4 Tips to Choose Between LED Lights and Induction Lights

If you’re upgrading your lighting systems, you might have heard the words ‘LED’ and induction lights in Australia being thrown around a lot. Both of these are efficient lighting solutions that can save you some serious money, especially when you opt for LED light manufacturers.  They require very little maintenance. But which one of these would suit your needs the most? It’s time for us to compare the essentials.


About Induction Lights in Australia

Induction lights have been around for a while, and are ideal for facilities that have high bay areas, or places where there is mercury vapor, high pressure sodium fixtures, metal halide, or more. Induction lights are best suited for areas like gyms, warehouses, commercial and industrial facilities, among others.


About LED lights

LED lights are very helpful in cutting down the costs of lighting, as they have been proven to deliver high ROI in a number of industries, especially where bay lights are required. LED lights provide more colour-rendering, and are smaller in size than induction lights. So, they’re good for areas like garages, schools, etc. where space is a constraint. If you’re looking for LED light manufacturers in Australia, get in touch with the experts at Mases lighting today!


How Can You Choose Between The Two?

When trying to choose the right lighting systems for you, it is important to compare LED lights with induction lights in Australia, so that you can get the best deal. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Compare the numbers between induction and LED lights? Can there be bundling? Are there any cost incentives?
  2. Depending on the size of the area, you should consider the feasibility of mixing it up-so you have LED lights in some places, and induction in others.
  3. Compare the warranties offered for both, to see what would suit your budget in the long term.
  4. Be prepared while shopping for LED and induction lights in Australia – know what are your budget constraints, what your light usage is, how many people use the area, daylight situation, etc. so that you can get the best recommendations.

For more guidance and to choose from the widest selection of LED lights solutions and induction lights in Australia, visit Mases Lighting now!

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