An Italian Butchery Works With All Parts of the Pig

The pig is an impressive form of livestock in that it has many parts. A pig can be raised and harvested for various individual cuts that are useful for quality recipes. It is exciting to see how well an Italian butchery can handle all of these cuts.

An Italian butcher will understand all the ins and outs of a pig’s cuts. This is to produce great meats that are easy for all to enjoy.

Top Parts

The top parts of the pig are important for how they offer thicker cuts. These are protected with natural fats to keep them sturdy even when they are being processed by an Italian butchery.

The pork shoulder, pork chop and sirloin are all parts that can be cut in many ways. They are tender parts of the pig that are easy to prepare. They are also more expensive due to how thick and versatile these meats can be but that added cost is always worth it.

Bottom Parts

The spare ribs and pork belly are often prepared by a butcher shop to be smoked or cured. The bones are typically left in to keep these meats intact although those bones may also add a bit of extra flavoring. These spots on the pig are very versatile in terms of what people can do with them and how they can produce many quality entrees.

Look At the Legs

The legs and hocks are typically cured and brined by an Italian butchery. This allows the meats to stay intact, what with these parts being a little thinner in design. These can be used as smaller side meals although the leg can produce a great deal of meat. A butcher would have to trim this area properly and might even have to shred some of the meat just to make it easier to prepare.

The exciting features of a pig are all parts that any Italian butcher can work with. See how well these parts work when you visit a butcher shop and you will agree that when it comes to meats, the pig is a very unique and productive animal.

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