5 Common Myths about CNC Laser cutting and Why They are Wrong!

This article is about 5 common myths about CNC Laser cutting and why they are wrong.

CNC laser cutting is a process that uses a computer to control the movement of a machine tool. It can be used to cut, drill, or engrave any type of material.

It is important to know the truth about CNC laser cutting because it can help you get better results with your projects and save you money in the process.

1. CNC Laser cutting is expensive

2. CNC Laser cutting is dangerous

3. CNC Laser cutting takes a long time

4. CNC Laser cutting is hard to learn

5. CNC Laser cutters are only for metal

CNC laser cutters are not expensive and in some cases, cheaper than other methods of manufacturing and they are safe to use when used correctly with the appropriate safety equipment like gloves, goggles, and a respirator mask. They also take less time than traditional methods of manufacturing because the process is automated, so there is no need to wait for someone else to do it or worry about errors which could be costly in other methods of manufacturing. It does not matter what you are trying to make as long as you have a design file that can be converted.

1. CNC laser cutting is expensive.

CNC laser cutting is not expensive if you are considering the cost of the material and the time it takes to make a prototype. The cost of a CNC laser cutting machine is also an investment because it can be used for other things like engraving and marking too.

2. CNC laser cutting only works on metal materials

CNC laser cutters can cut through different types of materials including wood, paper, fabric, acrylic sheets, foam board, and plastic sheets. They are also capable of engraving on these materials too!

3. It’s difficult to use a CNC laser cutter without any experience

It’s true that using a CNC machine requires some knowledge about how it works but there are many.

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