4 Different Kinds of Country Music You Can Find On an Online Country Music Channel

No two country music fans are the same. This might be due to the huge variety Australian country music offers to the fans; be it in terms of styles, artists or subgenres.  Different fans love different eras, styles, and artists, and that’s what makes country music such a diverse genre. It’s a genre that has travelled far and wide, and has evolved quite a bit as well.

When you tune into a popular online country music channel, such as Total Country, you’re going to be experiencing an incredibly diverse kind of music. There are different channels, and while all of them play country music, they are not all going to sound the same? Why is that so? The reason is the different kinds of country music artists. Let’s take a look at some popular types of country music, shall we?

  1. Classic Country: This is the sound that comes to everybody’s mind when they first hear the word ‘country music’. It’s full of banjo sounds, the simple life, and the good old days! If you’re a fan of John Williamson, this is what you’ll love to listen to.
  1. Original Country: This is the country music of yore- the genre as it was decades ago. Think about Slim Dusty, or Tex Morton, and the kind of music they made- if you like that, this is your kind of music.
  1. Popular Country: This is the mainstream version of country music, with a lot more pop elements added in, while still retaining its country soul. Kasey Chambers, Lee Kernaghan, Keith Urban would all fall under this category.
  1. Alternative Country: These are the variations of country music that borrow from other genres like alt-rock, classic rock, etc. Garth Brooks, Eric Church are some of the artists that belong to this category.

Now that you know some of the categories of country music, you will be able to find your favourite artist and style by visiting an online country music channel with greater ease! So, what’s your favourite kind of country music?

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