6 Amazing Benefits of Timber Veneer

Are you shopping around on the best wood material for your upcoming furniture making project? Have you come across on furniture pieces made from timber veneer? If you haven’t used this type of material for your past furniture projects, perhaps these 6 amazing benefits of veneer will convince you to use it now.

Originates from quality log

Some of you who are new to timber veneer would think this is a lot cheaper than solid wood, but, on the contrary when used in the production of custom made furniture pieces would cost more. Veneer comes from quality log and sliced to perfection, making them suitable for furniture making due to their aesthetic appearance.

Provide smooth finish

Using natural wood or plywood for your furniture may not deliver a smooth finish. If your goal is achieve a glossy and elegant look on each furniture piece crafted by your skillful hands, then, use timber veneer because there are many choices of patterns, color, cut and size to choose from, plus the end result is a smoother surface. Smooth finished American oak veneer furniture can perfectly blend with installed wood paneling.

Safe for usage

If you are worried of harmful toxic present on raw materials and would like to ensure the safety of anyone using your furniture creations, timber veneer is the best choice furniture material because the adhesive glue used to stick together the thin wooden sheets to produce veneers doesn’t contain formaldehyde. Veneer is proven to be non-toxic, clinically safe to humans and environment.

Create unique designs

If this is your first furniture making project, using veneer is an excellent choice rather than natural wood or plywood. Why? Wood veneers allow you to create unique designs because making curved surfaces is easy.

Environment friendly

A sawn timber has 1” thick board. When sawing in between boards of at least ¼ inch thick, some wood is wasted as it winds up as sawdust. Veneer undergoes precise slicing through a knife into 1/32 inch leaves or sheets. So, for every (1) timber, it can produce approximately 32 veneer surfaces with no wood wasted.


Timber veneer has been carefully glued with non-toxic and waterproof adhesive glue to a substrate. The outcome is a surface not susceptible to splitting, unstable movement or warp. Expect the finished furniture to offer stability to the user.

The most interesting about veneer is the beautiful appearance and unique designs. Every individual serious in making rare furniture pieces won’t regret using veneer wood instead of solid wood because the result is truly impressive and cost-efficient.

If you will need bulk veneer for your furniture making projects and would like to explore more the different designs, colours availability, cuts, and prices, contact Forest Products, a reputable supplier of top quality timber veneer in the furniture industry. Expect their friendly customer representatives to be readily available to answer your questions, give professional advice and assistance depending on your specific needs and budget requirement. You can also request a free quotation on various veneers and wood paneling products before making a final decision.

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