Top 3 Factors To Consider When Designing Your Kitchen Island Bench



A kitchen island bench may provide the adequate working space during meal preparations. However, this particular piece that can be installed inside your kitchen area has also a distinct purpose and that is create a fully functional space where you can prepare food, serve as additional dining space including storage of utensils and kitchen equipment. In case you are about to design your very own kitchen island, here are tope 3 factors to consider.

1.Storage and seats

Kitchen islands can help improve the layout of any kitchen spaces, especially if you want convenience while cooking meals. The designs for kitchen islands may not only revolve on putting built-in kitchen cabinets, but, you can request the contractor to add both storage solutions as well as seats.

This kind of kitchen island layout will allow every family member to enjoy the kitchen area. How? For example, as the parent starts preparing meals his or her children can sit over the available seats and converse. Depending on the actual size of your kitchen area, your hired contractor will recommend a decent size kitchen island bench that will ensure the free flow of traffic.

2.Cooktop with sink

A custom-made kitchen island bench gives you freedom on what to include on this working space. Aside from kitchen cabinets, you may also include a cooktop with sink. This applies if you prefer having a working bench that can offer a smooth flow of work during meal preparations from cutting meat or veggies to cooking.


The final factor that should also be taken into consideration according to kitchen plans experts is the material to be used. The selection for the material of kitchen islands varies ranging from laminate, stainless steel, wood, marble or stone effect (natural stone or engineered stone). However, before you decide which material suits your kitchen theme, better do more research on each material, both the pros and cons.

Why? This will give you a clear insight which material will match your budget as well as the goal of having a long-term kitchen island. If you are tight on budget the popular material recommended by the kitchen plans designers is the laminate. Why? This material is easy to clean, low-maintenance and can match any existing kitchen layout and interior.

The Kitchen Broker team of interiors and kitchen designers can put your dream kitchen into reality with their latest and innovative designs. You may also visit their official website and check out their massive gallery for more inspiration for the latest renovation design ideas for your upcoming kitchen renovation project.

Timber Veneer Sydney: Everything You Need To Know About Timber Veneer

Do you have plans of using timber veneer? If you are clueless on the versatility of this special type of wood, perhaps this topic will shed further enlightenment and discover why it would make every home, office or any venue more aesthetically appealing to the eyes if infused with this element. So, get a comfy seat and dig into the shared information below from the timber veneer Sydney supplier.

What is Timber veneer?

According to the timber veneer Sydney customer representative, timber veneer is a piece of wood thinly sliced to produce a smooth finished wood product. The usual length when sliced thinly is approximately one-eighth inch and securely bonded onto a substrate material. A substrate material is referred as the layer of underlays and generally cheaper.

How is the timber veneer processed?

As mentioned by the timber veneer Sydney manufacturing expert the processing starts by slicing thin pieces from top quality timber or logs through the use of a powerful rotary lathe.  Here, pieces of logs are put in between two blocks and the rotary lathe will do its job in cutting it into thin slices of equal lengths. Afterward, the cut slices of timber are glued with underlay materials called “substrates”.

The different types of veneer substrate

There are three classifications of veneer based on application. Once the timber is cut from logs, it’s applied with the following materials quite similar to laminated board:

1. Paper-backed veneer

This type of veneer is bonded with paper backing. Paper-backed veneer is commonly used in matching curves, so that the veneer remains durable and not prone to cracking. You will normally see the paper-backed veneer in a vehicle’s interior parts like the dashboard.

2. Wood-on-Wood Veneer

This type of veneer is mostly glued to another piece of veneer. The one bonded below is generally the lower rated veneer because this portion isn’t visible to the onlooker. The Wood-on-Wood veneer is often used to enhance interiors.

3. Phenolic-Backed Veneer

This type of timber veneer is usually backed with the plastic substrate and has a decorative finish on the frontal surface. What’s good about the Phenolic-Backed veneer is its awesome feature of waterproof. Aside from that, cutting this type of veneer is a lot easier than other veneers because you can cut it with a knife. Other veneers recommend a special cutting tool like a table saw or hand router. You can use Phenolic-Backed Veneer with interior decorating projects.

4. What are the various timber veneer species?

Timber veneer originates from high-quality logs, cut thinly at same lengths. The common species of these special veneers include the following:

Do you need bulk orders of timber veneers from a reputable timber veneer Sydney supplier? If yes, you may visit the official website Forest Products and be amazed by their massive collection of top quality timber veneers and laminated board materials for your building and interior decorating projects.


What Does A Busbar Do For Your Electrical Needs?

You might not be all that familiar with the busbar when it comes to your electrical needs in your workplace. But such a bar may be more worthwhile for your needs than you might expect. Take a look at how well a convenient busbar can work when you’re aiming to get a material ready for your power demands.

How the Busbar Works

A busbar is a convenient tool for your power demands. This is a material that distributes electricity to different spots around an office. In most cases, this comes from a series of copper or brass strips. Aluminum can also be found in some materials.

The material will conduct electricity and help you to move it around different spots in your work environment. The design ensures that energy can be carried out in moments without being hard to use.

An Affordable Choice

You can get a bar such as this working in your office without having to spend lots of money in the process. You will not have to install too many materials. You could get everything in your cable basket or umbilical cable powered up through the same surface that you add in the spot.

Easy to Install

You can get a busbar installed in any workplace in a matter of moments. The system offers a convenient design that lets you flex power around the workplace in moments. This gives you the added help you need for managing your content as you see fit.

Anything Can Be Used

You can get many power-generated materials linked to the electric ports on your bar. A USB charger can be added if desired, not to mention some specialty plugs for microphones and other bits of AV equipment. Anything that you want to add to your umbilical cable layout could be included as well.

A busbar is a necessity to have in your workplace for your electrical needs. Ask DPG Form Fittings for help with your power needs as you’re looking for a way to keep your electrical functions working well.

Things To Know About Concrete Pool Resurfacing

One of the most common problems that pool owners often find themselves with is pool stains. These stains can develop as a result of a variety of factors. Such factors included low pH levels, high amounts of calcium, dissolved solids, total alkalinity and others.

High amounts of certain metals like iron, magnesium, copper and others are some of the other causes of staining. Letting these stains sit for long in the pool can ruin its appearance and make it look uninviting, and not to mention the possible health hazards and infections that swimmers may acquire from icky stains.

 For these reasons, it is important for pool owners to regularly clean and maintain their swimming pools. There are various types of pool maintenance service, one of which is pool resurfacing.

Concrete pool resurfacing is an important part of pool maintenance for inground concrete swimming pools. Aside from removing stains, it also helps to prevent the buildup of mildew in the pool. There are several ways of removing stains from the pool like acid washing. As the name suggests, this process makes use of muriatic acid to remove the stains, something which may eventually harm the pool in the long run.

Compared to acid washing pool resurfacing is more laborious and complex. However, it is also a safer method of cleaning stains from the swimming pool. With the help of the right people with the right products and equipment, stain removal can be completed in days. However, it should be noted that this will largely depend on the size of the pool and the type of resurfacing materials used in the process.

One material that is used in pool resurfacing is high quality pool paint. Like other types of paint, pool paints are also available in a variety of colours and types. For instance, there are pool paints which has a high-gloss finish which gives your pool a lovely look even when it’s filled with water. There are some pool paints which offer excellent re-coatability. Before the application though, you should know what type of pool paint has already been applied to your pool.

All in all, it is important to get rid of stains in your swimming pool right away. This will not only keep your pool looking inviting and lean, but it will also help prevent any health or safety hazard from becoming a full-blown problem down the road. If you are in need of pool resurfacing in Sutherland, do get in touch with us. You can call us up at 02 9729 1108 or leave a message in our contact page.

A Monitor Arm May Come With An Outstanding Series of Features

A monitor arm is one of the most intriguing items you can find for many office fit out layouts. The arm lets you hold a monitor up off of a desk while also positioning it to where more people can see it from many angles at any time.

The features that will come with your monitor arm should be checked accordingly. These features will help you make the most out of this organizational item.

Cable Covers

You will need to link your monitor up to a computer, so it helps to see that you’re covering the cables as well as possible. You can use a cable cover to keep all the cables in your setup from being exposed. Also, these will help you with keeping your cables from being tangled or otherwise hard to control. A small basket rail may also be added for your convenience.

Power Features

A power column may be added to your monitor arm. This would include a few extra power ports that go under the monitor. These may work for powering up the monitor or the computer the monitor links to among other items.

A CPU Holder

You can also get a CPU holder ready at the base of the arm. A holder will include enough room for a computer to be held in. You can use this to keep the computer close to the monitor.

Height Adjustment

You can get one of these ergonomic products adjusted with a height knob. A knob allows you to position the monitor up or down. You can use a basic handle or control mechanism to help you move the monitor around. This is useful for people who might have an easier time with seeing a monitor from a certain angle.

The monitor arm you add to your office layout can be one of the most convenient and ergonomic products you could ever use in your office. Contact DPG Form Fittings if you need extra help with finding a monitor control product that works for your needs.

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Features To Check When Buying Fire Rated Doors

Fire is one of the hazards for many structures, whether that’s a residential or commercial property or industrial facility. To help minimize the damage caused by fire, property owners have used fire rated building materials like fire rated doors.

This doors are designed to withstand the high temperatures and smoke of a fire. This will not prevent fire damage altogether, but it can prevent it from spreading for several minutes. Aside from that, it also provides people some time for an escape.

If you are planning to get fire rated doors for your property, here are some features to check and consider.

Frame, Door and Window

Fires doors have many components, often more than an ordinary door. As for the main door, it is usually made from solid timber with a steel-reinforced frame. When buying a fire rated door, be sure to buy the door and the frame together. This will help to ensure a good fit between the two said items. Some fire rated doors also have a fire-resistant glass covering.

Fire rated doors can also come with a window. Obviously, the window glass should be made with a fire-resistant glass. Otherwise, it will break and eventually allow fire and smoke through.

Door Closer

Fire rated doors are required to have a door closer which meets the standards set by the authorities. This component is responsible in ensuring that the door closes automatically. This is a vital component because if fire rated doors aren’t shut properly they aren’t able to do their job of holding back smoke and flames passing through the walls and wood paneling.


All fire doors will have certain accessories and components that you will find in ordinary doors. These include locks, hinges, and latches. However, what makes them different is that they should be fire rated standard. Also, the components (as well as the door) should be installed properly and preferably by a professional. A poorly installed fire rated door can be just as useless as not having one at all.


Fire rated doors have an intumescent seal around the door edges. This seal is an important component of a fire rated door. For instance, in the case of fire the seal expands due to the heat from a fire and seals any gaps between the door and the frame. Also, cold smoke seals can be fitted to prevent smoke from passing through the gaps.

Fire rated doors are essential and often a requirement for many buildings in many places. However, remember to get only high quality and well-made fire rated doors. Cheap fire doors won’t have the proper components and will not be able to perform its intended purpose well.

If you are looking for wood veneer panels and other timber products like doors and boards, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us up at (02) 9771 5155 or leave a message in our contact page.

Pool Coping and Swimming Pool Renovations

Your swimming pool coping is an important factor that you will need to consider during a pool installation. And when it gets damaged, it is only prudent to have it repaired immediately, either as a stand-alone repair or as part of your swimming pool renovations. Anyhow, here are some important information about your swimming pool coping, including its use, installation and replacement.

Swimming Pool Coping Purpose

Along with your pool decking and water lines, your pool coping is among the most important features of your pool. The coping is the primary seal between your pool walls and swimming pool deck, and is vital to the structural integrity of your pool.

It is designed to cap off the pool walls and provide a seamless transition between them and the pool deck. It can (and should) also be tailored to the complement the overall design of your swimming pool. In this regard, choosing the right swimming pool coping is essential to the aesthetics of your swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Coping Installation

Swimming pool copings are installed along the edges of a swimming pool wall. It is attached to the surface using a bond breaker, which is then rolled out and with nails or adhesive. Installing a swimming pool coping is best done with the help of a professional. Their expertise will certainly be an important factor in the correct installation of the coping, which is necessary to ensure that it wouldn’t show any problems down the road.

Swimming Pool Coping Replacements

Replacing a swimming pool coping is a relatively easy process. In fact, those who are looking to give their swimming pool a fresh and new look can do so simply by replacing the coping around the pool’s perimeter.

Swimming coping should also be replaced when they are old, worn, and damaged. Swimming pool copings such conditions are not only unsightly, but they can also pose safety risks for pool users. See, damaged pool copings present a safety issue for people getting in or out and swimming along the edge.

Swimming Pool Coping Repair and Replacement

As can be seen above, swimming pool copings are essential components of any swimming pool. This is why it is important to always inspect them and have any damage repaired right away. If you are looking for help with repairing your pool coping (or any other component of your pool for that matter) please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

You can call us up at 02 9729 1108 or leave a message in our contact page. We also offer other services including pool renovations in Hills district.