Are Fire Rated Doors Really Worth the Money? Top 3 Reasons

Fire rated doors are something of a unique product in the world of residential and commercial wood products. They offer a number of benefits which make them both very popular and somewhat cost-effective in the long run.

Now, when it comes to balancing between both, it is rather difficult to know where the equilibrium lies. This is because every property, whether residential or commercial, has its own set of requirements and fire-rated doors are a part of that.

Whether your residence or office needs fire safety doors or not is largely a matter of preference and professional recommendation. If there is a particular risk of a fire breaking out on your property, then fire rated doors are obviously a good choice. Here are some benefits they can offer you.


3 Great Benefits from Fire Rated Doors


We put the first one as the most obvious one because it can often go underrated. Ensuring safety from fire for your family is very important for obvious reasons. If you live in parts of Australia where bushfires are seasonal, then you should give these and other fire rated board home installations a serious consideration.

Structural Integrity

Killing an accidental indoor fire requires the right water sprinkler system and quality doors to shut off any kind of oxygen supply. Of course you doors will not be air tight but with fire safety boards, they are very likely to keep a fire from spreading to other parts of your home. This in turn keeps the structural integrity of your home intact, not to mention all your precious furniture and other household possessions.

Visual Appeal

Fire rated doors are not only resistant to fire damage, they are also not easily marred by exposure to fire. So, they will potentially have the same visual quality which they had when you installed them even after an unfortunate fire has broken out and been contained. Thus, they are much more economical in the longer run and can help you avoid spending on needless replacements.

Processed Forest Products: The Most Reliable Experts of Fire Rated Doors and Boards

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