A Brief Guide to Umbilical Cable Management Systems

Umbilical cable management systems are created to offer a highly innovative and functional solution to power and data distribution in offices. Umbilical cable systems provide effective and neat cable management from floor or ceiling to the workstation.

Another important benefit of cable umbilicals is that they provide an efficient protection to the cables against physical damage. It also protects power and data cables from undue stress. To achieve this, quality umbilical cable management systems composed of highly resilient material such as stainless steel wire throughout their entire length.

Umbilical cable basically hides and channels wires coming out of the workstation either into the ceiling or into the floor. Named because of its resemblance with human umbilical cord, umbilical cable management systems can be used in conjunction with other office power solutions such as floor boxes and grommets.

dpg-formfittings: For A Comprehensive Range Of Umbilical Cable Management Systems

Apart from quality umbilical cable management systems, dpg-formfittings offers a comprehensive range of office power solutions including busbar, cable basket, in-desk modules, sit stand workstation and wiring accessories, among others.

Choosing a comprehensive supplier is essential to achieve a well-organised power and data distribution in offices. Below are just a few of the reasons why you should visit dpg-formfittings to shop for all your office power solutions and ergonomic products.

  • Seamless compatibility between all the office power solutions and ergonomic products.
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dpg-formfittings stocks a wide selection of high quality umbilical cable management systems such as SNAP umbilical. All our cable management solutions are reliable, easy to install, affordable and offer a stunning, minimalistic look to any office space.

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