Age Care – Steps to prevent depression among caregivers

Age care brings with it a set of challenges for the family caregivers as well. They face a set of challenging expectations which includes them to display composure, tolerance, stamina, and support while offering age care services. This gets compounded with high-stress levels thereby exposing them to depression.

There are few strategies that can be helpful when rendering age care services thereby preventing depression among caregivers. It is important to understand the symptoms which may be a fallout of the caregiver burnout. Irregular sleeping patterns, decrease in appetite, decreased interest in activities, and irritability may be a few of the initial symptoms which may point to increased depression levels for caregivers. Communicate with your loved ones about your roles and responsibilities while offering age care services. Make sure to take proper care of yourself by exercising regularly, setting aside time for yourself, and maintaining your own annual appointments with your health care provider.

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