Use a Monitor Arm to Improve Your Workspace

Most of today’s modern workspaces involve the use of computers. After all, they make certain tasks much easier, and there are jobs which simply cannot be completed without the use of one. Despite being necessary for many of today’s business, computer usage also comes with certain drawbacks. Some of these include eye problems, headaches, and even posture problems. As surprising as it may sound, a monitor arm can help to alleviate these health issues and several other problems.

One of the most obvious features of a monitor arm is that it is adjustable. That means that you can adjust the height, angle and depth of your computer monitor to settings which are perfect for your own personal use. This way, you can position it in such a way that is most comfortable and ergonomically healthy for you. In fact, this is the main reason why most people use (or advised to use) monitor arms.

See, in a normal setting your computer monitor would just be sitting squarely on your desk, and in this position it can be difficult to maintain a healthy posture (or the body’s natural posture) while working in front of the screen. Maybe you could do so in the first few minutes or even hours of working. However, the more time you spend working on the computer screen, you tend to hunch towards it.

This then moves your spine out of its normal alignment. Obviously, this comes with a lot of negative repercussions. Not only will it lead to long-term damage to your spine, but it can also lead to back pains (especially in your lower back) and neck pains.

With monitor arms, you need not worry about such issues. Simply adjust your monitor arm accordingly and you can start working without having to endure and worry about these pains.

State of the Art Monitor Arms from DPG Form-fittings

Here at DPG Form-fittings, we have a range of monitor arms available for you to choose from. Our range of monitor arms includes flat screen arm, spring assisted arm, and laptop support and power column and others. Our monitor arms are simple to use, exceptionally versatile and extremely durable, thus eliminating any worries about usage and safety. If you need help with finding the perfect monitor arm for your workstations, or are in need of busbar or cable management services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call up at 02 9669 3449 or you can leave a message in our contact page.



Keep Your Home or Office Interiors Elegant with Quality Wooden Veneers

Certain materials and finishes exude a timeless and classic look. This trait enables them to remain popular year after year. Such materials and finishes typically never look dated or obsolete. Unlike popular trends or fads, they will never require an upgrade or update every few years or so. In addition, these materials and finishes will usually have the ability to blend in perfectly with any colour scheme or pattern. Not surprisingly, these materials and finishes remain popular with owners of residential and commercial properties alike.


Wood has a reputation for being one of the most durable building materials. It never goes out of style. A naturally renewable material, wood can come into use in a myriad of applications. Some people use it for making fire rated doors and windows. Others use it for making cupboards, cabinets, wardrobes etc. Suppliers of wall coverings and furnishings often use wood for making and accentuating their wares. Thus, it comes as no surprise that wood has become the material of choice for builders across the world. From flooring to framing, it suits the needs of suppliers and property owners perfectly.


For many people, solid wood can be the ideal material for various purposes. You can use it for making furniture, storage units, flooring, doors and windows etc. However, in recent times, the popularity of wooden veneers has been on the rise. For the uninitiated, wood veneers come from slicing wood into extremely thin slices. Thereafter, workers bond these thin slices of wood to other materials. The sustainability of these veneers makes them highly popular the world over. In addition, purchasing products made from veneers as opposed to those made from solid wood can be cost effective as well.


Any item made from solid wood will require a larger amount of material. As a result, its cost will be much higher. But, items made from veneer panels will not be as expensive. This will be the case because veneer panels will typically feature veneer bonded to another material or substrate such as particleboard, plywood, MDF etc. Hence, the construction of the item will remain sturdy and firm. At the same time, the lesser amount of solid wood used will keep the item’s cost in affordable territory.

It goes without saying that distinguishing an item made of solid wood and one made from veneers will not be easy. The appearance and durability of veneers can be comparable to that of solid wood. So, you could easily opt for products made from veneers instead of solid wood to avoid busting your budget.

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Are Fire Rated Doors Really Worth the Money? Top 3 Reasons

Fire rated doors are something of a unique product in the world of residential and commercial wood products. They offer a number of benefits which make them both very popular and somewhat cost-effective in the long run.

Now, when it comes to balancing between both, it is rather difficult to know where the equilibrium lies. This is because every property, whether residential or commercial, has its own set of requirements and fire-rated doors are a part of that.

Whether your residence or office needs fire safety doors or not is largely a matter of preference and professional recommendation. If there is a particular risk of a fire breaking out on your property, then fire rated doors are obviously a good choice. Here are some benefits they can offer you.


3 Great Benefits from Fire Rated Doors


We put the first one as the most obvious one because it can often go underrated. Ensuring safety from fire for your family is very important for obvious reasons. If you live in parts of Australia where bushfires are seasonal, then you should give these and other fire rated board home installations a serious consideration.

Structural Integrity

Killing an accidental indoor fire requires the right water sprinkler system and quality doors to shut off any kind of oxygen supply. Of course you doors will not be air tight but with fire safety boards, they are very likely to keep a fire from spreading to other parts of your home. This in turn keeps the structural integrity of your home intact, not to mention all your precious furniture and other household possessions.

Visual Appeal

Fire rated doors are not only resistant to fire damage, they are also not easily marred by exposure to fire. So, they will potentially have the same visual quality which they had when you installed them even after an unfortunate fire has broken out and been contained. Thus, they are much more economical in the longer run and can help you avoid spending on needless replacements.

Processed Forest Products: The Most Reliable Experts of Fire Rated Doors and Boards

Looking for high quality and reliable fire rated doors in Australia? Look no further than Processed Forest Products and its sprawling catalogue of products. We offer a wide selection of fire rated doors in many styles well-suited for both residential and commercial installations. Get the best fire rated doors for your property from us now!


Common Pebblecrete Pool Issues and Solutions

Pebble pools are one of the more popular swimming pool surfaces being used nowadays, and for good reasons, too. For one, these pool surfaces stunning and beautiful, and certainly gives any pool a great and unique look. Second, these are durable and can last for many years before they start showing signs of wear and tear.

However, like many other pool surfaces, pebblecrete pool also require certain amount of servicing and repairs throughout their lifetime. When these maintenance requirements are ignored, several problems may start to appear.

Wear and Tear

The pebbles used for swimming pool surfaces rarely become worn out. However, the cement matrix where the pebbles are embedded into will eventually have to give in over time. This is usually caused by the cleaning solutions and other chemicals used to balance the pool water.

Although the pebbles themselves are smooth, the cement matrix where they are embedded are porous. That said, they can be negatively impacted by the chemicals in the water and the water itself. When this happens, it can cause cracks and crevices to appear on the surface. These cracks and crevices provide a perfect spot for algae growth, which eventually leads to staining and discolouration. When this problem is left unchecked, it can become difficult to completely and effectively remove the algae as their roots will have deeply penetrated the pool’s surface.

Dislodging and Erosion

Another issue with pebble pools is that some of them can sometimes lose its adhesion to the base layer. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including years (sometimes decades) of exposure to the water and chemicals. When this happens it can cause them to loosen and become dislodged or even erode. It can also cause the surface to become rough.

In any case, this will eventually happen as your swimming pool reaches a certain age. This problem doesn’t usually appear within several years after the installation, and can only be observed as the pool ages. To keep this from happening, it is a good idea to hire only reputable contractors when having your pool built or during pool resurfacing projects. This way, you can be sure of the quality of the workmanship and the materials used.

All in all, the chemicals used in balancing the pool water’s pH, acidity, and calcium levels are all important. They are necessary to ensure that the pool water is safe and suitable for use. However, these will have a negative effect on the pool’s surface, which includes that of pebble pools. That said, it is important to never use more than the required chemical dosage for your pool. This will help to preserve the integrity of the pebble pool’s surface so you can enjoy it for longer.

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What Makes Proper Cable Management So Important?

Proper cable is important to any office and establishment for a myriad of reasons. From safety to efficiency and others, proper cable management can do wonders to any business. Below are some of the top reasons why cable management shouldn’t be ignored.

Improved Efficiency

Proper cable management allows you to have easy access not only to the cables but to the devices connected to them as well. Many employees (and employers) can attest to the fact that making sense of unmarked and tangled cables can be time-consuming. And more often than not, this makes a certain task longer to complete than they really should. This then leads to inefficiency among workers as the time they wasted on such activities could’ve been used more productively. This makes tagging, organizing and color-coding cables (and arranging them accordingly) a must for any workplace with significantly numerous cables.

Workplace and Fire Safety

Cables which are not properly organized poses several risk hazards for any business and its people. Tripping is one of the first issues to come to mind as people walk or work near a bundle of cables, which can result to injuries like sprained ankles, broken hips or even head trauma. In addition, when someone trips over a cable he or she might yank it out of the power outlet.

Another issue with improperly organized cables is fire hazard. When cables are not properly managed, they can lead to sparks and eventually start a fire. Lucky for you (or maybe not) if the fire was concentrated on a single area and was only able to damage a certain piece of equipment before it was contained. However, when left unchecked the fire can damage the entire business, equipment and establishment and everything else in between.

Easier Repair and Maintenance

One of the first steps to repairing and maintaining electronic equipment is to check the cables and connections. When the cables are entangled and in disarray, they can make repairs and maintenance more challenging. For one, it can lead to confusion, which then results to costly mistakes. Second, it takes a significant amount of time to sort through the mess, resulting in lost productivity.

All in all, proper cable management is crucial for any business for efficiency, safety, and an organized workplace. However, there are many other benefits of proper cable management and maintenance aside from those mentioned above. If you need help with your cable management or office fit out, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.