Why You Need Commercial Kitchen Designers

A new kitchen is one of the biggest and most complicated tasks in the hospitality industry. It’s only logical that the kitchen is the heart of your business, where the delicious food you serve to customers is crafted and prepared. Getting the best commercial kitchen equipment and ensuring that the fit-out meets all feasible requirements will create an effective and long-lasting kitchen. Hiring professional commercial kitchen designers such as Channon is one of the best ways to ensure a successful and on-budget project.

With so many pieces of commercial kitchen equipment to include, careful planning is vital to fit all needed equipment in a safe manner. Some of the main pieces of equipment include refrigerators or cool rooms, cooktops, pots and pans, grills, ovens, food processors, and exhaust systems. This doesn’t even include all of the utensils and specialty equipment required, not to mention the need for ample storage and counter space for preparation work. The best commercial kitchen designers will account for all of this equipment to save you from much more expensive additions later.

It is also important to comply with safety standards and WH&S requirements for commercial kitchen equipment. These aren’t only legal requirements but can improve the productivity of staff greatly by making them more comfortable. In terms of health, things like keeping cleaning equipment away from food and segregating preparation areas for raw and cooked meat are a must. It’s not just about health, keeping workflows within natural movement ranges, and providing ample room for people to perform cooking tasks without bumping others reduces the risk of accidents greatly. Good workflows also boost preparation speed to get great meals to your customers faster, giving a more satisfying experience.

Do all of these commercial kitchen equipment considerations seem daunting? Channon’s expert commercial kitchen designers have created kitchens for some of the biggest restaurants in the industry. Their professional approach and attention to detail allow them to build safe and efficient designs, contact Channon today to learn more.

Sensor Downlight and Other Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is essential to many commercial and residential settings, being both functional and aesthetic. Many homes use outdoor lighting for convenience on common pathways at night and for decorative purposes in gardens or pool areas. Well-designed lighting can transform a mundane outdoor space and commercial outdoor lighting can enhance the functionality and appeal of businesses at night. There are a lot of uses for outdoor lighting solutions in business settings ranging from a sensor downlight to illuminate pathways when needed to stage lighting for performers.

Many commercial office buildings or businesses will need commercial outdoor lighting for their entrances, exits, and common thoroughfares. These will usually be a form of sensor downlight which illuminates the path when people are using it. Sensor-based lighting systems are good for helping save on electricity usage and the inconvenience of finding a switch in the dark. Another application of outdoor lighting is for security purposes with a sensor downlight being used to both help people get inside safely and deter intruders by alerting occupants to their presence.

Mases Lighting is a premier Sydney lighting retailer in Belmore and Tempe, which provides commercial outdoor lighting solutions. Our wide range of outdoor lighting includes LED signs, floodlights, and sensor downlight. Contact us for more information or view our range online.

Extra Features for Stunning Swimming Pool Renovations Sydney

The swimming pool can often be the pride of the family home and the main feature of the backyard. A beautiful pool area will serve a home well, giving a stunning outdoor entertaining area or a luxury getaway for the family during summer. Inground pool repair is a great way to achieve this, transforming a worn out and outdated pool with a new entertainment haven. An amazing new pool would look out of place if the entire area did not get a luxury makeover. There are endless options to turn the area around swimming pool renovations Sydney into resort-style luxury.

The first thing you should do after your inground pool repair is fixing or upgrading the fence. A strong and safe fence isn’t just an aesthetic upgrade for your pool but a legal requirement. New fencing designs can vary greatly to fit your theme; they could simple vertical steel poles in numerous colors or modern glass walls which keep an open feeling for swimming pool renovations Sydney.

Once the fencing and inground pool repair itself is taken care of, some more aesthetic features are sure to make the pool space shine. Speaking of shine, the lighting can make a beautiful display for nighttime entertaining, illuminating any water features and giving the water a soft glow. You can also add to this appeal in your swimming pool renovations Sydney by doing some landscaping or building a nice garden area surrounding the pool.

The pool can be the central entertaining point of any family home and swimming pool renovations in Sydney are the best way to make this happen. Amazing Pool Renovations can take care of your inground pool repair needs so that you can focus on designing your stunning new outdoor oasis. Contact us today for more information.

Venison – A Tasty and Nutritious Meat Product

Venison typically refers to the meat taken from a deer but the term can cover various other game animals such as buffalo or moose (although these are not that common for Australia). It is dark red in color and is incredibly lean. Australian venison usually comes from wild deer killed in controlled culls or those farmed free-range and naturally. This type of meat has seen more popularity from meat wholesalers in recent decades for its unique flavor and nutritional value.

Good venison can look somewhat like beef steaks from quality Australian meat wholesalers, but do not expect them to taste the same. The two types of meats are vastly different for taste. Many people describe the flavor as ‘gamy’ which some consider being too strong of a taste. A common consensus among food enthusiasts is that the flavor is similar to nuts and fruits having a very wild taste. The texture of venison is smooth but still rather tender compared to other meats. This texture is enjoyed by many but the stronger taste can turn some people off this meat.

Quality deer from Australian meat wholesalers will be free-range and free from any form of hormones or growth promotions. This leaves the meat with very high nutritional value. Compared to beef, the saturated fat and cholesterol quantities are much lower and they are a great source of iron and protein. Venison is also very lean meat with virtually no fat content, so be careful to only cook for a short time to avoid dryness.

Quality meat wholesalers in Sydney such as Campisi Butchery in West Hoxton will stock venison from only the best and most responsible suppliers. Find out more on our website or visit us in-store.

High Care and Low Care – Differences and Purpose

Choosing aged care for a loved one is a complicated time for the family, one aspect which might be confusing is differentiating between high and low care settings. For aged care Sydney, the severity of the person’s condition will influence the level of care that they need in a nursing home. People suffering from conditions that severely affect daily functions like eating, dressing, and bathing require high care in Rooty Hill. These may include people who have dementia who will likely require long term care, or have recently suffered a stroke requiring shorter terms. This level of care is very intensive, with the nursing staff needed 24 hours of the day.

Aged care is different for everyone, not all people in aged care Sydney will need the intense care that comes with high care in Rooty Hill. People suffering from less severe conditions, or require assistance with some elements of their daily routine such as meal preparation or managing medications are best suited to low care settings. In this form of care, the residents still retain most of their independence but receive the help that they need. People in low care facilities are elderly people who just need some assistance or suffer from conditions like arthritis which makes some chores difficult. The setting is usually community-based with private rooms and public entertainment areas, keeping the residential socially active and happy.

Residential Gardens is a leading provider of aged care Sydney for Spanish speaking residents. They offer professional and intensive high care in Rooty Hill but also offer less intense low care services to elderly people who need some assistance in their independent living.

Contact Residential Gardens for more information.

Carpet Shampoo Cleaning in Sydney – Keeping You Home Clean and Safe

Carpet flooring is loved by many Australians for their homes, being used where a soft, warm and comfortable feeling under the feet is desired. Carpets are a family favourite for bedrooms and living spaces but they bring cleaning challenges. To start with, they must be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner, which is much more physically intensive than sweeping or mopping hard floor surfaces. Carpet shampoo cleaning in Sydney is also needed about every 6 months. In current circumstances, ensuring carpets remain clean and contaminant-free is especially important with the current pandemic, making it an important aspect of covid-19 cleaning.

Carpet shampoo cleaning in Sydney can remove a range of contaminants which build up in carpet fibres, including dust, pet hair and mould. These can cause runny nose, itchy eyes and even respiratory attacks in some vulnerable people. With the current threat of coronavirus, covid-19 cleaning for carpets is also important to prevent virus infection. Carpets with a build-up of mould and bacteria are known to impact the immune system and even release toxins which can cause stomach infections. All of these possible risks from poorly maintained carpet show how important carpet shampoo cleaning in Sydney is.

Professional cleaning services can also keep a range of carpets in pristine condition. They start with dry cleaning to remove any loose debris before a suitable and carpet safe detergent is used to separate dirt from the individual fibres. Steam cleaning or wet vacuuming is then performed to extract the dirt and other contaminants from the carpet. These steps allow carpet shampoo cleaning in Sydney to remove the vast majority of all contaminants.

For more information about carpet shampoo cleaning in Sydney, contact MIB Property Maintenance, the expert in residential and commercial cleaning and maintenance. We also offer Covid-19 cleaning for carpets and other surfaces during the pandemic.

Installing Different Types of Flooring

Selecting a brand new flooring material is a big process, with many options to consider. Just as important is installation, whether you DIY or leave it to the professionals, which is recommended for flooring in Sutherland Shire. The type of flooring will have a big influence on the methods used to install it. Some flooring types can be easy to install and are doable as DIY projects but for the best result, professional installers from your local floor store are needed.

Let’s take a brief look at how some of the most popular types of flooring in Sutherland Shire are installed:

  • Timber – this type of flooring can be installed in many ways depending on the room. The most common of these is simply hammering nails to secure the floorboards to the surface underneath. Other options include using timber grade staples and gluing to existing flooring (this only works if the old flooring is in good condition). Many of these supplies will be available in a floor store. One more method called ‘floating’ involves laying engineered timber floorboards on the surface where they snap together to hold in place.
  • Laminate – this is one of the easier flooring options to install. First, the underlying surface must be smoothed and thoroughly cleaned. Then attach an under layer or vapor barrier to protect the flooring from moisture and act as a thermal barrier. The planks are then laid row by row, locking into the grooves of the previous to secure it. The final row may need to be cut to fit.
  • Carpet – carpet installation is a careful process best done by a floor store or other trained professional, first, the carpet must be measured and accurately cut to size. After this, adhesive strips are arranged on the floor. Usually, an underlay must be placed then the carpet secured over the top. This will improve the feel and longevity of the new flooring in Sutherland Shire.

A specialist floor store such as Engadine Floor Store will be able to measure and install all types of flooring. For timber, carpet, laminate, and various other types of flooring in Sutherland Shire contact Engadine Floor Store.