4 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to a Smart toilet

A bidet or Washlet in Australia is a special plumbing fixture that can be attached to a normal toilet seat. Designed to thoroughly wash your intimate parts with a stream of water, bidets come in many shapes and sizes. An integrated smart toilet consists of a toilet seat and a bidet attachment. When using the bidet functions, a separate arm is used to direct a warm soothing spray of water at your derriere. At the end of it, you’ll feel cleaner and better than all those traditional toilets users. Let’s see why:

Why should you invest In a Smart Toilet?

No doubt, there’s something magical about getting your butt cleaned automatically after toilet use, but there is more to Japanese toilet seat than meets the eye.

  1. Smart Toilets Are Nature-Friendly

Let’s put it bluntly; toilet paper is not environment friendly. It costs hundreds of thousands of trees each year to fulfill the demand of toilet paper in Australia. This is where a cost effective bidet in Australia can make a huge difference.

A bidet or Washlet can dramatically reduce the need for toilet paper in any home. What’s more, smart toilets such as Toto Neorest AH use very small amount of water for cleansing, and are quite popular among environment conscious people.

You’ll still use some amount of toilet paper though to wipe off your parts, but a bidet can help you significantly reduce the use of paper and make some great long-term savings.

  1. Feel Fresh, Smell Clean With Unmatched Hygiene

One of the reasons why bidets enjoy such tremendous popularity among discerning homeowners is that they offer unrivalled hygiene. Believe it or not; a toilet paper has never been a flawless cleaning system. Simply wiping off with a toilet paper cannot remove the germs. It can lead to some serious health issues sooner or later.

However, the cleansing system used in bidets is almost perfect. Bidets use a stream of water to remove every bit of bacteria such as E. coli which can otherwise cause a number of infections.

  1. The True Definition of Luxury and Comfort

Bidets will make your life easier and more comfortable in bathroom. One major reason why people feel discomfort in their intimate areas is that a toilet paper removes essential oils from these areas while wiping them clean. That’s why people who have bidets installed in their bathrooms do not face any irritation and rashes etc. In absence of harsh toilet paper, there’s less risk of having haemorrhoids and other painful conditions.

  1. Installation Is a Breeze

Nowadays, you can choose from a variety of smart toilets and bidet seats at trusted distributers in Australia such as Mizudori Gallery. If you have standard plumbing in your bathroom and electrical outs nearby your toilet seat, all you need are some basic tools to install a bidet seat on your own. It will take less than half an hour to take your bathroom to the next level.

There you have it – some of the most compelling reasons to invest in a smart toilet. For more information on smart toilets including bidets and washlets in Australia, visit Mizudori Gallery or get in touch with our experts today!

Things To Consider When Buying A Bidet Toilet Seat

Unlike Asian and Middle Eastern countries, a bidet toilet seat is not normally found in homes of western households. Due to this, first-time bidet users may be at a loss when selecting a bidet suitable for their homes. To remedy this situation, it is essential for homeowners to take into account several things before they buy a bidet. The following are some of the things a homeowner should consider when looking for a bidet.

  • Budget

A bidet can be considered as a major investment for a homeowner. Due to this, the first thing a homeowner should consider is the budget. There are several models of a bidet toilet seat. The features offered by this toilet device depends on the model they purchase. Some models require electricity to operate while others have a heated toilet seat. The more features the bidet offers, the higher its price. At the same time, these features also allow homeowners to reduce some of their monthly household expenses. Due to this, homeowners should consider their budget and potential savings in the long run before they finalize their decision on the bidet model they will get for their homes.

  • Electric or Non-Electric

Another thing homeowners should consider is whether they will get an electric bidet or the non-electric model. While electric bidets offer features not found in non-electric models, they are also more expensive. It is also necessary for the bathroom to have a power outlet close to the bowl so homeowners can avoid having to renovate the bathroom. Moreover, electric bidets may also increase the power bills of the homeowner. But this increase will depend on the type of electric bidet the homeowner will purchase. If the budget is tight, homeowners may want to consider getting a non-electric model. Some non-electric models offer features that are also offered by electric models, including hot water lines, feminine wash, and self-cleaning nozzles, among others.

  • Heated Toilet Seat

Since western countries normally experience cold months, this is one thing homeowners can consider when they buy a bidet. It is quite uncomfortable to sit on a cold seat while using the toilet. Due to this, homeowners should think if this feature is necessary or can they do without it on their bidets.

  • Adjustable Water Temperature

This feature requires a hot water line to be connected to the bidet toilet seat. Once the toilet device already has the hot water line, homeowners can think about having the ability to adjust the temperature of the water. While most electric bidets in the market offer this feature, it is not offered in the basic models of the toilet device. Some homeowners may not want to think about this when they are looking for a bidet, it is something to consider if they aim to use the bidet for a long time. It allows them to set the water at a temperature they are comfortable with while using the toilet.

  • Adjustable Water Pressure

Aside from being able to adjust the temperature of the water, homeowners may want to consider having the ability to adjust the water pressure while they are cleaning themselves. While it may not be a necessity, this feature makes it comfortable for homeowners to use their bidet toilet seat.

  • Adjustable Nozzle Angle

Similar to the two previous features, this may not be considered as a necessity since it is mainly aimed at making it comfortable to use a bidet toilet seat. It also allows users to ensure they clean themselves properly after they use the toilet. This feature is ideal for a household with several members since it allows them to adjust the angle or position of the nozzle according to their liking.

  • Feminine Wash

This feature is useful for the female members of a household. It allows the female member of the household to suitably clean themselves after they use the toilet. The nozzle can be adjusted to an angle suitable for their use. But this is a feature that may not be useful for a home that does not have a female member in the household.

  • Self-Cleaning Nozzle

The self-cleaning feature of the bidet ensures the nozzles are cleaned after the bidet toilet seat is used. It gives households piece of mind knowing the bidet is cleaned after it is used.These are just some of the things homeowners should consider when they are in the market for a bidet toilet seat.

Inflatable Tenders Australia: Guide In Finding The Best Inflatable Boat

Are you planning to buy an inflatable boat? For boating enthusiasts that can’t afford pricey yachts, the availability of affordable boats is like a blessing. Why? According to inflatable tenders Australia supplier, the inflatable boats are versatile partners for open water expeditions. They can be depended both on personal and commercial water activities. In fact, a top of the line inflatable boat can have features similar to a powerboat. The difference lies in portability, price and storage. So, how to select the best inflatable boat for your open water expeditions? Below are some of the factors to consider to help find the perfect boating buddy.

PVC or Hypalon

For first-timers, the options for inflatable boats do vary. According to the customer representative of inflatable tenders Australia shop, the popular choices are PVC or Hypalon. If you are to ask the boating experts the PVC is regarded the lightweight when it comes to portability. Why? It can be stored quickly due to its foldable feature. Aside from that, PVC material is a lot cheaper when compared with Hypalon. The only downside with PVC inflatable boats as mentioned by the rigid inflatable boats Australia specialists is its material can’t withstand prolonged heat or humidity exposure.

Hypalon is extremely a super strength type of material that can cope with heavy-duty usage. This is why it’s often used in the production of RIBs. For boating enthusiasts engaged in various open water expeditions, the Hypalon inflatable boats are highly dependable than their PVC counterparts. However, the Hypalon inflatable boats are ready-built and not as portable when compared with PVC boats.


Yes, even a starter model of inflatable tender can have the basic accessories like seat, pump, repair kit, lifting points and bag for storage. However, if you prefer to invest in add-ons like multiple air chambers or inflatable keel, be ready to allocate that on your expenses.

Is the rib type inflatable tender a good option?

The customer representative of rigid inflatable boats Australia shop recommends the RIBs or often referred to as the rigid inflatables. Why? Boating enthusiasts can enjoy a lot of awesome features such as top performance on open water, availability in various sizes and models. But, be prepared to fork in more cash for the purchase of rigid inflatable tender or RIB.

Do you think the rigid or Rib inflatable is the right one for you? If unsure of your decision, better inquire with the experts at the inflatable tenders Australia shop. You may also read reviews made by rigid inflatable boat reviewers. You can also use this shared post as a guide for your first purchase of an inflatable tender.

In case you live in Australia and want to know more how much is the cost of RIB, then, visit the official website of Lejen Marine for a listing of for sale inflatables. Explore their new boat collection including on sale branded boats and accessories that will level up boating enthusiast experience. For more information, visit Lejen Marine Today !