As COVID doesn’t seem to stop, the only way is to create a new ‘protective normal’ to carry out routine tasks. Although there does seem a ray of hope with vaccines being produced, in order to be on the safe side, a new addition to the everyday practices of increased hand hygiene, mask-wearing and social distancing of the new normal at workplaces are the COVID-19 protective shields. For the well-being of employees, CoronaVirus is not the only concern as these hygiene screens are also meant for bolstering future infection control.

Due to the variety of uses in different scenarios in the corporate sector, retails, supermarkets and grocery stores, hospitals and healthcare practices, banks, professional services, restaurants, spas, salons for separating employees and consumers at the sales desk or help desks, for non-invasive space division between employees’ desks, and in smaller areas where social distancing is hard to achieve. These shields not only save you from COVID but also from excessive noise that might interrupt your focus and concentration in activity-based-working (ABW).  The installation of protective shields is a tentative office return step considering the staff welfare, mitigating measures. COVIDSCREENS, being the subsidiary of FX Plastics, provides you with future-proof and multifunctional office design solutions which not only help in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and ensures safety at your workplaces with their state-of-the-art hygiene screens but also empowers workplace flexibility with more inclusivity and agile working while promising adaptability with free-standing moveable screens for a collaborative breakout session. 

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