Different Types of Bidets

Bidets are bathroom devices used to keep one clean after using the toilet. While these porcelain or ceramic cleaning devices are widely used in Asia and Europe, it is not normally used in Australian households. Several companies offer different models of bidets, including USPA and Toto. There are also several types of bidets, including the floor-mounted bidets and the bidet spray. Due to this, it is important for homeowners to know the different types of bidets before they start looking for a bidet suitable for their use. The following are the main types of bidets households can consider installing in their homes.

  • Floor-mounted bidets – floor-mounted bidets are suitable for bathrooms that have a suitable amount of space. It is also advisable to have these bidets installed while the home is still being built. If not, households may consider renovating their bathrooms when they install a floor-mounted bidet so it would blend in with everything else in the bathroom. These bidets normally look elegant and add class to the bathroom. They come in different styles that cater to the preferences of any homeowner. Households can check with a reputable company to install the bidet they want. They may want to get a USPA or a Toto toilet floor-mounted bidet for their homes.
  • Wall-mounted bidets – from the name itself, wall-mounted bidets are mounted on the wall. While it may not require the same amount of work to install these bidets, it may still be advisable for homeowners to plan out its installation properly so the bidet would not look like an eyesore in the bathroom. Similar to floor-mounted bidets, they also enhance the bathroom and make it look stylish. Homeowners can check out different brands offering these types of bidets, including USPA.

Since floor-mounted bidets and wall-mounted bidets normally require a good amount of space, they are not quite popular among many households. Fortunately, there are some bidets that do not require as much space as their ceramic counterparts.

  • Toilet seat bidets – toilet seat bidets can be used to replace existing toilet seats. Since they are compact and small, they do not require as much space as the first two types of bidets. In fact, they basically look like an ordinary toilet seat in the bathroom. It has a spray jet underneath that is used to clear residents after using the toilet. There are two main types of toilet seat bidets: electric and non-electric.
    • Electric toilet seat bidets – these types of bidets require an electric outlet close to the toilet since it requires electricity to power the water heater or a seat heater. There are also some luxury brands offering more features, including an air dryer and deodorizer, among others.
    • Non-electric – these are basic types of bidets that do not require any power. But there are some models that may have some added features, including a feminine wash and a self-cleaning option. There are also some high-end brands that offer features that are not offered by an ordinary non-electric bidet.
  • Handheld bidets – handheld bidets or the bidet spray is another compact bidet that will not take up much space in the bathroom. While these types of bidets are widely-used in Middle Eastern countries, they are gradually making a mark in the other parts of the world. They allow homeowners to control the direction of the water when they use them. But it may be challenging to use them at first for homeowners who never tried using a bidet before.
  • Portable bidets – these types of bidets are not well-known since they are normally used by travelers who want to have that fresh feeling every time they use the bathroom abroad. These bidets look like water bottles with a spout and function similar to handheld bidets or a bidet spray. While they are practical for travelers, these are not normally used in the household. There are even electric portable bidets available in the market.

Bidets are gradually becoming popular among Australian households, especially among Australians who tried using these bathroom devices when they traveled abroad. While getting a bidet for the home is a good way to keep one clean after using the bathroom, homeowners should decide on which type of bidet they want to have at home. Moreover, they look for a reputable bidet supplier where they can get more information about the bathroom device that is most suitable for their bathrooms. For more information, visit Australian Bidet Today !

Kitchen Ideas – Fitted Kitchens and it’s Benefits

Modern day houses usually have limited space for the kitchen which is why it is extremely important to make best use of every inch and make the kitchen space more functional and spacious. Fitted kitchens supplied by kitchen direct encompass all important elements of a kitchen.

Bill’s Quality Kitchen provides supplies such as worktops, appliances; cupboards and drawers which are configured in a way which makes the kitchen look spacious and extremely beautiful.

Use of best quality materials such as granite, wood and stainless steel ensures a durable and highly convenient kitchen designer space. Bill’s Quality Kitchen provides smart supplies for your kitchen at the best price. The established wall units designs which are crafted by experts surpass your expectations with its useful design, enhanced aesthetics and affordable prices.

Choose Timber Veneers from Reputed Suppliers to Get Optimal Value for Money

Interior designers the world over have always looked for innovative ways to make their clients’ homes more elegant and visually appealing. To achieve this, they often perform exhaustive research on the latest trends in the industry. Then, they take the inputs and requirements from their clients and match these with the best solutions on offer. In many cases, these solutions will be a perfect blend of visual appeal and cost effectiveness. Not many people can afford to splurge their hard-earned money towards embellishing their homes. Thus, finding a suitable balance between the requirements and solutions becomes imperative.

In recent times, the use of timber veneer panels and sheets has come into vogue. The use of timber and other hardwood varieties in the construction industry has always remained popular. But, using these panels and sheets to spruce up the interior décor has won the favour of many interior designers in Australia. It can be worth mentioning that many ancient societies used decorative veneers and plywood in the past. For instance, the Dutch used veneers back in the 17th century. Similarly, many European cabinetmakers produced high-quality veneered furniture in the 18th century. Thus, it comes as no surprise that timber veneer has become an important part of interior décor trends in contemporary times.

For the uninitiated, veneers denote extremely thin slices of wood cut from different varieties of logs. Companies offering veneers typically use various slicing, peeling and sawing machines to produce an assortment of veneers. They also use veneers mainly on substrates like plywood for making high-quality furniture. In some cases, they will use veneers for making laminated shapes. These shapes and objects can be ideal for using for various decorative and architectural purposes. Many people in Australia nowadays prefer incorporating timber and burl veneers into their home décor. These veneers can be ideal for using in:

  • The wall panelling
  • Wardrobe doors
  • Shelves (including in-built shelves)
  • Kitchen cabinet interiors and exteriors
  • Bespoke joinery and,
  • Interior doors

Over the years, the popularity of wooden veneers has ebbed and flowed. But, these veneers can still make a significant impact on the overall look of any object and space. To cite an example, a piano featuring decorative veneers will exude a stylish and elegant look as opposed to a plainer model. The only element to have changed with respect to wooden veneers over the years has been design trends. Thus, the use of specific varieties of timbers, their colour, grain and figure became popular in different eras.

When you shop for decorative veneer panels, ensure that you shop with an established supplier of veneers and fire rated doors. Not only will such suppliers be able to offer you an enviable range of options. They will also stock high-quality products that can last you for years. Their veneers and associated products will come backed by manufacturer warranties that can protect your investment should things go wrong. One aspect that you must always consider when shopping for wooden veneers will pertain to their intended use in your home. However, you might not possess a lot of knowledge on veneers to make informed decisions. This necessitates the need to speak to designers who can advise you on the best veneers to purchase. It can be worth highlighting that sunlight, moisture and wear & tear affect different varieties of wood in varying ways. Thus, it becomes imperative to harness the expertise of people who have years of experience in the industry. This invariably means shopping at the facility of a reputed and quality supplier. For more information, Visit Forest Products today !

5 Ways Toto Toilets Can Enhance Your Bathroom Experience

When it come to smart toilets, it can be rather difficult to keep up with the ever evolving technology. Latest models available at any reputable Toto distributer in Australia are using lesser water than traditional toilets and come with some really cutting-edge features.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons why you should invest in a Japanese toilet like Toto.

  1. More Hygiene and Cleanliness: Toto toilets come with a revolutionary premist and post mist technology. What it does is it sprays and coats the bowl with a thin layer of electrolysed water before every use. This is great for preventing waste build up.
  2. Reduce The Use Of Toilet Paper: One of the reasons why modern households prefer technologically advanced Toto toilets is that they can help them drastically cut down the use of toilet paper, which brings us to our next point.
  3. Environmentally Friendly: Toto washlets can help you reduce the usage of toilet paper, which in turn, can reduce the impact on environment. In the long run, switching to a Japanese toilet can decrease energy use and harmful emissions. Secondly, premist technology can virtually eliminate the need for unsafe chemicals.
  4. No More Clogged Toilets: Using warm water to cleanse after each use is not only comfortable and a better way to clean, it also prevents clogged toilets.
  5. Top Notch Comfort: With warm water, heated seat, night light and ability to set pressure, a Japanese toilet can enhance your bathroom experience beyond your expectations.

Looking For More Advanced Toto Toilets? Go for Toto Neorest!

Toto Neorest range is nothing less than revolutionary. Let’s delve into its features one by one, so that you can make a more informed buying decision.

  • Actilight: This patented technology from Toto is embedded into the Washlet lid. It works in conjunction with special zirconium coated surface. When turned on, it automatically breaks down the bacteria.
  • Premist: Before each use, toilet bowl is sprayed with eWater+ to ensure highest level of cleanliness. It helps in achieving 80% better results than conventional methods.
  • Hydroprotect: This refers to the special zirconium coating, especially used on a ceramic surface. In the presence of UV light, this hydrophilic coating breaks down the organic waste.
  • eWater+: This refers to electrolysed water. Electrolysis of water containing sodium chloride results in sodium hydroxide and hypochlorous acid. These compounds are very effective disinfectants, and are used during wand cleaning, pre misting and post misting.

Looking to buy a quality Japanese toilet to fit your needs and budget? Get in touch with the experts at Mizoduri Gallery. We are the leading Toto distributor in Australia. We can provide you with the best bathroom products right within your budget. Visit Mizoduri Gallery today!

5 Amazing Benefits of Inflatable Boats in Victoria

Inflatable boats are quite popular in Australia and for a good reason. They offer a great value to buyers. While you may need to invest heavily in getting a traditional boat, inflatable boats come are pretty affordable. This makes them a great choice for anyone who does not want to invest in a wooden boat. If you are wondering what other benefits inflatable boats can offer you, here is a short list:

5 of the Best Advantages You Can Get from Inflatable Boats 

  1. Easy to Afford

Inflatable boats are very easy to afford. They are available through many brands and each one offers something unique. From high-end rigid inflatable boats to inflatable SUPs in Australia, the idea is that you will get the best value for your money if you invest in one of these.

  1. Easy to Maintain

Maintaining inflatable boats is considerably easier than keeping wooden boats pristine. In fact, you can save a lot of your money by simply getting a replacement boat when your inflatable SUPs in Australia wears out. They are inexpensive and their maintenance is even less so.

  1. Easy to Navigate

Navigating an inflatable boat is a considerably easier task. Though you might find it more or less responsive depending on the motor you use. Still, the almost non-existent weight of the boat makes it easy to learn. If you want to go fishing in something easily managed, this will do.

  1. Easily Replaced

Inflatable boats are one of the best options for those who do heavy water work with their watercrafts. You do not need to worry too much about maintaining these since they can be bought relatively easily from trusted suppliers like Lejen Marine. You can get several years of good use from your inflatable boats in Victoria before needing a replacement.

  1. Easy to Fix

Fixing inflatable boats does not take a lot of effort. With the right knowledge, you could do it yourself. In fact, some brands like Brig inflatable boats are specifically known for being highly durable. Others like Zodiac inflatable boats in Sydney also don’t cost too much. So, they are an ideal investment option if you want to look at the long-term game.

How to get Best Inflatable Boats in Victoria?  

Lejen Marine is the leading supplier for top quality inflatable boats in Sydney. We offer not just standard inflatable SUPs in Australia but also rigid inflatable boats of all types. Get in touch today!

5 Steps to Find the Right Audi Parts

Audi is one of the most valuable automotive brands in the world, and has some of the best rides on Australian roads. If you own an Audi then you obviously want to keep it in top shape. So, you will need a smart mechanic who can give you the services you need and also keep the prices under control. One of the biggest expenses comes in the form of replacement Audi parts. Here are the steps to find the right Audi parts for your needs:

How to Find the Best Audi Parts for Your Car? 

  1. Look Online

The online marketplace is much wider than any Audi mechanic can tell you. Plus, you get to find the right parts for your needs. While it is important to consult your mechanic, do go online first to find out the options available.

  1. Consult Your Mechanic

A quick online search is only the starting point. You will also need to consult the Audi mechanic you usually get your car fixed with. Ask him about the average prices, the difference between new and used parts and any related performance factors. This should give you a clear idea of what you should buy.

  1. Compare Prices 

Comparing prices you got from your Audi mechanic will help you find the average expense you will make. This will also tell you the difference between new and used Audi parts in the market. Base your purchase decision on this.

  1. Ask Your Mechanic Again

Once you have decided on an Audi part, consult your mechanic again. They will tell you if it can work well with your car. Based on their recommendation and your own understanding, you can now make the right purchase.

  1. Buy It

This is the final step where you order the product online. Most mechanics also source from online places so it doesn’t make much difference. However, you can get a better deal if ask them to buy your Audi parts for you. So, if you think you can’t stand by your choice, then letting them source your parts is a better option.

SWEA: Get In Touch With Leading European Experts!

SWEA is one of the top Audi mechanic and European parts experts in Australia. We also offer a wide range of options for other cars such as Fiat car parts, IVECO wreckers and many others. Contact us now!



Electric Bidet Seat – Features and Benefits

Depending on the model you choose for your bathroom, an electric bidet seat can offer you a multitude of benefits and features. From delivering unmatched comfort by warming up the seats in cold weather to the ability of setting different water temperatures, you can get an electric bidet seat with any desired features.

The amazing part is that you don’t have to install any additional fixtures to enjoy all these benefits. Every feature comes built-in into the seat itself and these compact Toto toilets can easily fit into almost any bathroom in Australia.

Let’s have a look at some of the prominent benefits of getting an electric bidet seat:

  1. Heated Toilet Seat: There’s nothing more comfortable than having a warm place in your bathroom to do your business. In cold weather, most of us just hate to go to the bathroom and sit on ice cold seat unless it’s an absolute necessity. Well, with an electric bidet seat, you’ll actually look forward to attend nature’s call. These electric bidet seats are exceptionally energy efficient. So, you do not have to worry about your electric bills.


  1. Adjustable Pressure and Temperature: Electric bidet seat and Toto toilets come with adjustable water pressure and temperature features. Just the thought of hitting with high pressure water on sensitive areas can deter many people from buying Toto toilets. However, these seats come with adjustable pressure features so that you can quickly adjust the pressure at a comfortable level. Not just that, you can also find temperature adjustment feature in high-end models. This feature allows you to set the best temperature for water as per your comfort and cleansing needs.


  1. Remote Control: A remote control enabled electric bidet seat can prove to be the best investment you can ever make. This seat is ultimate in convenience and luxury. With a compact and intuitive remote, you can control almost every feature of your bidet seat. Remote is especially helpful for seniors, injured or disabled individuals.


  1. More Amazing Features: There is a plenty of more amazing features that you can find even in most models. You can get a bidet seat that has a deodorizer to eliminate any bad odour from your bathroom. Then there are Toto toilets with built-in air hand dryer so you don’t have to use cloth to dry your hands. High-end bidet seats come with self-cleansing stainless steel nozzles so that you don’t have worry about their care and maintenance.

Australian Bidet is one of the most trusted suppliers of bidets and Toto Toilets in Australia. For more information or to choose from the widest selection of Toto toilets in Australia, get in touch today!



Modern kitchens – Simplistic Design and High Performance

When you are planning for kitchen remodelling projects, the number of choices available could be overwhelming but only a few of them would actually provide beauty and performance. Among the countless options, modern kitchens are mostly based on a simplistic design which can guarantee superior performance.

Modern day appliances are more functional when compared with their traditional counterparts. Also, with energy efficient appliances, you can now save money on your energy bills. Kitchen islands are an integral element of modern kitchens which can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Frameless door, beautiful wooden flooring, and use of glass adds a dash of style and panache to the kitchen space. There can be many ways to create modern kitchens, however the emphasis should be on luxurious gadgets which can make life comfortable and easy.

3 Step Guide to Buying Inflatable Boats in Victoria

Inflatable boats are a great investment for all kinds of boating enthusiasts. If you love the beach or go out on to the water often, you should definitely get an inflatable boat. This will help you make the most of your water excursions. If you have family with you then you may enjoy it even more. But the first thing you need to do is consider how to purchase the right inflatable boats. Here’s a guide:

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Inflatable Boats in Victoria

  1. Purpose

This is the first consideration that you need to make. If you want to buy a rigid inflatable boat, you must know what it is best used for. On the other hand, if you just want something to take out on the water every now and then, an inflatable buoy might be a better option. So, consider what you want from your boat and then make the final decision.

  1. Price

The price factor is always important because you do not want to waste money on something you’re not going to use. Of course, this entirely depends on what you want. Also, it depends on how often you will use your inflatable boats. Ideally, for casual users, getting a mid-range option is a good choice. If you want more value, then consider going for a higher-end model. However, make sure you factor in upkeep, terms of use and replacement options.

  1. Preference

Preferences matter a lot since you are not just going to be out on the water in just about any boat. The brand, the colour and other things matter quite a lot. So, when you are making a choice, consider going for a trusted brand and model. Zodiac inflatable boats in Sydney are a good option. Some other companies also have similarly priced models out there.

Lejen Marine: The Leading Suppliers of Quality Inflatable Boats in Victoria!

When it comes to the most trusted names in Sydney for high-quality inflatable boats, Lejen Marine comes at the very top. We offer a widest range of options in the market. Our catalogue is complete with some of the most well-known brands in Australia for inflatable boats.

Whether you are looking for Brig inflatable boats or Zodiac inflatable boats in Sydney, you can find the right option with us. Visit Lejen Marine now and let us help you find the ideal inflatable boats for your needs.


3 Key Elements to Keep In Mind When Shopping For Toto Toilets

If you’re not that familiar with Toto toilets, you might find it hard to select one for your home. There are several key aspects to any Japanese toilet that you should keep in mind before making any kind of investment. Well, fret not! As the leading and most trusted Toto distributer in Australia, we have shortlisted some of the key elements that can help you make a smarter decision. Let’s take a look:

What to Consider When Buying a Japanese Toilet?

1. Design of Toto toilet
Toto toilets come in a wide range of designs. This is an important consideration especially if you are a discerning buyer. There are one piece Toto toilets that combine both toilet tank and bowl into one seamless design.
One piece toilets are easier to clean than the other options. So, if space is at premium in your home and you’re looking for something that can be easily cleaned, one piece Toto toilet might be a good choice for you. On the downside, these toilets are somewhat challenging to install.
If you’re looking for something more traditional, a two piece Japanese toilet would serve your purpose. They have separate bowl and tank, and are quite easier to install.

2. Types of Flushing Systems
There are several types of flushing systems available in Toto toilets. Some of the prominent ones are gravity feed, double cyclone, and pressure and power assisted systems. Each one of these has its own advantages and limitations. To choose the best one for you, contact our experts with your exact requirements.

3. Flushing Power and Water Efficiency
Toto is the world’s leading brand when it comes to high-end smart toilets. So, it goes without saying that they have some of the most powerful flushing systems out there. What’s more; they are also great for conserving water.

Looking For Top Quality Toto Toilets in Australia?
Mizudori Gallery tops the list of most reliable and customer friendly Toto distributor in Australia. From integrated one piece Toto toilets to Toto washlets, we stock a huge range of products that can take your bathroom experience to the next level. For more information, visit Mizudori Gallery or get in touch with our experts today!