All you need to know about LED Ceiling Lights

In very recent years, LED light has taken place in all over. From the old troffer lights, typically only used and found in offices, to now seen mainly commercial and residential applications used for decorative purpose. LED Ceiling lights are extremely practical with its range of light output to glow as much as can.

LED Ceiling lights, an also be used to imitate to look of a skylight. This can really be featured out to any application. To get proper look and feel, choose a 1200 X 300mm panel in a colour temperature of 400K. This colour temperature is most natural in giving colour output.

Each application will suit different colors, for an office look to use a 5000k temperature this is the best color for a work environment, it’s the perfect amount of white without being too harsh. LED Ceiling Lights can be available in various sizes and varieties as per your requirements. Visit – to check what all options you have in the led ceiling lights range

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