What Aspects Should You Consider Before Buying Fire Rated Doors?

Xylem or wood-based doors have become a common sight in residential complexes and properties. Owners of many commercial facilities too, do not think beyond the regular wooden doors. But, wooden doors could be a liability in case of fire. You could certainly opt for wooden doors that offer suitable levels of fire resistance. However, in commercial facilities, the risk of not having quality fire rated doors could be quite costly.

For instance, unlike residences, commercial properties typically have several people visiting or working in them at any given point in time. In case of fire, the facility owner will need as much time as possible for making people vacate the facility. Having regular doors will not suffice in this situation. In fact, regular wooden doors could end up adding to the problem. In contrast, fire-rated doors could prevent the fire from spreading to other parts of the building. More importantly, by controlling the spread of the fire, they could give you ample time to empty the building of people.

 What Kinds of Fire Rated Doors Do Manufacturers Commonly Provide in Australia?

Not many people will know that fire-rated doors come in a wide range of varieties. Some suppliers will be able to provide lead-lined doors and steel-faced doors. Others might specialise in smoke doors and timber-faced doors featuring quality wenge veneer. However, reputed manufacturers of fire-rated doors will offer a wide selection of doors ideal for use in commercial and residential facilities alike. Commercial hinged fire doors offer superior levels of security, durability and sound restrictive traits.

They can be ideal for using in heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications. Many residential fire doors will feature fire-ratings of at least one hour. Despite being lightweight, these doors will be strong and durable. They will also provide superlative fire performance levels. Double action fire doors can be useful in areas that have high levels of bi-directional traffic. Sliding fire doors typically come with steel or plywood finishes. You could choose sliding fire-rated doors in single leaf, multiple leaves, bi-parting etc. varieties.

 Focus on the Fire Resistance Levels When Shopping for Fire-Rated Doors

The building codes prevalent in Australia grade fire rated doors in terms of their Fire Resistance Level (FRL). FRLs denote the period in minutes that a door will resist flame and smoke. This term typically has three values that denote the door’s resistance based on its structural adequacy, integrity and insulation. Hence, a door with FRL values of 60/60/60 will maintain structural adequacy, integrity and insulation for 60 minutes.

 What Kinds of Materials Should Your Fire Door Comprise?

Similarly, fire doors could feature any type of materials. Some doors might feature glass, MDF or wood. Others might comprise gypsum, steel or timber (including American oak veneers). To pick fire doors ideal for your building, consider:


  • The FRL value the door must have
  • The size and thickness of the fire door
  • The purpose of the fire door i.e. buildings with inflammable materials might necessitate steel doors with high FRL ratings
  • The strength and durability of the door and,
  • The design choices that could influence the aesthetic appeal of the fire door

Which Fire Door Configuration Will be Ideal for Your Specific Structure?

As mentioned earlier, fire rated doors come in various configurations. Hinged fire doors will be ideal for generic use. Fixed to the door jambs, these doors will swing open one way – either inwards or outwards. These doors will always feature a handle or a knob. Sliding fire doors can be useful in larger spaces – especially in commercial facilities.

These doors slide into cavities located in walls when opened. They can accommodate more people and large machinery as well. Swinging double action fire doors can swing open inwards and outwards. Fitted to the top and vertical stiles, these doors can be ideal in spaces that experience heavy bi-directional traffic.

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Things To Know Before Installing Cable Management Systems In Your Office

Getting the wiring right in any office is a complicated task best left to professionals. But just because you have experts working for you does not mean you should not know about some essential things.

After all, you will be working in this office five days a week for the foreseeable future. So, it makes sense to understand how things like floor boxes and monitor arms can make your office cable management activities a breeze.

So, here are some essential office cabling solutions that you need to know about to make sure you office fit out is handled proficiently.

Top Tools Every Office Fit Out Cabling Process Needs to Have

  1. Monitor Arms

There are no offices in the world today without computers. And computers work with monitors. Now, if you have workstations in your office, installing monitor arms is a must. They will allow your employees to adjust the position of the monitor more easily and thus, result in a better workflow.

Along with getting these monitor arms; you will also need to thread them with the appropriate cables to make the screen work properly. Getting this done is a smart way to make your workplace more productive and you should get the right professional to make the installation properly.

  1. Floor Boxes

Unlike monitor arms, which are optional at best, floor boxes are a mandatory installation at any office. Whether you own the entire building you work in or just one, you need to have floor boxes to contain all the circuitry relays in one place. Naturally, this makes managing the entire wiring of your office much easier.

Having floor boxes is important for another important reason. They make for much better and efficient cable management by way of segregation. A short circuit in one floor box need not affect the entire building. Also, if there is a problem with any of the office fit out, the floor boxes relay can be checked and the problem handled as soon as possible.

Where Can You Get the Best Office Fit Out Cabling Equipment?

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An Overview Of PUR Lamination

You might have come across laminated boards or veneers on visiting the facility of a timber veneer supplier. These boards or veneers will not be anything other than a type of engineered wood.

People in the woodworking industry will use these boards for making cabinets, furniture and even, flooring. The term ‘laminate board’ will merely denote a product featuring a thin face layer of a material glued on to a core. The material of the face layer will usually be wood or timber. On occasions, it could vary from ivory to marble too.

It goes without saying that laminate boards and veneers typically feature genuine wood. Manufacturers will slice layers of wood and adhere them to a solid core with an adhesive.

The innermost layers will typically comprise some variety of plywood or a composite wood product that does not shrink, bow or warp. The outermost layer will comprise a thin slice of natural hardwood. Manufacturers of these boards and burl veneers will use high-pressure moulds or apply steam to the wood to give it the desired shape.

What Does PUR Lamination Involve?

In the woodworking sector, PUR adhesives offer an unbeatable advantage. This can be especially so when manufacturing laminated boards and veneers. PUR adhesives possess the high levels of strength required to bind the construction materials together. So, if you use these adhesives for making furniture, you would not require screws or nails.

You would be able to preserve the visual appeal of the wood perfectly. In addition, you would be able to save both time and effort by not having to drill holes for the nails. Thus, to produce these boards and burl veneers, the manufacturers would simply press several layers of wood together and bind them with a PUR adhesive. This will involve the use of specialised machines.

The workers will feed the substrate through laminating equipment such as profile wrappers and foilers. The material requiring lamination will undergo a process that results in the application of the glue to the material. Thereafter, the glued laminate and the substrate will come together and go through various rollers.

The rollers will remain set at different angles that conform to the contour of the substrate. Thus, the bonding between the substrate and the adhesive will become much stronger resulting in burl veneers, laminate on boards or other similar products.

What Makes the Use of PUR Adhesives So Invaluable in the Woodworking Sector?

People associated with producing burl veneers and laminate on boards will often utilise PUR lamination to achieve their objectives. For the uninitiated, PUR denotes the abbreviated form of PolyURethane.

This synthetic material comprises several organic units connected by urethane links. It happens to be a polymer too. Invented sometime during the 1930s, PUR provided a cheaper alternative to the costlier rubber. With the passage of time, the use of PUR became more widespread in other applications.

During the 1990s, the use of PUR in adhesives, especially in the woodworking sector, came into vogue. PUR hot melts can be highly flexible. They can also withstand a wide range of thermal settings. They offer significantly superior levels of strength to traditional hot melt adhesives.

PUR polymerises when it comes into contact with the humidity present in the air. As a result, it can form stronger bonds with the wood once the curing process concludes. PUR adhesives also have a low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content. This makes them more environment-friendly and less hazardous. Not surprisingly, many manufacturers of laminated board and veneers use PUR in their manufacturing processes.

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Swimming Pool Renovations: Benefits of Concrete Pool Decks

A variety of materials can be used in making swimming pool decks. If you are wondering which material to use for your deck during your swimming pool renovations or construction, you may want to consider going with concrete. Here are several reasons that may help convince you to do so.


One advantage of concrete pool decks is that they are easier to maintain than other types of pool deck materials. For instance, most maintenance requirements of concrete pool decks will focus around keeping it clean.

However, the colours of concrete pool decks are bound to fade over time, which is normal and will happen eventually. In such instances, you’re going to have them painted or resealed at least once every few years.


Concrete is one of the most affordable materials that you can use for your pool deck. One reason for this is because the raw materials needed for this project are much cheaper than the ones used for other pool deck materials.

Another reason is that they are cheaper to maintain and are very durable. Thus, you’ll be able to save money on maintenance and repair costs. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy using it for a long time, giving you a good return for your investment.


When most people think about concrete, they usually think about fray slabs of pavement used in roads and sidewalks. However, concrete is so much more than that, design-wise that is. Concrete can be painted in a variety of colours which can complement your design tastes.

They can even be textured if you’re looking to create a unique style for your pool deck. All in all, the design options for concrete is limitless, and an expert in pool renovations in Hills District should have no trouble helping you achieve your desire look for your concrete pool deck.


Pool decks can become wet very quickly with all the people going in and coming out of the pool. This creates a wet and sometimes slippery surface which can be dangerous especially for kids running around the pool.

To keep this from happening, different aggregates can be added or techniques used that create a slip-resistant surface. For instance, a non-slip, epoxy pool deck coating can be applied on the surface and this will keep your pool deck looking great while also providing a non-slip surface.

All in all, concrete pool decks offer plenty of benefits for the pool owners. If you would like more information regarding this matter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

3 Must have Wiring Accessories For Your Office

Cables and wiring accessories are the connecting tunnels for our professional lives. From providing your workstation with power to giving connectivity to the entire office, they are really important. And like all important things, they demand proper maintenance and management.

Whether you have professional technicians in-house for handling cable and power problems, or you have a more DIY approach, there are some essential cable management tools you should always know about. So, here is a list of the most important wiring accessories you need to have in your business to make sure all cabling and power problems are managed efficiently.

 Top Wiring Accessories Every Office Needs to Have

Soft Wiring

Soft wiring is the primary asset that helps smaller companies adapt to different office situations. While there are some drawbacks to it, soft wiring also allows systems to be shifted from one place to another. In contrast, hard wiring provides a more stable setup but is also harder to alter since the wiring is well placed in sockets and cable routes.

So, having soft wiring in your office along with a professional who knows how to work them is essential. This is especially true for businesses that might be looking to move to a bigger and better office space or have temporary offices. Using soft wiring also requires that an appropriate cache of wiring is at hand to fix any problems.

Cable Basket

A cable basket is exactly what it sounds like. It is a basket in which you or your designated office technician will keep any cable bunch. While this may seem like a needless purchase to you, a seasoned technician will inform you of its many uses.

For wiring experts, there is nothing more frustrating and time consuming than unravelling jumbled wires. Keeping a neat loop of wires in a cable basket solves that problem easily. Further, any set of wires can be stored in the basket and kept from being misplaced or even damaged.

Also, when your technician is working, having the wires on the ground is the perfect place for someone to trip, fall and be out of commission for a few days or even weeks. So, among wiring accessories, a cable basket is has worthy place.


Where Can You Find the Best Soft Wiring, Cable Basket and Other Wiring Accessories?

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Why You Should Invest On FSC Certified Veneer?

Do you always need special materials for most of your building and interior projects? One of the materials that are gaining popularity among builders and interior designers is FSC certified veneer. FSC means Forest Stewardship Council. When a wood veneer product bears this seal it assures the user that supports and adheres to the standards set for responsible forestry and sustainable living. If you haven’t used wooden veneers, here are some of the reasons why investing now is a wise decision.

Reason #1 – Versatility

One of the reasons why many people in the building, construction including interior decorating prefer FSC certified veneer for their projects because of the versatility it can offer. Top rated veneers are not only found in building projects but, you will see most of them as final finishing materials to improve the overall appearance of any structure.

Reason #2 – Suitability for domestic use

Another reason that makes FSC certified veneer in huge demand is the process the wood has undergone will not cause any harm to the environment. This makes all types of wood veneers like the American oak veneer suitable for domestic use. In fact, you will find timber veneer to be used in the construction of kitchen cabinets and furniture pieces because this raw material is environment-friendly and expected to last longer with proper care.

Reason #3 – Support the livelihood of a community

When a manufacturer of all kinds of timber veneer complies and support the FSC this action itself is giving something good to the community. How? Every company has corporate responsibility and one of the best ways that a manufacturer of veneers can do in helping protect the forestry industry by only providing customers with wood products that have FSC certification.

Reason #4 – FSC assures customers of quality wood products

The certification isn’t something that is awarded to any manufacturer of timber veneer products. This certification is only granted to any wooden product that has passed quality assurance and standards of the recognised non-profit organisation Forest Stewardship Council. If you bought veneer with FSC this means you only get quality and genuine wood that will not deteriorate.

Where to buy FSC veneer?

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Pool Crack Repair: Damaged Pool Tiles


pool resurfacing

A common problem with pool owners is pool tile damage. This may come in the form of hairline cracks in the tiles. It may also come in the form of loose or falling tiles. In any case, damaged pool tiles should be repaired immediately to avoid any of the following problems.

Damage underneath the Tiles

Although the exterior surface of the swimming pool may look smooth and free from damage, there are several parts of the pool that lies hidden behind the tiles that may be damaged. Because such damages are covered by the tiles, many pool owners assume that they don’t exist, until it’s too late.

Remember, the pool tiles are connected to the pool beam, which then leads to the caulk joint and the deck. When your pool tiles are damaged, water will eventually pass through them and damage the said pool components. When left unchecked, the damage can spread to the rest of the swimming pool.

This is why it’s important that as soon as you see damaged tiles on your swimming pool, check the surrounding areas for signs of any other damage. Although further damage may not be immediately obvious, don’t assume that they’re not there. If you’re not sure what to look for, call in the help of a professional.

They can help you assess the extent of the damage and recommend proper steps to take afterwards. Whether it’s a small hairline crack that requires a quick fix or a huge damage that requires resurfacing the swimming pool, having a professional to help you through the process can ensure that every problem is dealt with promptly and accordingly.

Safety Hazards

Aside from damaging your swimming pool and compromising its structural integrity, damaged pool tiles can also be a safety hazard. This is especially true in case of damaged tiles that are positioned in high traffic areas. The edges of cracked tiles can be really sharp and cause cuts and other injuries to the skin. This is perhaps the most important reason why damaged pool tiles shouldn’t be ignored, and instead be repaired immediately by professionals who are offering pool crack repair services.

Pool Tile Damage? Call in the Experts Today

Damages to your pool tile is one problem that shouldn’t be ignored. If you see any damage to your pool tiles, be sure to get in touch with a professional to help repair your pool and get it back in tip top condition. This way, you can be sure that any problem with your pool is immediately attended to. Also, it makes sure that your pool is always ready and safe for use.

For more information, contact Amazing Pool Renovations today.