European Wreckers: 3 Things to Consider When Buying European Used Parts

Whether you own an ordinary vehicle or a power horse like a European car, it will always require maintenance and new replacement parts at some point of time. This is where trusted European wreckers can help you get quality used parts at rock-bottom prices.

Another area where established BMW wreckers or Citroen wreckers can help you is to get rid of your old vehicle at the best possible price. If your car is not in a position to get back on the road, then it is time to get in touch with trustworthy European wreckers such as SWEA.

As one of the most experienced European wreckers in Australia, we admit that buying good quality used parts from car wreckers can be a cumbersome process. That’s why, at SWEA, we do things a little differently.  We make sure that you get the highest quality parts at the lowest possible prices. With that in mind, our experts have compiled a list of some helpful tips you can use when shopping at Audi wreckers or Peugeot wreckers.

How to Shop At European Wreckers?

  1. Don’t Go For Ridiculously Cheap Parts: While it’s true that we all want to save as much as possible on our car parts, the final purchasing decision should not be determined by the cost alone. Always opt for trustworthy manufacturers, and don’t fall prey to unknown brands just because their prices are ridiculously low. In most cases, you’ll have to shell out way more in the long run.
  2. Know the Value of Your Car: When buying parts from Mini wreckers or any other European wrecker for that matter, make sure that you’ve a good idea about how much your car is worth. Parts of older vehicles are sometimes difficult to procure while the parts for popular newer models are easily available and are usually cheaper. Knowing the make, model and true value of your car goes a long way in getting you the best deals.
  3. Find A Reliable European Wrecker: When it comes to European used parts, there are several options for you. Leading European wreckers like SWEA can offer you great deals. It’s always better to stick with a trusted single wrecker for all your used parts to ensure seamless compatibility.

Looking For Trusted European Wreckers in Australia? Get In Touch With SWEA!

SWEA – one of the most trusted European wreckers in Australia stocks a huge range of affordable and high quality European parts. So, what are you waiting for? Visit SWEA or get in touch with our friendly experts at 1300 240 440 today!

Electrical Floor Boxes Offer A Convenient Way To Connect A Myriad Of Office Equipment

Floor Boxes

People working in offices will inevitably use a wide range of office equipment. Using the computer has become an integral part of office life. In addition, using other equipment like printers, scanners, fax machines, photocopiers etc. can become necessary on occasions.

In this scenario, providing multiple supply points for your employees to use these machines becomes imperative. However, cluttering the workstation with these connection points could mar the look of your office.

Moreover, using extension wires or multipurpose extension sockets will not always be worthwhile. The dangling wires could easily make your employees trip and fall. In such situations, opting for electrical floor boxes could be your best bet.

An Overview of an Electrical Floor Box

Providers of power solutions for commercial establishments often stock a myriad of products. In many cases, these suppliers will also stock a useful range of accessories for managing and concealing electrical wiring and connections. The electrical floor box represents one of these accessories.

Electrical floor boxes denote electrical outlets fixed on the floor. They serve to provide supply points to employees. As mentioned earlier, installing wall supply points for each workstation can be both inconvenient and unappealing. To overcome this, many commercial property owners install floor boxes with moveable covers.

Floor boxes do not just act as power suppliers. They can carry data ports, VGA ports and telephone jacks for network connection, video transmission and telephonic use as well.

What Kinds of Electrical Floor Boxes Do Industrial and Commercial Facilities Typically Use?

Many industrial and commercial facilities across Australia use floor boxes for providing access to electrical supply points. In many cases, these facilities will feature either fixed floor boxes or pop-up floor boxes.

In fixed floor boxes, manufacturers of wireless chargers and in-desk power modules join the outlet to the frame of the box. Thereafter, they cover the box with a flip-up lid. Open offices invariably use fixed floor boxes because users can see the outlets easily. Pop-up floor boxes feature lids with attached outlets.

This elegant and convenient design makes pop-up floor boxes more suitable for use in offices, auditoriums, hotels etc. Industrial floor boxes will invariably comprise cast iron or PVC. Similarly, the box lids will often feature brass, steel or aluminium finishes.

Why the Use of an Electrical Floor Box Has Become More Widespread in Offices in Australia

In the absence of electrical floor boxes, interior designers had to configure floor plans in specific ways. For instance, their designs would need to provide wall point access to all users in the facility.

However, doing so would inevitably result in the poor utilisation of space. Providing wall point access to all users would result in all users having their workstations placed alongside the walls.

Thus, the middle portion of the space would remain vacant. In addition, the presence of long electrical wires and cables can increase the chances of workers tripping over them. The presence of these wires will mar the overall look of the facility too. Electrical floor boxes overcome each of these issues with minimal fuss. Hence, their use has become more widespread nowadays.

When it comes to providing cable management solutions for commercial facilities, dpg-formfittings is the name to trust. We specialise in providing a diverse array of office power solutions too. We can offer a wide range of configurations, mounting and office fit-out options and finishes based on your specific needs. For more information, click here.

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Inflatable Boats Sydney: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Used Inflatable Boats

Are you thinking of buying a secondhand inflatable boat? Buying a new boat can cost you much, but used inflatable boats have also pitfalls. So, if you still on the process of making a decision whether to buy a new one or resort to pre-owned, here are a few things that a potential buyer must look into according to the inflatable boats Sydney store representative.

  • Warranty

If you invest in a new inflatable boat the warranty coverage is guaranteed. Similar to purchasing a vehicle, boats also come with a warranty from the boat’s manufacturer or licensed seller. Besides, a new inflatable boat is in a top condition unlike a pre-owned you have no full assurance on its performance as well as issues that may arise.

  • Condition

Yes, a new inflatable boat like the brand Swift Marine or Zodiac it comes in excellent condition. You have peace of mind that you will be the first user and has surpassed strict quality assurance prior to the release in the marketplace. Based on the opinion of the reputable supplier of inflatable boats Sydney buying a new boat is a good deal of money as compared to a used or pre-owned boat.

  • Background

With a new inflatable boar regardless it was bought at the inflatable boats Victoria supplier or inflatable boats Sydney shop, you will receive a complete background of this water device such as manufacturing date including feedbacks from past clients. As for pre-used boat, you need to perform due diligence or hire an expert to assess its condition.

  • Depreciation

No question a new inflatable boat will cost more than a pre-owned. If you have limited funds a pre-owned boat would seem a wise move, but, when you compute the depreciation of a used over a new one you will actually be saving money. Why? On average a boat is expected to depreciate its value after ten years. Of course, other factors affect the early depreciation of an inflatable boat like how it is maintained. If the original owner didn’t take seriously the right care and maintenance required in maintaining a boat, then, a pre-owned inflatable boat is not worthy.

The above information is designed to help a potential buyer know more about new boats and pre-owned boats. Whatever you decide on the type of inflatable boat according to the experts at Lejen Marine it would a good idea to make a careful evaluation on where you will actually save more than face bigger problems like repairs or replacement of worn out parts.

Purchase The Best Frozen Fruits And Vegetables To Supplement Your Diet

Frozen Fruit & Vegetable

Various people advocate the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Health and nutrition experts have long held the view that these products offer the best levels of nutrition.

However, the notion that frozen fruits and vegetables offer little nutritious value remains a myth. Certainly, old and dated methods of freezing did little to preserve the taste or nutritional value of frozen foods.

But, advancements in technology and the emergence of quick-freezing methods have altered the scenario. Increasingly, health professionals have begun to realise that frozen fruits and vegetables offer similar levels of nutritional value when compared to fresh fruits and vegetables.

In addition, some of these professionals even consider frozen products superior to their fresh counterparts. They feel this way because companies supplying frozen fruits and vegetables pick these items and freeze them at peak levels of ripeness. Hence, when you do thaw these items for consumption, they will taste as good, if not better, than their fresh counterparts.

Australian and Persian Wholesalers Pick Fruits and Vegetables for Freezing at their Peak

When workers pick a fresh fruit or vegetable, its nutrient development ceases. In some cases, it could even begin losing nutrients. Because of this, farmers pick their produce earlier to sell to grocery stores.

Thus, the fruits and vegetables sold in these stores do not spoil before someone purchases them off the shelf. The early plucking stunts or cuts short the nutrient and flavour development in these fruits and vegetables.

In contrast, workers place frozen fruits and vegetables in freezers shortly after plucking them off the trees. But, workers only pluck these items after they have ripened. Thus, the cold temperature preserves the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in these items naturally.

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Will Usually Not Feature Any Artificial Preservatives

Keeping fruits and vegetables at low temperatures serves to preserve these items naturally. This eliminates the hassle of adding artificial preservatives. Having said that, you might come across some frozen products featuring artificial preservatives.

However, the frozen foods stocked by many Australian and Persian wholesalers will typically feature a single ingredient as opposed to their canned counterparts. Canned food products could contain Bisphenol A (BPA). This unhealthy chemical compound abounds in the inner lining of canned goods. Frozen food products do not feature this compound.

Using Frozen Produce and Ingredients Can Speed Up the Food Preparation Process

Many Australian and Persian wholesalers stock an enviable range of frozen food products – including fruits and vegetables. These items have already undergone the necessary levels of cleaning before the freezing process.

Hence, all you will need to do is to thaw them, if at all, before using them in your dishes. In contrast, you will need to clean and cut fresh fruits and vegetables. While not difficult, these activities will consume some time. On days when you don’t have much time, using frozen foods could enable you to save time without compromising on enjoying nutritious food.

When you need quality frozen fruits and vegetables, simply shop at Takin Fine Foods. Since 2006, we have been supplying the world’s finest food products and ingredients to our clients. From seeds and lentils to seasoning boosters and pickles, we stock them all. Not surprisingly, we have become the most noted Persian supplier of frozen produce and other fine foods in Australia. Check out our enviable range of products here.

Timber Veneer Sydney: Things To Know About Wenge Wood

Wenge wood is a favorite wood species all over the world. This can be attributed to its strength, durability, and remarkable beauty. It has deep and rich chocolate brown colors that are interwoven with black and tan lines.

And with a simple oil finish, wenge wood can be made to look almost perfectly black, making it as a viable alternative of ebony (which is also why it is called “faux ebony”). If you are planning to purchase wenge wood veneer or timberwood panels, here are some things that you should know.


Wenge wood is most commonly used today for the creation of various wood-related projects and items. For instance, in the construction industry, wenge wood is used to make veneer and paneling. It is also used to make furniture, turned objects, as well as high-end musical instruments.

It is widely used in various industries because it is extremely durable, dense and tough. Thus, you can be sure that items made from wenge wood will last for a very long time with proper care and maintenance.

Professional Work

Wenge wood is known for its strength, but that can also be one of its drawbacks. Because it is dense and tough, professionals need exceptional tools when working with it. It is common to see sharp tools becoming blunt after using it on wenge wood. Also, companies making timber veneer sheets will need high quality equipment to make wenge veneer.

In addition, only professionals should handle wenge wood when it comes to sanding and finishing. Aside from being difficult to work with, there are certain hazards regarding this wood and the tree it came from.

Although the tree has some medicinal value, it also contains certain chemicals which can be toxic to health. For instance, wenge dust (from sanding or sawing) has been known cause dermatological and respiratory allergic reactions. Inhaling wenge dust can also cause a wide variety of medical issues such as eye irritation, abdominal cramps and more.

Furthermore, cuts made from wenge splinters do not heal quickly. This makes the cut more prone to developing infections. There are no clear answer as to why this is, but the chemicals found in the lumber are possible culprits.


Wenge wood is expensive, and that is quite understandable because of its beauty, strength and other features. However, another factor that drives up the price of wenge wood is its limited supply. Because of its dwindling population, the tree from which wenge wood is harvested from is classified as endangered.

There are certainly several things that need to be considered when it comes to buying wenge wood panels and timber veneer in Sydney. However, if you buy only from reputable suppliers, then you should have nothing to worry about regarding safety and responsible logging practices.

Processed Forest Products is Australia’s most trusted specialist for wood veneer panels. To know more about our products, visit us or just give us a call at (02) 9771 5155 now.

The Top Misconceptions That People Have About Bidet Toilet Seats

Daily use of conventional toilets inevitably involves using toilet paper. Thousands of people use toilet paper to clean themselves the world over. However, the use of toilet paper will not always provide thorough cleaning. In addition, not many people know that the use of toilet paper involves various tangible and intangible costs – including environmental costs.

For instance, toilet paper manufacturers produce this paper from trees. Thus, increased use of toilet paper will yield a commensurate increase in deforestation levels. Some manufacturers use chemicals to process toilet paper.

These chemicals will have some effect when released into the environment. For these reasons, many people have begun using bidet toilet seats nowadays. Unfortunately, several myths concerning these toilets continue to gain ground with each passing day.

Myth #1: Bidet Water Streams Can Be Cold, Uncomfortable and Unsanitary

Many suppliers offer a wide range of bidets in Australia. Despite this, some people have a stigma when it comes to using electronic bidets. Some people have the misconception that bidets produce cold streams of water that can be quite uncomfortable.

However, bidet toilet seats come with heated seats and warm water. They feature remote controls too. So, all you need to do is to adjust the temperature of the bidet for maximum comfort. Some people also feel that the bidet water comes from the toilet tank.

Thus, in their view, this water is unsanitary for use. In contrast, bidet seats obtain water from the shut-off valves located next to the toilet, before this water reaches the toilet tank. Thus, you can rest assured about receiving clean water each time you visit the bathroom.

Myth #2: Modern Bidet Seats Can Be Difficult to Install and Might Not Fit the Existing Toilet

Manufacturers of bidet toilet seats product bidets in standard sizes and shapes. This makes them perfect for replacing most residential toilets. In fact, electronic bidets will not only fit conventional toilets.

They will also enhance the look of your bathroom. Moreover, installing these bidets can be quite simple. In the past, people looking for bidets would often need to install additional fixtures in their bathrooms.

However, modern bidets can replace the toilet seat and lid. In addition, they can use the same two mounting holes for remaining attached to the toilet bowl. Mounting brackets used for installing bidets need flat surfaces.

Thus, they will be easy to attach to all two-piece toilets and most one-piece toilets in Australian homes. Not surprisingly, many homeowners have taken to installing bidets all over Australia.

Myth #3: Electronic Bidets Will be Expensive and Tough to Use

Contrary to popular opinion, bidet toilet seats no longer feature exorbitant price tags. In the past, the only options on offer included various Japanese brands. These days, a number of affordable options exist.

People who require basic cleansing functions could opt for non-electronic bidets. Those who want to give their bathrooms a luxurious look and feel could buy the electronic versions on offer. It can be worth highlighting that operating bidet seats remains simple.

With faucet-type bidets, you would have needed to walk over to the bidet, crouch on it and adjust your body for the water to cleanse your posterior. In modern bidet seats, you will simply need to use the toilet and wash yourself. Hence, you will not need to walk to a separate fixture.

Whether you want a basic 101 modern bidet or a 501R, PristineBidet has an extensive range of bidets designed to suit your needs. Our range of bidet seats provide luxurious warm-water washes at the push of a button.

We design and manufacture our products in Australia keeping local consumer needs in mind. All our bidets go through rigorous quality checks to offer optimal value for your money. For more details on our products, click here.

4 Reasons Why The New Neorest Smart Toilet Is Right For Your Bathroom

Who doesn’t like a big slice of luxury in their homes – especially when you are having a bowel movement, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Toto’s Neorest range of bidet toilets provides clients with just that. They combine all the essential features that any cutting-edge smart toilet must have and then a few more like the Toto Washlet.

If you have been planning to get the latest bathroom installment in this line, this might be the first option to consider. Here are some key reasons why Neorest is ruling the roost in the Japanese smart toilets segment.

Top Reasons to Choose Neorest for Your Home

  1. It’s a Technological Marvel: The Neorest range of bidet toilets offers all possible technological comforts you could want. From an automatic lid to heated seating bidet toilet seats to a variety of wash modes to automatic deodorizer to a powerful warm air dryer and many more. Different models have different specifications and all of them offer a luxurious bathroom experience.
  1. It Looks Amazing: A key point in the Neorest range is that it is so simple and yet so elegant. The classic white design fits in brilliantly with almost all types of bathroom designs and aesthetics. Further, it can be cleaned with ease and retain its alluring white brilliance for many years. It is no wonder why this bidet toilet seat is such a smash hit with interior décor experts.
  1. It is Environmentally Friendly: If you have your finger on the pulse of the planet, then you will be proud to have a Neorest in your home. It has been built using the most environmentally friendly technologies and is a fitted flush mode minimizing wasted water. So, it provides another compliment to your other efforts in contributing to saving the planet. Not many smart toilets can offer the same.
  1. Fewer Cleaning Chemical Needed: With these products, you can now save money on your cleaning agents since they come with a bowel misting technology. This helps keep these toilets cleaner for much longer than any other variety of products. This means less money spent on cleaning and more time spent doing what’s important.

Where Can You Get the Best Neorest Smart Toilets in Australia?

If you are looking for the widest range of quality toilets for your home, then Mizudori Gallery is the best in all of Australia. Visit Mizudori Gallery or contact us now to find a toilet suited to your needs!

Thinking Of Buying An Electronic Bidet? Here Are Some Things To Know

So you’ve finally decided to get yourself an electronic bidet for your home. That would be one of the wisest investments you can make for your property. However, like many other purchases, you may have found yourself having second thoughts about buying this particular appliance.

That is quite understandable, especially if you haven’t used one before. So help you make a more informed decision, here are some things you need to know before making the purchase.

First off, an electric bidet can still wash your bottom after using the toilet with or without electricity. That is, the stream of water coming out of the nozzle is not powered by electricity.

Instead, this is powered solely by the water pressure from your home’s water supply. So if you can wash your bottom even with a non-electronic or a manual bidet like those from Coway, what’s the point of having an electronic bidet?

Well, the electricity dependent features of the seat is generally for the supporting operations. For instance, it is used to heat water thus providing warm water wash for both the front and the rear.

Along that line, it is also used to heat up the seat. These reasons alone are enough to convince most people, especially those who find cold water and a cold toilet seat rather uncomfortable. But there are many other features of an electronic toilet seat aside from providing warmth for the user.

Electronic bidets can have tons more of features compared to its non-electric cousin. The power allows you to raise or lower the seat, turn on/off a timer, respond to a remote control unit, and other convenience features that need a power source. Obviously, a non-electric bidet will have none of those features.

Because of those added features, you should expect to pay more for an electronic bidet. However, while the initial (and, sometimes, the installation) cost is typically higher, consider the long term.

For instance, if you can keep your bidet for 20 years (which is a pretty common average) then paying a few extra hundred dollars up front doesn’t look like a lot for all those extra features.

There are certainly many other benefits to having an electronic bidet seat. And if you’re interested in knowing more or need some help in choosing a bidet toilet seat, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our friendly staff are knowledgeable about available bidet in Australia are always ready to answer any of your questions.

Pool Crack Repair: Structural and Surface Pool Cracks

Swimming pool owners are all too familiar with pool cracks. It is one of those problems that pool owners will eventually have to deal with as their pol ages. However, it should be noted that pool cracks aren’t only caused by time.

Regardless of the cause, this is one issue that you want to avoid whenever possible, and deal with immediately since even the most minor of cracks will eventually grow and cause a number of problems with your pool and the surrounding area.

Pool cracks come in different degrees of severity and it pays to be familiar with the different types of pool cracks so that you know what you’re up against. Yes, there are different types of pool cracks.

Some can be repaired as a simply DIY project; others will require the help of a pool crack repair professional. In general though, pool cracks fall under two main categories: surface cracks and structural cracks.

Surface Cracks

Surface cracks are usually observed in the pool’s plaster or the shell. For the most part, surface cracks do not cause leaks in the pool. Also, they can be repaired easily by a pro or any pool owner who has some talent with DIY repairs. There are available pool crack repair kits available for pool owners, should they decide to go down that route.

As simple as surface cracks appear to be, it should still be addressed promptly. This is even a small hairline crack can grow over time and eventually become bigger. When that happens, it can lead to a variety of pool problems that will be more costly to repair in the long run.

Structural Crack

Structural cracks occur in the shell of the pool and may appear in various locations. The cracking may be vertical or horizontal or on the sides or bottom of the pool. If your pool suffers from this type of crack, it is possible that your pool is leaking as well (if it isn’t leaking already).

Deal with Pool Cracks Right Away

There are a variety of factors that can cause both surface and structural cracks in a pool. This includes improper engineering and design, poor workmanship, soils issues and others.

When a crack appears in your swimming pool, don’t delay; contact us and have it repaired right away. As one of the most experienced and reputable pool repair and renovation companies, you can trust to professionally repair any type of crack in your pool.

We also offer a host of other services including resurfacing swimming pool, repairing the tile and coping of pools, leak repairs and many others.

Inflatable Boats Australia Advice On Proper Care And Maintenance

Do you own an inflatable boat? Whether it is made from durable PVC, rubber or urethane proper care and maintenance is required to prolong its service life. Below are steps shared by the inflatable boats Australia boating enthusiasts.

Step #1 – Store the inflatable boat dry

After using your inflatable boat it’s best to store it dry to prevent moisture buildup. Keep in mind, any moisture left could make the inflatable boat smelly, plus the material made will quickly deteriorate. The best way to dry inflatable boats like the brig inflatable boats is to wipe thoroughly with a clean towel and air dry if weather permits.

Step #2 – Clean the boat prior to storage

It’s important to clean your inflatable boat before keeping it at the storage area. According to the boating lovers, oil drippings and dirt from your footwear will cause stains, especially if not cleanse properly with the recommended cleaning product from the inflatable boats Australia store. If unsure whether the regular household cleaner will do the trick in removing stains, better ask advice from the representative where you bought the inflatable boat.

Step #3 – Spray sun protector on your inflatable boat

A top quality boat produced by a reputable boat maker the Aquila inflatable or brig inflatable boats, spraying it with a sun protector designed to provide maximum UV protection is necessary. Why? Even quality inflatable boats according to the inflatable boats Australia supplier need the right care to extend its service. Application of sun protection can be done at least once a year or depending on the inflatable boat’s manufacturer advice.

Buying an inflatable boat may cost a lot of money, particularly for a model with add-on features. So, for your inflatable boat to perform efficiently while on a boating activity, then, put into practice the steps mentioned above.  For sure your inflatable boat will deliver reliable performance.

If you need assistance on brig inflatable boats or simply wish to check accessories, go and visit the official website of Lejen Marine.