Acquire Superb Storage Solutions with Industrial Shelving Units

Storage space is at a premium these days. Commercial and industrial enterprises often need significant amounts of storage space. To meet this demand, business owners often look for providers of storage shelving solutions. These solution providers can deliver industrial shelving units and other solutions to meet the storage requirements of industrial and warehousing companies.

What Are the Various Kinds of Industrial Shelving Units in Use Nowadays?

Metal shelving units are an inexpensive way for meeting your storage requirements. Because they comprise metal, they will usually be far more durable than their wooden counterparts. In addition, metal shelving units will be much cheaper than wooden shelving units too. Metal shelving units offer superior levels of durability and impact-resistance. This makes invaluable in industrial and commercial facilities, where they can easily withstand rough use. Some of the most popular metal shelving units include:

  • Industrial Shelving Systems (or Steel Industrial Racking Systems): These units are ideal for bulk storage and warehouse & equipment storage. They usually come in three variants i.e. light, medium and heavy-duty. These units are robust enough to load heavy weights on. In addition, they will not crumble or fold in case a forklift hits them.
  • Gondola Shelving Systems: These units denote single-or-double-sided adjustable shelves. They are essential in retail stores, supermarkets and pharmacies.
  • Bolt-on Shelving System (or Steel Shelving Systems): Made from steel, these storage units can be quite versatile. You could use them for storing an assortment of items in your garage. Or, you could use them for archive storage or filing purposes at your workplace.
  • Shop-fitting Shelving Systems: These units are ideal for use in shops. They typically feature various accessories such as counters, dress rails and pegboards.

Premier Engineering – Leading Providers of Cost Effective and Durable Storage Solutions

Premier Engineering and Storage Solutions is the name to rely on for quality sheet metal components. Based in Sydney, we specialise in meeting the storage needs of individual and commercial entities across Sydney. We specialise in providing high-quality sheet metal manufacturing services. In addition, we can design sheet metal components for producing prototypes. We also offer laser cutting services, including CNC punching and fastener insertion solutions. Besides this, we offer machining and screen printing solutions as well. Our diverse range of services and cost-effective solutions has made us one of Sydney’s top provider of industrial shelving units. To share your specifications, click here.

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