Onshore custody transfer metering packages vary in many ways and the design of a metering system is depending on the application. ODS offer onshore metering systems of all kind of custody transfer metering solutions principles like turbine, positive displacement (PD), orifice, coriolis, ultrasonic, etc. To obtain the lowest overall metering uncertainty, onshore flow metering stations… Continue reading ONSHORE METERING Solutions

The Importance Of Maintaining Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Most commercial kitchens are packed with different kinds of equipment and supplies. From the ovens to the fryers, every appliance plays a vital part in the operation of a restaurant. If a single piece fails, it can halt your staff’s ability to make quality food. Commercial kitchen equipment maintenance should keep your appliances in the… Continue reading The Importance Of Maintaining Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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Residential Builders Guidelines

IntroductionBeyond building codes and local regulations, both contractors and their customershave long sought measurable benchmarks that deal with the expectations ofperformance in the goods and services provided by the residential constructionindustry. Although codes and regulations address matters of health, safety, andwelfare, matching a consumer’s expectations entails having objective criteriaregarding performance. Upon this premise, the Residential… Continue reading Residential Builders Guidelines

Overview of Respiratory Masks Types

Respiratory Masks are classified by the type of hazard they protect against, their APF and the specific substance(s) they’re approved for. There are other ways that you may also commonly see respirators classified as well, such as: Native Pressure – Native Pressure Air Respiratory masks rely on the wear style to pull air in through… Continue reading Overview of Respiratory Masks Types

How old aged dental care does plans works?

Many low care nursing home residents are edentulous (i.e. have no teeth), suffer denture-related mucosal conditions and often rely on their care-givers to control and/or prevent oral disease. Whilst, cognitively impaired high care residents face increased risk of dental issue and increased need for assistance/treatment. Poor oral health has been linked with increased mortality and… Continue reading How old aged dental care does plans works?

DIY Kitchen Ideas

Best DIY Kitchen Decor Ideas are as listed below: DIY Menu Board When you have a houseful of hungry kids or teens, “what is for dinner” is one of the most common questions you get. Around my house it is, anyway. I decided a menu board would be nice so that I might not get… Continue reading DIY Kitchen Ideas

Why choose black carpet flooring for your home?

In today’s modern, the black colour is so elegant. It is sleek, slimming, and never goes out of style. But when you think about black walls or black carpets flooring in your home, it can seem overwhelming. Using black colour in your home design should not be feared. In fact, it is considered neutral, and… Continue reading Why choose black carpet flooring for your home?

Do you know about Lease a Leaf?

Lease-A-Leaf is and has been one of Sydney’s leading plant hire specialist for over 30 years. We have been beautifying and supplying beautiful foliage for indoor and outdoor locations to over 400 business establishments throughout Sydney’s metropolitan area. We can provide greenery solutions to meet all your plant needs. You will receive affordable plant rental… Continue reading Do you know about Lease a Leaf?

Are you looking For CNC Laser Cutting Services? – Fx Plastics

The CNC Laser cutting works by directing a high powered laser beam very precisely at the chosen material to either etc, mark or cut right through. When cutting, the laser beam burns away at the material leaving you with the cutout shape that you have specified in your vector file. We have developed many Fabrication procedures for one-off… Continue reading Are you looking For CNC Laser Cutting Services? – Fx Plastics