Another common cause of staining on veneer furniture are flower vases. These items are usually placed on top of tables and will most likely contain water. The problem here is that one doesn’t usually check their flower vases until the flowers are wilted.

This can last for several days or even a week or two. By that time, the water from the flower vase will have left a significant stain on the veneer board surface. Again, this can be solved by placing a protective pad underneath the vase.

Along that line, spills on the furniture surface should be cleaned immediately. Wipe the spilt liquid right away with a lint free cloth and make sure that it is dried completely. Otherwise, the liquid is sure to leave a stain on the furniture’s surface.

All in all, being proactive and dealing with spilt liquid immediately is the best way to combat staining on veneer board and furniture. By doing so, you can be sure that you’re veneer furniture will look beautiful for a long time.

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