A Brief Guide to Timber Panels

Installing timber panels is a great way to spruce up your office space and bring a renewed look and fresh energy to your business. Timber panels are well known for their classic appeal, high durability and cost effectiveness. No wonder, they are being used in large numbers in both residential and commercial buildings in Australia these days.

Production of timber panels and specialised products like American oak veneer is a quite an innovative but challenging process. It requires some excellent skills and expertise to get flawless results.

The most complicated step is peeling the veneer off the raw log. The veneer should be uniformly thin without any breaks. The next step is choosing the right substrate. Substrate for timber panels can be made of one of the following materials- particle board, plywood or MDF. The last step is bonding the veneer to the chosen substrate.

What makes the process more complicated is that the various steps involved in it require expertise in different industries.

Techniques Used for Peeling and Slicing Veneer

Veneers from raw logs are obtained by using mainly two cutting methods, and are named accordingly- rotary cut veneers and sliced veneers. In rotary cutting, rotating logs are pushed into a stationary knife. In this method, bold wide grain patterns can be obtained quickly. This method is very cost effective and is a good option to produce American oak veneer.

When it comes to sliced cut veneer, there are several ways to accomplish that. For instance the raw log is pressed into the knife lengthwise to produce a variegated veneer. Other sliced cutting methods include plain sliced veneer, half round sliced and quarter sliced veneers. In quarter cut veneers, the log is sliced at right angle to the growth rings.

How to Determine the Quality of Timber Panels?

In most cases, the quality of veneer is largely dependent on how it is pressed; the expertise of professionals who perform this task and the quality of cutting equipment. Here at Processed Forest Products, we have some of the most experienced woodworkers in Australia and we use state-of-the-art machines to deliver the best quality products to our customers. From Brazilian Mahogany to American oak veneer, there are a number of options for every budget. For more helpful information, get in touch with the experts at Processed Forest Products today.

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