Things To Know About Fibre Optic Cable Installation Maintenance

Fibre optic cables or optical fiber cables are similar to electrical cables, but instead of electricity, they carry light from one point to another. While these types of cables have different uses, they are mainly used for internet connectivity. Businesses can benefit from these types of cables since they ensure connectivity is reliable and they are not easily damaged. Data cabling Sydney-based companies are quite aware of the sturdiness of these cables. While these cables are quite durable, there are still some things business owners should take into consideration to ensure their fibre optic cable installation is properly maintained.

  • Use Rubber Safety Caps

There may be instances when business owners would find it necessary to unplug a fibre optic cable. In these situations, it is essential to use rubber safety caps on the transceiver after unplugging the cable. The same rubber caps should also be used at the end of the fibre optic cable. This will ensure the cable and transceiver remains clean and prevent it from getting inadvertently damaged.

  • Use a Fiber Extension if Frequent Unplugging and Plugging is Necessary

While there may be instances when it is necessary to unplug these cables, this should not be done frequently. When these cables are frequently unplugged and unplugged into optical devices, the optical devices will be damaged over time. When this happens, it may require a considerable investment to replace these optical devices. Due to this, business owners should use a short extension connected to the equipment. The extension will absorb the wear and tear caused by the frequent unplugging and plugging of the fibre optic cable. In case the extension is damaged, it will be cheaper to replace it than replacing the optical equipment it is plugged into.

  • Avoid Bending the Cables Beyond the Minimum

While a fibre optic cable can be bent, there is a minimum limit as to how far this can be done. Due to this, it is important to avoid bending it beyond this limitation. When these cable are bent into an arc that is smaller than its minimum bend limit, the cables can be damaged. In these situations, connectivity will be affected and it will not be easy to diagnose the problem. To avoid this, business owners should be aware of the minimum bend limitation of their fibre optic cables, which is around a few inches in diameter.

  • Use Anchors To Prevent Stress on the Cable

Even as a fibre optic cable installation does not weigh that much, its weight can eventually damage the connector over time. In these instances, it is necessary to anchor these cables to prevent putting too much stress on the connectors. The fibre optic cable should be secured when it is connected to a transceiver so the cable will not support its own weight. Always avoid letting these cables to hang free when they are connected to a transceiver or any other connector. Business owners should also check with a reputable data cabling Sydney-based company before they install the cables.

  • Maintain the Cleanliness of the Fibre Optic Cable Installation

Fibre optic cables carry light from one point to another. But this transfer of light can be obstructed by small deposits of dust and oil. These dust and oil deposits are typically found along the canals of the cable connector or the transceiver. Due to this obstruction, the signal power will be reduced causing optical connection issues. To ensure there is no reduction in the signal power, it is necessary to ensure the fibre optic cable is clean. Business owners can use a suitable fibre-cleaning device to clean the canal of the transceiver. On the other hand, an alcohol-free cleaning kit should be used to clean the fibre optic cable itself. While there are several types of cleaning kits available in the market, it is important to use one that is approved for use on a fibre optic cable installation.

These are just some of the tips business owners should keep in mind to ensure their fibre optic cable installation is well-maintained. If they are not sure how they can properly maintain it, they can look for a reputable data cabling Sydney-based company that can help them maintain their fibre optic cables. For more information, Visit GM CABLE Today !

3 Awesome Smart Toilet Features That Will Change Your Life

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or building it from scratch, a smart toilet can give your bathroom a serious upgrade instantly. When it comes to smart toilets and washlets in Australia, Toto is one of the leading brands. The latest models are on a completely different level.

What Makes Smart Toilets a Smart Investment?

  1. Make Your Life Easier With Self Cleaning Surface

One of the most user-friendly features in today’s smart toilets is their self cleaning surface. This patented feature is used to keep your toilet spotless round the clock and that too effortlessly. The eWater+ keeps the surface wet and prevents organic waste from sticking on it.

After flushing, eWater+ sprays the surface with electrolysed water to clean every bit of waste deposited on the surface. Lastly, most of the Japanese toilet seats like Toto Neorest AH come glazed with a hydrotect layer. It works in conjunction with ultraviolet light in the lid to break down waste.  Apart from these, smart toilets from Toto are jam-packed with all the luxury features like auto open/close lid, a top-of-the-line cleansing system and patented water saving technologies.

  1. Navigate Safely With Night Light

Admit it or not; waking up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet is a monumental task for most people. Turning on your regular lights can wake other people up in the home or it can make you so awake that you will find it difficult to go back to sleep. A smart toilet with night light feature is a lifesaver in such situations. Night light is all you need to find your way to the toilet.

  1. Choose the Right Bidet Type

Bidets can be broadly classified into two types: Electric and non electric bidet toilet seats. Out of these, electric bidets are more popular. Electric bidets are compatible with most of the modern toilets, and are quite easy to use and install.

Some of the features that you can find in most of the electric toilet bidet seats are warm water, deodorizer, night light, heated seats, air-dryer, remote control, oscillating and pulse washing functionality, among others.

Non electric bidet seats come in several options. These are available as attachments, travel bidets and as handheld bidets.

  • Bidet attachments can be attached to almost any existing toilet. This is a good option for people who want to experience the features of a smart toilet without making any major upfront investment.
  • Travel bidets are for people who want to take the luxury and comfort of their bidets to their travel destinations. These are portable bidets, and are compact enough to tuck away in a briefcase.
  • Handheld bidets are attached alongside your toilet seat and are operated manually to cleanse your intimate parts.

Get in touch with Mizudori Gallery today!

Mizudori Gallery is the leading distributor of a wide range of smart toilets, bidets and washlets in Australia. For more information and to know the right options for you, visit Mizudori Gallery today!

Features of a Smart Toilet

There are several types of bidets designed to meet the needs of homeowners. A reputable bidet shop normally offers a variety of bidets homeowners can choose from. While the majority of bidets in the market do not need electricity to operate, there are some models that require power to ensure users can take advantage of their features. These types of bidets are technologically-advanced and have features not normally found in non-powered models. These bidets are also called the smart toilet. Homeowners who are in the market for a bidet toilet in their homes can take these models into consideration. But before they go out and buy one, it is advisable to know the features offered by these models.

The following are some of the features of a smart toilet:

  • Advanced Flushing System

These types of toilet devices feature a modern flushing system where users do not need to touch anything. They feature sensors that activate its flushing mechanism once the user is done. The sensor may sense the user moving away from the toilet or the user may wave a hand in front of the sensor to activate it. This is ideal for households that have members who frequently forget to flush the toilet. It is also useful to keep germs from spreading from the hand of one member of the household to another.

  • Self-Closing Lid

The smart toilet uses a sensor to open or close the lid before and after it is used. It normally senses someone approaching the toilet and opens the lid automatically. Similarly, once the user stands, it also closes the lid automatically. This feature is ideal for households with members who frequently forget to close the lid of the toilet.

  • Water Saving Feature

Aside from controlling the flushing mechanism, a smart toilet also features a sensor that detects the amount of water it needs. Due to this, this type of bidet toilet allows a household to save water. They only use a suitable amount of water to flush it once the user is done. Homeowners will notice the difference when the water bill comes. They will see a significant reduction in the water they are using in the house.

  • Overflow Prevention Feature

This is one feature that many homeowners can appreciate. The system will detect any obstruction in the bowl and stops the flushing mechanism to prevent water from overflowing. Aside from keeping the toilet clean, the feature also keeps the water in the toilet bowl at a low level.

  • Air Drying Feature

Smart toilets also have an air-drying feature that dries up the users after they clean themselves. Due to this, they will not need toilet paper to wipe off the water on their posterior. Some models of these bidets allow users to control the temperature of the air they use for drying themselves.

  • Heated seats

This is another feature that homeowners can look forward to in a smart toilet. It is quite uncomfortable sitting on a cold seat while using the toilet. This is particularly true when the cold months come. So a heated seat is a welcome feature offered by these types of bidets. There are also some models where users can control the temperature if the seat so they can set it at a level comfortable for them.

  • Remote Control

While smart toilets have sensors that control some of their functions, they also have a remote control to allow users to control the other features of the device. The remote control is normally used to control the temperature of the water used by homeowners to clean themselves. It can also control the temperature of the heated seat. This feature makes it convenient to use this toilet device.

  • Self-Deodorizer

There are instances when people feel embarrassed after using the toilet due to the smell. Several smart toilet models have a self-deodorizing feature that keeps the users smelling fresh even after they use the toilet. Similar to the other features, the device uses a sensor to know when the user is done.

  • Self-Cleaning Feature

Smart toilets normally have this feature that keeps this toilet device clean. It normally cleans itself automatically after it is used.

These are just some of the features homeowners can look forward to when they are in the market for a bidet. A reputable bidet shop can provide them with bidet toilet options that are suitable for their needs. Visit Australian Bidet for more information !

Kitchen Renovations Sydney – Fitted Kitchens and it’s Benefits

Modern day houses usually have limited space for the kitchen which is why it is extremely important to make best use of every inch and make the kitchen space more functional and spacious. Kitchen Makeovers supplied by Bill’s Quality Kitchens encompass all important elements of a kitchen.

Kitchen Renovations in Sydney by Bills Quality Kitchen provides supplies such as worktops, appliances, cupboards and drawers which are configured in a way which makes the kitchen look spacious and extremely beautiful.

Use of best quality materials such as granite, wood and stainless steel ensures a durable and highly convenient kitchen space. We provide smart supplies for your kitchen at the best price. The established designs which are crafted by experts surpass your expectations with its useful design, enhanced aesthetics and affordable prices. For more details about our services, visit Bill’s Quality Kitchens Today!

What Types of Timber Veneer Cuts Do Veneer Manufacturers Typically Offer in Australia?

Contrary to popular opinion, several types of veneer cuts abound. Thus, you should not feel surprised on coming across a myriad varieties of veneer cuts. Manufacturers of timber veneers usually employ two methods for manufacturing these veneers. The most common technique that manufacturers use lies in peeling the trunk of the tree. The other method involves slicing large rectangular blocks of wood (called flitches) in extremely thin slices. In many cases, the veneers sold in Australia will have thicknesses of 0.6 millimetres. However, manufacturers can vary the thickness of the veneer based on the demands of their customers.

Slicing through the growth rings of the tree can affect the appearance of the grain in the veneer. Thus, the unique visual characteristics that each veneer exhibits will inevitably depend on the angle at which the woodworkers slice through the wood. Some of the most common veneer cuts that you could come across at showrooms in Australia include:

  • Rotary Cut Veneers: Creating these veneers involves slicing the log around its circumference i.e. around the annual growth rings. Rotary cut veneers will exhibit bold and variegated grains. They will also enable the production of extremely wide leaves. Manufacturers typically use these veneers for producing plywood.
  • Quarter Cut Veneers: This cut involves cutting the log into quarters, thereby creating four flitches. Thereafter, workers slice each quarter flitch in straight lines, at right angles to the growth rings. This technique produces veneers with uniformly lined vertical grains.
  • Burl Veneers: Burls refer to growths on trees that feature grain-related deformities. Burls will usually take the appearance of round outgrowths on tree trunks or branches. They will also remain filled with small knots from dormant buds. The highly intricate and unique patterns thus formed gives these veneers a distinctive look.
  • Crown Cut Veneers: To obtain crown cut veneers, woodworkers will cut the log in half. Thereafter, they will slice the halved log straight across. Thus, the veneer will have a cut that runs parallel to a line through the centre of the log, while remaining at a tangent to the growth rings. Crown cut veneers will usually have strong grain patterns at the centre, with a linear effect at the edges.
  • Half Round Cut Veneers: Woodworkers will initially mount the log off-centre in a lathe. Then, they will take slices slightly across the growth rings. The veneer leaves thus produced will feature the visual appearance that typifies crown cut and rotary veneers.
  • Curl Veneers: Woodworkers create curl veneers by cutting the log at the junction of the branches and the tree trunk. These veneers typically feature unique patterns resulting from the confining and twisting of the wood as the branches grow.
  • Butt Veneers: Slicing the logs across the annual rings occurring at the ends instead of the regular crown cut or standard quarter cut will yield butt veneers. These veneers will be small in size. But, when you lay them out on to panels, these veneers will exhibit the look of natural round logs stacked on to each other.

As mentioned earlier, each type of cut will yield timber panels with a distinctive appearance. Each of these veneers will be ideal for using in specific applications. So, when you shop for veneered panels, ensure that you consult with the salespeople at the facility. They will help you make the right selection of panels for the purpose you have in mind.

For more information, visit Forest Products today !

Types Of Materials Used For Inflatable Boats

Inflatable boats are made from different types of materials. If this is your first time to purchase an inflatable and would like to know which the best tender is, here’s everything you need to know. Picking the right material for your inflatable boat is key to an enjoyable and secured ride on open water.

There are three types of materials that inflatable boats are made of. You will find inflatable boats made from Neoprene/CSM or referred to as “Hypalon”. The other material that inflatable boats Victoria supplier mentions is the PVC or polyvinyl chloride. The last type of material that you will normally find for commercial inflatable boats is the Polyurethane fabric. Let’s take a closer look at each material before making a final decision on your purchase.

Neoprene/CSM (Hypalon)

This is the most used type of material for the production of inflatable boats the Neoprene/CSM. CSM is usually made from rubber material “chlorosulfonated polyethylene. However, CSM alone can’t sustain needed air and must be combined with Neoprene to produce a functional inflatable boat. Neoprene has the capacity to hold air efficiently. The combination of CSM and Neoprene paved way to Hypalon.

The Pros

An inflatable boat made from a combination of CSM and Neoprene promises the following benefits:

  • Scratch-resistant than other materials used for inflatable boats.
  • High level of tolerance against harmful UV rays.
  • Lasting wear when compared to PVC.

The Cons

According to the expertise of inflatable boats Victoria supplier, the downsides of inflatable boats produced from CSM and Neoprene are:

  • Cost more than the models of inflatable boats sold in the market.
  • Prone to dirt accumulation because the CSM and Neoprene material can easily absorb dirt and allow it to penetrate.
  • The coating is prone to fading.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Another popular option for the material is polyvinyl chloride or PVC. This material is made from synthetic plastic or polymer. For first time buyers, the PVC material can be either flexible or rigid.  A PVC inflatable boat may cost less, which is a good starter for anyone with a limited budget.

The Pros

PVC inflatable boats are widely preferred because of the following features:

  • Easy to maintain because you can simply use glue or replace worn PVC sheets with new ones.
  • When wet, the PVC inflatable boat is abrasion-resistant.
  • Any potential buyer can easily locate a supplier of affordable PVC inflatable boats.

The Cons

There are also reported drawbacks as mentioned by the representative of inflatable boats Victoria shop and here are some of them:

  • When dry, the PVC material is not abrasion resistant.
  • It has no UV protection when compared with other materials.
  • It has a higher risk of early deterioration because the PVC material is prone to becoming brittle over time.


For many years the polyurethane is not a popular choice among manufacturers of inflatable boats. This material only gained recognition lately due to advanced technology applied in the production phase. An inflatable boat made from polyurethane fabric is expected to last longer than other materials because of its top performance against abuse and high impact.

The Pros

Polyurethane inflatable boat can offer the following features:

  • High level of abrasion resistance when compared with other fabric materials.
  • This type of fabric is puncture resistant.

The Cons

  • Pricier than CSM/Neoprene and PVC inflatable boats.
  • Difficult to repair, glue or weld when damaged.

Have you finally decided which material to choose for your inflatable boat? If you need assistance on brands of inflatable boats sold in Australia, why not give Lejen Marine a quick call. They are regarded as experts when it comes to finding a reliable boating partner. For more information, visit Lejen Marine today !

3 Ways Electronic Security Can Protect You and Your Home

If you think that you don’t need Electronic security system just because you live in a peaceful place then you need to think again. No doubt, different electronic security systems and private security in Sydney for homes play a vital role in deterring crime, but they also protect you from a number of unwanted situations.

You may not be aware of such situations either because you’ve just bought a new home or you’ve never experienced anything in a home that could pose a threat to yours and your loved ones’ lives.

At Partisan Protective, we completely understand the everyday security concerns of homeowners in Australia. That’s why our systems are designed to protect you from dangers coming from the unlikeliest of places. Let’s have a look at some of the ways our Private secuirty can prove to be a lifesaver for you.

  1. Burglaries: This is probably the major reason why people hire private security. In order to attain a complete peace of mind, you should have a flawless system in place that will immediately alert you if someone breaks into your house. Our private security can accomplish this goal with aplomb. Even if the thieves managed to enter, most often, they drop the idea of robbing the house once they notice these systems installed there. Even signs indicating an alarm system in a home are enough to deter many criminals.
  1. Violent Crimes: These crimes can result in severe bodily harm to innocent individuals. A number of studies have shown that private security system can dramatically reduce such crimes. Apart from acting as an effective deterrent to the criminals, these high-end security systems can be programmed to inform security personnel in case any intruder breaks into the house.

For more guidance on private security and electronic security in Sydney or to buy from a huge variety of home and business security solutions in Australia, get in touch with experts at Partisan Protective Security Services today!

Wrong Information About Bidets

Even as bidets have been existing since the 15th century, it is not widely used in many countries, including Australia. In fact, the use of bidets is mainly limited to Asian and European countries. They are rarely seen in bathrooms of Australian households. The absence of bidets in Australian homes may be due to some wrong information or misconceptions about these bathroom devices. To clear this up, we came up with a list of some misconceptions many Australian households may have about bidets.

  • Bidets are not hygienic – This is one wrong information that is quite opposite to the truth. In reality, bidets make people feel cleaner and fresher after using the bathroom. It allows them to wash themselves with water instead of just using toilet paper. Using water is both sanitary and better than using a piece of paper to clean after using the toilet. It is similar to washing one’s hands or taking a shower after getting dirty from doing yard work. There are even some bidets, such as the Biobidet, offering more features that allow homeowners to feel cleaner and fresher after using the toilet.
  • Bidets are mainly for women – This is another misconception that is far from the truth. Walking into a European or Asian men’s room will give people an idea that bidets are not mainly for female use. While some bidets offer a feature to allow women to wash, it does not mean they are only designed for women. Bidets are designed for males, females, young, and elderly. There are different bidet models from manufacturers, such as Coway, offering different features that make using the bathroom healthy and hygienic.
  • Bidets require the bathroom to be remodeled – While there are bidets that require a major renovation of the bathroom, there are several models that can be easily installed on the toilet. These models can replace the toilet seat, which means anyone can install it in the bathroom without having to remodel or renovate it. Bidet manufacturers, like Coway, offer bidets that do not require any major remodeling work in the bathroom.
  • Bidets are not easy to use – While there may be some truth to this, but it is only for people who have not used a bidet before. And this is mainly for the bidet spray, which is not easy to maneuver if the user is not adroit enough. But there are some models that only require the push of a button. Smart toilets, such as the Toto Neorest, make it easy for homeowners to keep themselves clean and fresh after using the toilet. The Biobidet is another smart bidet toilet seat that offers innovative features that make using a bidet easy.
  • It is cheaper to use toilet paper – The initial investment for a bidet may be considerable, but it will allow households to save money in the long run. After the initial cost, all homeowners have to take into account is the cost of water use. Power costs may even be considered, but it would be minimal when compared to the cost of buying toilet paper every year. Moreover, using toilet paper may also result in a clogged sewer, which will require a huge amount of money to deal with. Furthermore, bidets are environment-friendly since it does away with toilet paper, which can only be used once.
  • Soap is needed in the bidet to clean properly – This is another misconception since some soaps can result in infection or inflammation in the private areas. Using warm water is medically-recommended for cleaning these areas of the body. There are some bidet models, such as the Toto Neorest, that offer a better way for homeowners to wash after using the toilet.
  • There’s no space in the bathroom – With the different models offered by different bidet manufacturers, there should be a bidet that can fit the budget of any household. While high-end models, like the Biobidet, are great for the bathroom, there are also some affordable models that homeowners can buy for their bathrooms. These are the toilet bidet seats and the bidet sprays that do not cost as much as the more elegant models.

These are just some of the wrong information or misconceptions some households may have about bidets. But knowing the truth about bidets may encourage more households to adopt the use of these innovative bathroom devices and allow them to feel cleaner and fresher after they use the bathroom. Visit Australian Bidet for more details.

All You Need To Know About Toto Washlets

By now, you must have heard a lot about the benefits of Toto washlets. Apart from helping you avoid toilet paper, a Washlet provides you with thorough cleaning and better comfort.

On the downside, buying a high end Washlet can burn a hole in your pocket, especially if you’re a first time buyer. To save money and to make a better decision, it’s important to know which Toto toilet is suitable for your needs and budget. In addition, you should have some basic knowledge of how a Washlet and its various features work.

Toto Washlets: A Brief Overview of Features

There are a few essential features that are present in almost all the Washlet models, even the basic ones. Let take a look at these.

  • Ability to adjustable water pressure, volume and temperature.
  • Dual action spray with pulsating and oscillating functionality.
  • Heated seat with the ability to control temperature.
  • A fully functional control panel.
  • Docking station for ease of installation and cleaning.

If you’re looking for more advanced features, you can choose from the following list:

  • Automatic Open and Close Lid
  • eWater+
  • Dual Action Spray with Oscillating and Pulsating Functionality
  • Water Heating System
  • Self-Cleaning Wands
  • Ergonomic Seat Design
  • Air dryer with Temperature control
  • Multiple User Settings
  • Remote Control
  • Water Premist
  • Washlet+ (Connect+)
  • Night Light

How to Choose the Right Toto Washlet for You?

Above features can overwhelm even the most experienced buyer. But, don’t worry. All you have to do is choose a Washlet that can fulfill all your basic needs. The good news is that basic features are present in almost all the washlets. In addition to these, you might want to focus on some additional features such as remote control, air-dryer and air deodorizer that suit your lifestyle and health conditions.

Last but not the least – you need to make sure that your toilet is compatible with your chosen Toto Washlet before making the purchase. Ideally the difference the two bolts holes should be around 5 ½ “(+/- 0.25). And the centre of the tank should be at a distance of least 1.75” from the bolt hole. Most buyers easily neglect this important step and end up buying a wrong Washlet that doesn’t fit their toilet. Ideally, the difference the two bolt holes should be around 5 ½ “(+/- 0.25). And the centre of the tank should be at a distance of at least 1.75” from the bolt hole.

Still confused about how to select the best Toto Washlet for your bathroom? Get in touch our experts at Mizudori Gallery - the leading Toto distributor in Australia today!

Inflatable Tenders Australia: Guide In Finding The Best Inflatable Boat

Are you planning to buy an inflatable boat? For boating enthusiasts that can’t afford pricey yachts, the availability of affordable boats is like a blessing. Why? According to inflatable tenders Australia supplier, the inflatable boats are versatile partners for open water expeditions. They can be depended both on personal and commercial water activities. In fact, a top of the line inflatable boat can have features similar to a powerboat. The difference lies in portability, price and storage. So, how to select the best inflatable boat for your open water expeditions? Below are some of the factors to consider to help find the perfect boating buddy.

PVC or Hypalon

For first-timers, the options for inflatable boats do vary. According to the customer representative of inflatable tenders Australia shop, the popular choices are PVC or Hypalon. If you are to ask the boating experts the PVC is regarded the lightweight when it comes to portability. Why? It can be stored quickly due to its foldable feature. Aside from that, PVC material is a lot cheaper when compared with Hypalon. The only downside with PVC inflatable boats as mentioned by the rigid inflatable boats Australia specialists is its material can’t withstand prolonged heat or humidity exposure.

Hypalon is extremely a super strength type of material that can cope with heavy-duty usage. This is why it’s often used in the production of RIBs. For boating enthusiasts engaged in various open water expeditions, the Hypalon inflatable boats are highly dependable than their PVC counterparts. However, the Hypalon inflatable boats are ready-built and not as portable when compared with PVC boats.


Yes, even a starter model of inflatable tender can have the basic accessories like seat, pump, repair kit, lifting points and bag for storage. However, if you prefer to invest in add-ons like multiple air chambers or inflatable keel, be ready to allocate that on your expenses.

Is the rib type inflatable tender a good option?

The customer representative of rigid inflatable boats Australia shop recommends the RIBs or often referred to as the rigid inflatables. Why? Boating enthusiasts can enjoy a lot of awesome features such as top performance on open water, availability in various sizes and models. But, be prepared to fork in more cash for the purchase of rigid inflatable tender or RIB.

Do you think the rigid or Rib inflatable is the right one for you? If unsure of your decision, better inquire with the experts at the inflatable tenders Australia shop. You may also read reviews made by rigid inflatable boat reviewers. You can also use this shared post as a guide for your first purchase of an inflatable tender.

In case you live in Australia and want to know more how much is the cost of RIB, then, visit the official website of Lejen Marine for a listing of for sale inflatables. Explore their new boat collection including on sale branded boats and accessories that will level up boating enthusiast experience.